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Winter Is Here: How Exfoliation Keeps Skin Soft And Supple

Author: Massage Heights
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Oh winter, how we’ve missed you! And nothing says winter more than comfy sweaters and boots, rosy cheeks, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and of course cozy nights by the fire. What’s not to love, right?

And while Jack Frost is definitely a welcome friend to most, your skin may beg to differ. Cold winter air can wreak havoc on your biggest organ, making your skin dry and brittle. And dry and brittle skin isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also make skin look dull and old.

So how can you enjoy the wonders of winter and keep your skin healthy, soft and radiant? Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

What Is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a cleansing process that removes old, dry skin from your body. While some may think exfoliation is a luxury or an extra time-consuming step, the process does do your body good. You see, your skin is always in hyper-drive, producing new, healthy skin cells, and when these new cells appear, the surface cells should be removed. Exfoliation works by applying a product that contains a gentle abrasion ingredient to your skin and gently brushing/scrubbing away old, flaky skin, leaving you with radiant, glowing skin.

Exfoliation: Your Body Will Thank You

Exfoliation is great for both men and women, and offers many benefits to both body and face, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and more youthful-looking. It also doesn’t hurt that the process of exfoliation feels good, as well – invigorating tired feet and legs, energizing your face and neck – and revitalizing both mind and body. Be sure to visit your Licensed Skin Therapist for a detailed Skin Analysis to ensure you are using the right exfoliation product and application for your specific skin type. Not all exfoliants are created equal, and if you’re using one not suited for your skin, you may experience dry skin and breakouts.

Massage Heights Professional Massage And Skin Therapists

At Massage Heights, we offer a wide variety of services designed not only to rejuvenate tired, dull skin, but sore and achy muscles, too. Our Licensed Massage Therapists and Skin Therapists understand each Client is unique – that’s why before we begin your Massage Heights experience, we identify your specific skin type, objectives and skin care goals, ensuring your visit is tailored specifically for you.

So this year, embrace the winter wonderland Jack Frost brings! Just be sure to guard your precious skin against the cold, keeping your extremities looking – and feeling – soft, supple and vibrant. Whether you’re interested in , a , massage or both, our professional staff is ready to create your one-of-a-kind experience. What are you waiting for?

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