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Massage Therapy: 5 Ways to Manage Pain

Author: Massage Heights
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Pain, in all forms, can detract from your quality and enjoyment of life. Whether you are suffering from muscle, back, arthritis or migraine pain, the constant struggle of living with pain can take its toll. However, there are ways to manage pain naturally, allowing you to be more productive, sleep better and get the most out of every day. Here are five tips to help you manage your pain naturally and take back control of your life!

  • Eat a healthy diet. High nutrient foods can help your body cope with pain, often even alleviate pain caused by inflammation and other problems. Some natural foods and herbs that can reduce pain include ginger, turmeric, chamomile and capsaicin (found in chili peppers).
  • Learn breathing and meditation techniques. Focusing on breathing or meditating can help you relax your body and mind, reducing tension and stress that can increase pain. These techniques have been used for centuries as natural pain and health management.
  • Exercise. Although some muscle or joint pain may be aggravated by certain forms of exercise, it can also be a great way to alleviate pain. Exercise can release endorphins, the brains natural pain medication. Even a short walk or swim can be beneficial to those experiencing pain, helping increase circulation and elevate endorphin levels in the brain.
  • Reduce toxins in your life. Toxic substances such as alcohol or nicotine can actually make pain worse. Alcohol can affect your quality of sleep, making it harder to deal with pain. Smoking cigarettes has been linked to increased chronic pain. Cutting these toxins out of your life can have a positive impact on your levels of pain.
  • Massage therapy. One of the many reasons our guests come to Retreats for massage is to help relieve pain. Often massage is prescribed to our guests with pain from their physician, chiropractor or physical therapist. Massage is an effective natural pain management tool for several reasons:
    • Massage helps reduce stress and tension, helping calm the mind and body to better cope with pain.
    • Muscle and skin stimulation through massage can impact how nerves send pain signals to the brain. These pain signals can be detoured or blocked, actually reducing how a person experiences pain.
    • Like exercise, massage can release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.
    • Deep relaxation through massage can help you sleep better and reduce tightness in muscles that contribute to pain.
    • Massage improves blood and lymph circulation, helping your body heal as it receives needed nutrients and oxygen.

There is no reason to live with debilitating pain when there are natural solutions for pain management. Massage therapy can be a powerful tool to help you reduce your pain, giving you back the ability to enjoy life. Our experienced and licensed massage therapists at Massage Heights can work with you to find the right combination of massage techniques to provide the greatest pain relief possible.  Request a Reservation to relieve pain today.