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Give a DIY Mini-Massage with Heights at Home Products

Author: Massage Heights
DIY Massage

Looking for an inexpensive at-home date idea? Want to help your partner relieve some stress? You can do both by setting up your very own spa and giving your loved one a massage (and maybe he or she will even want to give you a relaxing massage in return).

Giving a DIY massage is a great bonding activity because it involves physical touch and reminds your partner that you care about them. Massage also reduces the body’s level of cortisol (a stress hormone) for both the giver and receiver, so don’t be surprised if you feel better even if you were the one performing the massaging.

To help set the mood for that special date night, Massage Heights offers a variety of Heights at Home products that allow you and your partner to create the perfect environment. To get started, you’ll need the right massage products and equipment. Massage Heights offers a number of Heights at Home products so you and your partner can give each other massages in the comfort of your own home. Here’s what we recommend to make your next massage night memorable.


Start by dimming the lights in order to help your partner relax. If you don’t have a dimmer on your light and you think the room is going to be too dark, try lighting some candles. Select music that is slow and soothing, and set it at a low volume that won’t be too distracting.


Massage Table

Find somewhere comfortable for your partner to lie down, such as a couch or a duvet that can be laid out on the floor, and make the experience even more luxurious by fitting the couch or duvet with fresh linens .

Massage Heights recommends Comphy Linens brand sheets which is what we use on our own massage and skin therapy tables. You can purchase Comphy Linens from any Massage Heights Retreats in both the US and Canada. We also offer shoulder wraps and eye pillows from the Dreamtime collection, so your partner can fully relax during his or her massage.


When you start your massage, you’ll want to use some kind of massage medium, such as a lotion with essential oils, to reduce the friction between your hands and your partner’s body. Aromatherapy products are an especially good choice because it is inhaled through the respiratory system as well as absorbed through the skin during the massage, engaging the systems to help reduce any stress and anxiety.

Massage Heights offers a number of Heights at Home aromatherapy products that are designed to meet various needs, such as relieving muscle soreness, calming the senses, and reviving the mind.


Open communication is essential to any healthy relationship, and it’s also important during a massage. While you shouldn’t feel like you need to keep up a steady conversation during the massage, you should periodically ask your partner what feels good and if there are particular areas they want you to focus on. Always keep your voice calm and soothing.


If you and your partner enjoy your at-home massage night, consider treating one another to a Couples Massage at a Massage Heights Retreat next time. You’ll be in the same room with two professional massage therapists working in synchronization so you can both relax and enjoy the benefits of a custom-tailored massage at the same time. It’s a great bonding experience and a date you’re not likely to forget any time soon.