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4 Tips to Make Sure You Are Looking and Feeling Your Best for the Holidays

Author: Massage Heights
Holiday Couple

Every year the holidays roll around, so do the seasonal work parties and family gatherings. This busy and often stressful time of year is when you need to look and feel your best--especially for the many holiday photos that will be taken. Don’t let the hectic days of the busy season wear you down. Here are four tips to keep you healthy and looking great during the holidays.

  • Make nutrition a priority. When you are on the go, you need more nutrients to keep you healthy. This time of year is not only busy but there are also plenty of cold and flu viruses out in full force. Nothing will ruin your holiday season quicker than catching the latest bug. Take the time to add extra nutrients to your daily diet. Drink a fresh fruit smoothie in the morning, add more vegetables to your diet and consider supplements to boost your immune system. Not only will these nutrients help fight off illness, they will help your skin, hair and nails look their best.
  • Take care of your body. Don’t let the busy schedules keep you from taking care of your body. Make sure you get the exercise you need to keep your heart healthy while burning off those extra calories from all the holiday goodies that are impossible to avoid. On top of exercise, keep your appointments for your regular massage. A therapeutic massage can relieve the stress that the holidays can bring, giving you more energy to enjoy all those holiday events. Massage Therapy also increases circulation, stimulates immunity, and improves your overall wellbeing – keeping you in tiptop shape for the festivities.
  • Pamper your skin. You want to look refreshed, not tired, in all those holiday photos. To make your skin look its best, schedule a rejuvenating facial at any Massage Heights body + face location. Our Skin Therapists will recommend and customize the best facial for your skin type along with one of the Elevations that can give your skin the extra boost it needs during the winter months.
  • Don’t overdo it. The holiday season is a marathon. Self-moderation is key, especially when there are endless events to attend. Try to keep your consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages to a minimum. Understandably, this is easier said than done. Make a plan and stick to it. Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins from your system so if you do over-indulge, you can quickly recover.

Massage Heights wants to help you look and feel your best during this busy time of year. Take time to schedule a massage or facial to rejuvenate between parties. Ask about adding a reviving foot scrub or all-natural aromatherapy to help your get the most out of your appointment at one of our Retreats.

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