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Most Recent Posts from October, 2015

  • Massage for Athletes: Get Back in the Game

    Out for an injury and impatient to get back in the game? Find out how Massage Therapy can help facilitate recovery in injured athletes. Many athletes will encounter some form of injury during their ... Read More
  • BioActive Peel Elevation: The Key to Perfect Skin

    This unique skin treatment works with the skin’s biology to remove dull epidermal layers to reveal the healthy, glowing skin below. See why this fall is the perfect time to elevate your Skin Therapy ... Read More
  • Aromatherapy in the Spotlight: Revive

    As winter moves into full swing it’s easy to start feeling physically and mentally fatigued. Revive your skin and balance your energy with the Revive aromatherapy blend. Aromatherapy is more than just ... Read More
  • Live to Work, Don’t Work to Live: Beating Workplace Stress

    Managing workplace stress is imperative, not only for your career, but for your health. The human body is not built to sustain high levels of stress for extended periods, and the levels of cortisol in ... Read More
  • The Secret to Prevent You From Getting Sick

    The secret to never getting sick doesn’t mean inundating your body with vitamins and other medications and pills. It’s actually as simple as making sure you are getting regular massages. Find out how ... Read More