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Creating Your At-Home Retreat Space

Author: Massage Heights
Creating Your At- Home Retreat Space - a plant in a vase on a white table with a white background

Spending more time at home has sparked a lot of creative ideas for several of us! You’ve seen DIY renovation projects, people painting their garages and even people giving themselves haircuts (this one we don’t recommend!). Maybe you are starting to feel a little bit of inspiration to switch up your space too.

Changing things up might seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be! You can transform the mood of a room with items you have around your house. It’s easy! We have several great tips and recommendations on how you can create an at-home Retreat of your own!

Find a playlist you like – and blast it all day long

Music can impact our moods and our ability to be productive during the day. Find a playlist you like and keep it on during your workday to boost how you are feeling and get the creative juices flowing! Whether you want to jam out or just add some background noise, we always recommend some good tunes to help you feel good. Here’s a feel-good playlist that we like to listen to on Spotify:

Utilize your Favorite Candle or Diffuser

There’s no better way to get in a good headspace than to have your home smell like your favorite fragrance! Maybe it smells fruity, sweet, calming or even smells a little bit like the holidays- that’s okay! Whatever is going to make you happy during this time is key, so go ahead and bring out your favorite cinnamon scented candle or lavender scent diffuser.

Maintain a Tidy Space

It’s a proven fact that clutter can contribute to anxious feelings. Keep calm and collected with a living space and workspace that is kept clean. Without having your daily commute to work, you might have saved up time now that you’re working from home. Dedicate some time one day out of the week to declutter, pick up and organize.

Add a Natural Element

Adding a natural element to your work environment is important because having something that can get you psychologically engaged will make you happier and will help your work be more consistent. Having a small plant in your workspace helps to purify the air and manage humidity levels. Another option is to add a small desk-sized waterfall that produces a calming noise throughout the day. Be sure to take screen breaks from your computer every now and then and focus on your small plant or waterfall to give your eyes a break.

Incorporate Cool Colors

Try adding a cool color to your space! And no, we don’t mean cool like a color your teenage niece would pick out. What we mean is add a color that has cool blue and purple hues. These color shades are known to invoke a feeling of calmness and serenity and they can make a big difference on how you feel. If you want, have some fun with it and paint your walls different shades of these colors. Get some inspiration here!

With these ideas, you will be able to create an at-home Retreat that is your own and one that you will feel creative in and good about. Remember, it’s important to be happy in the place that you are in. There is no wrong way to do this, just as long as you do what you like!