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Discover Bliss: A Massage + 8 Must-Try Experiences in Encinitas, CA


We are thrilled to announce the opening of our newest location, Massage Heights Encinitas Marketplace! Massage Heights Encinitas Marketplace is located in Encinitas, California, only 25 miles away from San Diego. Are you a resident of Encinitas or currently visiting the vibrant city?  

Get a Massage or Facial at Massage Heights Encinitas Marketplace:  

Indulge in a rejuvenating experience at our newest location in Encinitas, California, where relaxation meets the soothing coastal vibes. Unwind with a personalized massage or facial, expertly tailored to enhance your well-being, making your visit an unforgettable one.  

Meet the Owners of Massage Heights Encinitas Marketplace:  

Mitchell Simon is a multi-unit Massage Heights franchisee with 5 locations in California. Mitchell and his wife, Debbie, launched their first Retreat in the San Francisco area in 2009 and over the next four years, added four additional locations to their portfolio. 

Beyond their business triumphs, Mitchell and Debbie find true joy in their family. Raising three daughters they describe as "successful, busy, and making a difference in the world," they recently welcomed their first granddaughter, Josephine. When not with family, their shared passion for travel keeps them on exciting adventures. 

Extend the bliss of your massage and facial by indulging in the diverse offerings of the city. Encinitas, nestled in San Diego County, invites you to embrace its relaxed coastal vibes, surf culture, and breathtaking beaches, making your day truly exceptional. Explore these enticing activities in the area: 

Moonlight State Beach:

With its family-friendly atmosphere, this beach presents picnic areas, playgrounds, and an expansive sandy shore, creating an ideal setting for a relaxing swim and picnic following a rejuvenating massage. 

Swami's Beach: 

Indulge in breathtaking views and ride the waves at Swami's Beach, renowned for its popularity among surfers. Even if you're not a surfer, the beach provides an excellent opportunity to unwind and bask in the sun. Be sure to bring the SPF! 

Downtown Encinitas:  

Explore the vibrant downtown area, filled with unique shops, boutiques, and restaurants - an ideal setting for a relaxed meal following your massage. 

Self-Realization Fellowship Hermitage & Meditation Gardens:  

Find tranquility in the Meditation Gardens overlooking the ocean. The serene atmosphere is perfect for meditation and self-reflection. 

San Diego Botanic Garden:  

Explore the diverse plant collections, themed gardens, and walking trails at the San Diego Botanic Garden. It offers a tranquil and picturesque setting for a day of peaceful exploration. 

Leucadia Farmers Market: 

Visit the weekly farmers market to sample local, organic produce, prepared foods, and handmade crafts. Each Sunday, the Leucadia Farmers Market provides a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the local community.  

Surfing Lessons:  

Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your skills, there are several surfing schools in Encinitas that offer lessons for all levels. After a day of riding the waves, consider indulging in a massage to soothe any tired muscles and enhance your overall relaxation. 

Yoga Studios:  

Encinitas is often considered a hub for yoga, and there are numerous studios offering classes. Throughout the year, there are even classes that take place on the beach. Combining a yoga session, whether by the shore or in a studio, with a massage afterward can create a truly rejuvenating experience. 

About Massage Heights: 

At Massage Heights, our mission is to elevate the everyday by providing personalized wellness experiences that rejuvenate both the body and mind. With highly trained therapists, customizable services, and a commitment to holistic well-being, Massage Heights is your sanctuary for relaxation and self-care.  

If you’re in the Encinitas area, be sure to check out our new Retreat. Not in Encinitas? No problem! We have over 100 locations throughout the US, and you can find a location near you to book your appointment.