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Family Fund

Touch more lives. Support your Team.

Massage Heights Family Fund was established during the Fall of 2013. The Family Fund's sole purpose is to provide financial relief and assistance to Massage Heights Retreat Team Members and their families in time of need by providing assistance to those Team Members who face extraordinary challenges in their lives, such as:

  • The care of a family member when at least two weeks of work are missed or work schedule must be reduced by more than 50% to care for a family member
  • Relocation of children or adults to a safer environment
  • Funeral expenses for a Retreat Team Member or their family member
  • Temporary housing required due to catastrophe or natural disaster, such as fire, flood, hurricane or tornado
  • Covering unforeseen medical expenses

Help Others

The Massage Heights Family Fund, when properly funded, can respond to urgent matters within 48 hours of receiving all necessary documentation. We want to be able to respond to all types of situations and need you to volunteer to make this happen.

By supporting Massage Heights Family Fund, you are building the general fund up so that if something happens that requires financial relief, you don't have to stop and organize a fundraiser right when your Team Member who is in need has an urgent request for assistance.

The Family Fund's ability to support its noble purpose is fueled by donations from Guests, Retreat Team Members, Franchisees, the Corporate Team and the Board of Directors. A small donation can make an impact and may provide Retreat Team Members and their families needed support in time of crisis.

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We encourage all our Franchisees and their Team Members to get involved once or twice a year and conduct a Fundraiser in your community to build up the Massage Heights Family Fund. You can raise a lot of money for your Fund by planning an event such as a Chair Massage Fundraiser, a bowling outing, a movie night, or something that appeals to your Retreat's culture.

If you are a Franchisee, we hope you will donate the equipment and materials necessary to conduct a fundraiser at your Massage Heights Retreat. Maybe you'll even support the fundraiser by helping with signage, or give away some small refreshments as a thank you to those who participate. Have fun with it! Think about matching whatever your Retreat's Fundraising Committee raises.

If you are a Team Member employed at a Massage Heights Retreat, volunteer to head up the fundraising committee for your Retreat. Plan something once or twice a year that's fun! Get all of your co-workers involved and make it easy to participate.

Get excited and think about what you can do to have fun and raise funds! If you have experience in the non-profit world, the Board of Directors needs YOU on a committee! Volunteer!

Your efforts will make a huge impact Volunteer now

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