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  • Creating Your At-Home Retreat Space

    Spending more time at home has sparked a lot of creative ideas for several of us! You’ve seen DIY renovation projects, people painting their garages and even people giving themselves haircuts (this ... Read More
  • Celebrating Massage Heights Women

    This International Women’s Day, Massage Heights joins the world in celebrating women’s achievements and helping to forge a gender equal world. We are fortunate to have inspiring female leaders, ... Read More
  • 7 Tips to Prepare for the Big Game

    Superbowl LIV is quickly approaching, and we’re all getting ready for the big game! Kickoff your game day with this pre-game checklist of things you need to do to warm-up before Sunday! Stretch Make ... Read More
  • Dry Brushing

    Dry Brushing is a popular therapeutic service that consists of a licensed massage therapist brushing a dry brush on the skin in circular motions or light strokes to provide exfoliation and a ... Read More
  • How Our Founder Made Massage Therapy More Affordable

    Massage Heights Founder Shane Evans suffered from a debilitating back injury when she was 20 years old, and after trying many of the common traditional pain management methods, she finally found ... Read More
  • The Healing Power of Touch

    Healing the body through touch: Who would have thought? In fact, a massage therapist can help promote wellness, as numerous studies prove how physical touch positively impacts both physical and mental ... Read More
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