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Most Recent Posts from November, 2014

  • 5 Simple Ways to Relax

    The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress take a deep breath and find a way to relax. There are plenty of quick, easy ways to de-stress no matter where you are. Five simple stress-reducer ... Read More
  • Skin Therapy: How Facials Can Improve Acne

    Acne is increasingly common for adults. It would be nice if we could leave the days of breakouts and blackheads behind once we reach our 20s, but environmental pollution, diet, and a genetic ... Read More
  • How to Add some Healthy to Your Holidays

    By: Shannon A. Garcia, Registered Dietitian, Owner of Lone Star Nutrition, LLC We blinked and it’s already November! The final weeks of the year will fly by, but let’s not lose track of our waistline ... Read More
  • Give a DIY Mini-Massage with Heights at Home Products

    Looking for an inexpensive at-home date idea? Want to help your partner relieve some stress? You can do both by setting up your very own spa and giving your loved one a massage (and maybe he or she ... Read More
  • Gift Well This Holiday Season with Massage Heights

    Work-life balance is something everybody struggles with, yet it’s important for everyone to achieve. This is made even more difficult during the holidays as pressure mounts to find the perfect gifts ... Read More
  • Massage: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    It’s rare to find a gift that appeals to all tastes, ages, and genders (and that’s a little more personal than cold, hard cash). If you have a lot of people on your holiday shopping list, you’re ... Read More