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Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Author: Massage Heights
Getting back into the swing of things

As golf season unfolds you may be wondering what you can do to strengthen your game throughout spring and summer. Learn how therapeutic massages can provide physical and mental benefits that can help you elevate your golf game.


Benefits of Massage Therapy for Golfers

Sports massage therapy has become increasingly prevalent among athletes of all kinds due to its healing and recovery benefits. Sports massage falls under two different important categories: pre-activity and post-activity. Pre-activity massages use dynamic stretching to help connective tissue move through its full range of motion which helps reduce possible injury. Post-activity massage focuses on helping muscle tissue recover from activity or a previous injury. This type of massage realigns muscle fibers and flushes out the toxins that contribute to soreness.


Golfers can experience a wide range of injury and strain throughout the course of the season, but massage therapy can provide preventative and healing benefits to help them strengthen their skills on the course. With golf season in full swing, here are some ways therapeutic massages can help golfers enhance their game.

  • Reduces the risk of injury. Whether it’s professional or recreational, golf presents a risk of injury. Therapeutic massage sessions can help reduce spasms, scar tissue, and relieve trigger points. When your muscles are relaxed, they are less likely to strain or tear during activity.

  • Enhances motion and flexibility. It’s normal for golfers to experience tightness in their forearms, shoulders, lower back, and shoulders after playing a round. Therapeutic massage helps loosen and stretch stiff joints and muscles. Releasing this tension helps naturally increase range of motion and flexibility in the golf swing.

  • Improves mental focus. Golf is a strategic activity that requires the engagement of both the mind and body. The mental stress from competition impacts your mind, and can also result in involuntary clenching of muscles and jaw.. Massage therapy is a great way to relax both your body and mind – which means pre-activity massage can help you go into a game with a clear mind and post-activity massage can help clear your mind and give you new energy after a long day of play.

  • Improves circulation and accelerates recovery. It’s no secret that massage improves blood flow. Circulation helps golfers before and after a day on the course, as good circulation helps prevent the buildup of toxins in the muscles. The rhythmic motions and pressure used during a massage releases the accumulation of toxins and promotes recovery by moving oxygenated blood to sore muscles.

  • Improves posture. Posture is essential for good golf performance, and while a massage reduces tightness and stress, a unique benefit of therapeutic massage is that it improves posture by helping the body go back to its correct position. When your body is properly aligned the risk of elbow injuries is reduced which allows you to maintain proper form and play a better game..

  • Relieves pain. Lastly, massage therapy is an effective way to relieve pain throughout your body. The repetitive movement used in a golf swing and stance can lead to soreness and tightness and receiving a massage will help relax contracted or clenched muscles.


If you’re interested in scheduling a Sports Massage Transformation to help you prepare or recover from time spent on the course, contact your local Retreat.