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How Can Massage Therapy Help with Your Allergy Symptoms?

Author: Massage Heights

As the temperature heats up and everything begins to bloom, those plagued with allergies begin the season-long battle against red, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and sinus pain –and that is just the beginning of the list of issues affecting those with allergies during the spring and summer months. If you have allergies, you’re probably on the lookout for new ways to keep those symptoms at bay. This year, find the allergy relief you need by incorporating Massage Therapy into your wellness routine.

Massage Therapy and Allergy Relief

You may wonder how Massage Therapy can relieve something as seemingly unconnected as allergies. While massage cannot stop the allergic reaction that you may have to allergens, it can help modify and dissipate the symptoms. The health benefits that normally are associated with Massage Therapy such as stress reduction, improved circulation and improved immunity can improve your tolerance of allergy symptoms.

Many studies show that higher stress levels can impact allergy symptoms. This can be linked to higher levels of histamines while you are experiencing stress, which exasperates existing allergic reactions. A study of asthmatic college students showed that, when under stress and exposed to allergens, they exhibited higher levels of sputum eosinophils, a white blood cell associated with allergic responses. Hospital admissions and fatal allergic reactions have also been shown to correlate with high stress triggers.

By undergoing regular Massage Therapy, especially during peak allergy season, you can decrease stress levels and improve your circulation and immune system. While these are excellent reasons to seek massage therapy year round, these benefits of Massage Therapy can help minimize your body’s reaction to allergens and make you more comfortable during the spring and summer months.

Another benefit of using Massage Therapy in relation to allergies is the different trigger points that can help relax tension in the body and reduce the body’s panic reaction to allergic reactions. It also can soothe muscles that are tight from coughing and sneezing, giving you relief from allergy-related pain.

Tips to Naturally Control Allergy Symptoms

If you are trying to eliminate medications used for allergy relief (be sure to check with your doctor first) on top of Massage Therapy there are other natural remedies to help control your symptoms. Adding more spice to your diet in the form of cayenne and other hot spices can help clear sinuses. Licorice root is excellent for increasing your natural steroid levels to combat histamines and may help reduce mucus production. Of course, eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and drinking plenty of water are all good ways to stay in good health and fight off any ailment with an improved immune system.

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