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Most Recent Posts from September, 2016

  • Relieving Congestion With Aromatherapy Massage

    While it’s no secret receiving regular Massage Therapy is a great way to stay both mentally and physically healthy – reducing stress and anxiety, alleviating headaches, and relaxing sore muscles, to ... Read More
  • Exfoliation Benefits for Acne-Prone Skin

    At Massage Heights, one of the most common skin conditions we see is acne – and it does not discriminate. Whether you’re a preteen, teenager or adult, an estimated 80% of the American population has ... Read More
  • Massage: A Healing Touch To Cure Your Blues

    Sometimes it just hits you – the overwhelming feeling of stress, anxiety, and depression can happen at any time for any reason. With an estimated 350 million Americans suffering from depression, it’s ... Read More
  • Everyone Can Benefit From Sports Massage Therapy

    Now more than ever before, people are spending hours upon hours behind a desk, in an often uncomfortable office chair, in front of a computer – furiously typing the day away, eating a rushed lunch at ... Read More