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Balanced You

  • 7 Tips to Prepare for the Big Game

    Superbowl LIV is quickly approaching, and we’re all getting ready for the big game! Kickoff your game day with this pre-game checklist of things you need to do to warm-up before Sunday! Stretch Make ... Read More
  • #BalanceFTW: The Challenge of Finding Equilibrium

    How do we find balance in our lives? The million dollar question for those who live life in the fast lane. We are always looking to the next task, always updating our to-do lists, always wanting ... Read More
  • The 7 Things that Only People With Arthritis Understand

    Getting a full night’s rest and still being exhausted isn’t unusual. Most people with arthritis suffer from sleeplessness. 98 percent of people report energy-sapping fatigue, according to the ... Read More

Founder's Fitness Challenge

  • How Our Founder Made Massage Therapy More Affordable

    Massage Heights Founder Shane Evans suffered from a debilitating back injury when she was 20 years old, and after trying many of the common traditional pain management methods, she finally found ... Read More
  • Founder’s Fitness Challenge: Getting Your Family and Friends Involved

    Its summer time and we all enjoy a little fun in the sun especially when we can share the experiences with family and friends. During the summer we tend to be more aware of our health and wellness. It ... Read More
  • Founder’s Fitness Challenge: Week 4

    Push ups - Lie on your stomach and place your hands palm down under the shoulders. Push off the ground so your arms are fully extended and you're on the balls of your feet. You want to keep your back ... Read More


  • Strain in the Digital Age

    The digital age has created so many conveniences but has had an effect on our health. There is a real link between using electronic devices and the negative effects this has on our bodies which has ... Read More
  • 5 Foods That Might Be Causing Your Adult Acne

    While there can be a lot of different causes behind adult acne, one contributing factor may be your diet. Learn more about five common foods that may be causing your skin to have negative, ... Read More
  • How to Recreate Your Own Spa Oasis at Home

    We love seeing our Members and serving their health and wellness needs, but sometimes you may feel you need an at-home spa day. Use these tips to pamper and energize yourself at home between your ... Read More


  • Massage & Mental Health

    Massage therapy offers many benefits for mental health, including improving mood, relieving anxiety and stress, as well as increasing energy levels. The link between massage and mental health has been ... Read More
  • Benefits of Massage

    There is an incredible amount of research that supports all the benefits of massage therapy. Research, in the form of articles and studies, conducted by independent and recognized experts in massage ... Read More
  • Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy - A Career in Massage Therapy

    From the hands of early Chinese physicians to massage therapists today, massage has been a natural and caring intervention that supports physical and emotional well-being. In other words, massage ... Read More

Skin Care

  • The Best Skincare Tips for Winter

    Winter can take its toll on your skin. Harsh, cold weather can cause dry, flaky skin that is a far cry from the glowing, soft skin of the summer months. Even when you stay indoors, the air from ... Read More
  • Hydrating Your Skin

    Practicing consistent self care has a positive impact on your mental health because it allows you to take time to prioritize your well-being. However, sometimes it can be hard to know what activities ... Read More
  • Tips For Fall Skin Care

    While fall is an exciting change in the seasons, your skin may need extra support to stay healthy during the change in temperatures and conditions of the air. During cool months, the air outside ... Read More