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Wellness Resources

Retreat at Home

Your journey to wellness shouldn’t end when you leave our Retreats. Now you can continue to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing in the comfort of your home. This series of Retreat at Home videos helps you to practice meditation, stretching, relaxation, breathing and more. That way no matter where you are, both physically and mentally, you can take a step back to refocus your thoughts, quiet your mind and listen to your body. Guided by professionals, these videos are easy to follow along with. Try applying these techniques today!

How to use Essential Oils

Guided Meditation - Focus on Your Uniqueness

Neck & Scalp Partner Massage

Stretch Out Your Shoulders Using this Household Item

Meditation for Beginners - Focus on Listening to You

Meditation For Beginners - Letting Go and Being Free

Pressure Points for Headache Relief

Simple Stretching Techniques for Upper Body

Clear Your Mind with this Breathing Exercise

How to Relax Muscle Tension with a Tennis Ball

Take Your Wellness Tonew heights!