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Sports Massage

Targeted Relief & Increased Range of Motion for All Athletes

Sports massage can significantly benefit athletes of every kind, beginners and professionals alike. This type of massage can be characterized in two ways: pre-activity and post-activity. In a pre-activity sports massage, we use dynamic stretching to allow the connective tissue to move through its full range of motion, thereby reducing possible injury.

In post-activity massage, we focus on recovering muscle tissue impacted during a previous activity. This type of massage involves using long strokes to realign muscle fibers and flush out the toxins that contribute to muscle and joint soreness.

Relax & Recover

Sports massage allows our massage therapists the ability to address specific areas of concern while helping athletes’ bodies achieve maximum athletic performance. Whether you’re a casual runner or an elite professional athlete, this type of massage is a great addition to your routine, helping to prevent and rehab injuries, relieve pain, reduce fatigue, promote flexibility, and improve endurance.

For anyone involved in regular or sporadic athletic activities, sports massage is a necessary addition to your wellness routine.

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