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Most Recent Posts from 2016

  • Winter Is Here: How Exfoliation Keeps Skin Soft And Supple

    Oh winter, how we’ve missed you! And nothing says winter more than comfy sweaters and boots, rosy cheeks, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and of course cozy nights by the fire. What’s not to love, ... Read More
  • Massage Therapy Can Keep Winter Colds Away

    Winter is coming, and that means cold and flu season is upon us. And while researchers aren’t exactly sure why it happens, people do tend to catch more colds during the winter months – definitely ... Read More
  • Holiday Hustle And Bustle Can Leave Major Cricks In Your Muscles: How Massage Therapy Helps

    For many people, the holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year – parties, family and friends, entertaining, shopping, wrapping presents and decking the halls are synonymous with this ... Read More
  • The Perfect Skin Diet

    Beauty may be only skin deep, but healthy, radiant skin may be more about what’s going on inside than out. There is no doubt that luminous glowing skin is an incredible asset, but how do you get that ... Read More
  • Massage Therapy and Improved Immunity

    Getting sick is never fun. It takes you away from the important things in your life. It makes you miss work or school and more importantly than that it can take you away from family and friends for ... Read More
  • How to Improve Your Digestion Through Massage Therapy

    Your body is a complicated network. Each part of your body has its own function in keeping you healthy and on the go. Just like a car, every moving part serves its purpose. When one part of that car ... Read More
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