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Most Recent Posts from February, 2015

  • Skin Therapy: Find the Answer to Everyday Skin Concerns

    We all want healthy, glowing skin to look our best—regardless of age. Just like the rest of your body, your skin requires nutrients and a healthy skin-care routine to reflect the most beautiful you. ... Read More
  • The 7 Things that Only People With Arthritis Understand

    Getting a full night’s rest and still being exhausted isn’t unusual. Most people with arthritis suffer from sleeplessness. 98 percent of people report energy-sapping fatigue, according to the ... Read More
  • Massage Therapy: Beating Workplace Stress

    For many of you out there, work can be the main source of your stress. From tight deadlines to demanding clients, you have a labyrinth of stress obstacles put in front of you every week. Stress is a ... Read More
  • Massage Therapy For Military Veterans

    While massage helps people in all professions, military members can especially benefit from the calming effects of massage. After working hard to serve our country, veterans deserve to finally know ... Read More
  • 10 Tips to get the Best Massage Experience

    At Massage Heights, we see a wide variety of Guests, each with their own goals and comfort levels. We want your visit to be the best it can be, with your session customized to your needs. However, we ... Read More