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Massage Heights Family

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy. With the current state of the world, I want you to know we are here to help in any way we can.

Although things will be a little uncertain for a while, we are all going to get through this together. Everyone here at Massage Heights is sending you and your loved ones good vibes and well wishes.

I started this amazing company with my husband 16 years ago in San Antonio, Texas, and I am proud to say that our brand is still a family owned and operated business, 100% owned by my husband, my brother, and me.

Each Massage Heights Retreat is individually owned and operated by a family that lives and contributes to your community, and each Retreat employs 20-30 of your local citizens.

They provide donations to your local non-profit organizations, schools and make many other local contributions. They are active members in your community. Their roots are planted. They are committed to helping you live life better.

While each of our Retreats is locally owned and operated, we are unified in our collective commitment to continuing to serve you and your family. We look forward to the day when we can re-open our doors and be the place where you can retreat…escape…and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

During this unprecedented time, we share the same fears and concerns that you have. We also have the same hopes for the days ahead. Over the coming weeks, we will serve you with encouragement, education, and inspiration to help you live better. Be on the lookout for instructional videos on how to massage yourself and your loved ones, how to stretch your body and use your breath, and how to free your mind, if only for a few moments, from the stress and pressures we are all facing.

Our first Retreat at Home video is included right here.

Since many of us are home with our family members, this video will guide you through calming touch that you can use on your children and those you love.

So today, while we don’t know when we will re-open…

We do know why we will re-open…and that is you.

Because we are all going to need a lot of massages once we get through this.

Be safe. Be well.


Shane Evans

Co-Founder & CEO

Take Your Wellness Tonew heights!