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Advance the Benefits of Your Customized Treatment

Massage Heights strives to improve the lives of everyone we touch through personalized massage and skin therapy. We offer a complete experience that makes each session unique and customized for your preferences and treatment goals. Further enhance the therapeutic benefits of your session with a variety of Elevations, add-ons and aromatherapies to truly elevate everyday™.


For thousands of years people have used aromatherapy as a holistic healing treatment. Using natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being, aromatherapy is used to improve many types of health issues such as anxiety, poor sleep, headaches, and more.

Massage Heights created our signature aromatherapy line to complement the therapeutic services guests receive in our upscale Retreat environments. Aromatherapy is complimentary for members and first-time guests but may also be added to any service for repeat guests and non-members.

Our aromatherapy blends are also available in a range of take-home products, so you can extend the powerful benefits between sessions, too.

Enhance your experience with our therapeutic blends

Read What Guests Are Saying
  • “Jake is the best! He knows what he’s doing and is consistent, with good manners! Book an appointment with him!”

    - Valerie P
  • “I have never had a massage before and getting one from Massage Heights far exceeded my expectations!”

    - Bryson
  • “I just wanted to give a HUGE thumbs up to Massage Heights Body & Face.”

    - Sara
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