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Most Recent Posts from October, 2014

  • Fall Skin Therapy Tips

    Every season requires a unique skin care routine, and as fall starts it is important to adjust your routine to help your skin recover from summer and prepare it for the winter. Here are some great ... Read More
  • Massage Heights San Antonio Sponsors Trinity Competitions

    Massage Heights, a leader of professional, affordable and convenient therapeutic massage and facial services is thrilled to be a sponsor of the Alamo City Throwdown hosted by Trinity Competitions in ... Read More
  • Why Men Should Get More Massages

    Massage therapy is far too often stereotyped as being “for women.” However, massage therapy benefits both genders equally. Here are just a few of the reasons why more and more men are requesting ... Read More
  • Massage Heights Introduces 90-Minute Facials

    Your face says a lot about you, where you've been, how you are feeling, your age and most importantly it shares your whole body’s health. The old saying really is true, “it’s written all over your ... Read More
  • Conquering Your Sweet Tooth

    By: Shannon A. Garcia, Registered Dietitian, Owner of Lone Star Nutrition, LLC The holidays are fast approaching and so are the trays of pies, cakes, cookies and all the oh-so-good treats we find ... Read More
  • How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Crossfitters?

    A rigorous Crossfit WODs (like the ones our Co-Founder participates in) can leave athletes exhausted or even lead to injury if they don’t take care of themselves between workouts. Fortunately, ... Read More
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