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The Perfect Gift for Dad: An All-Star Massage Experience for Father’s Day

Author: Massage Heights
Father and Daughter

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show the incredible dads in our lives how much they mean to us! This year, celebrate all the dad figures in your life by giving the gift of wellness. At Massage Heights, our tailored massage services offer a unique blend of relaxation and therapeutic benefits, perfect for alleviating stress, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing overall well-being. Whether they’re an outdoor enthusiast, an avid sports player, a dedicated professional, or someone who simply needs a break, we have the perfect massage for them. 

Introducing the All-Star Package 

For a limited time, you can purchase our exclusive All-Star Package, designed to make dads, granddads, uncles and more feel like the all-star he truly is! This new package includes a 90-minute massage, our NEW Birch Foot Scrub, and CBD Therapy spot treatment. Plus, you’ll receive a FREE 1-hour service when you purchase this package.

Call or visit your local Retreat today to take advantage of this limited time offer and make this Father's Day truly memorable.  

Meet Some of the Amazing Dads of Massage Heights Franchising 

Let's introduce you to a few of the amazing dads at Massage Heights. They'll be sharing their personal experiences with fatherhood, their go-to Massage Heights services, and recommendations for must-have products every dad should know about. 

Aaron Scholl, Chief Information Officer 

Aaron's FamilyAaron and his wife, Nichole, parents to three boys and a goldendoodle named Mackey, lead a busy life filled with travel, sports, piano, and their newfound love of pickleball! Despite the challenge of finding time for self-care between work and coaching his sons in baseball, Aaron prioritizes his well-being by scheduling regular massages every three weeks and cherishing moments with family and friends, like cooking out and hanging out in the backyard.  

The impact of Massage Therapy became apparent following his struggle with lower disc degeneration. "Getting my regular massages and using the Promise Drops CBD Oil on a regular basis has really helped keep the major flare-ups away," he says. He emphasizes the significance of this routine, noting that getting away from this routine can keep him from enjoying activities that he loves.  

Aaron shares that Promise Drops are a must. “Not only do I use it with my massage services, but I have multiple bottles at home. One for home and one for travel,” he explains. Beyond addressing his back issues, Aaron relies on Promise Drops to alleviate shoulder soreness from intense baseball practice and other everyday aches and pains. 

Russell Hoff, Chief Operating Officer 

Russell's FamilyMeet Russell, a devoted husband of 14 years and father of two boys, Liam and Owen. Russell's approach to self-care is straightforward: "Massage, massage, massage," he emphasizes. "Having waited a bit later in life to have kids, I definitely feel the roughhousing with these two boys the next day. I never want to miss any activities with them as a Dad, and massage helps me to do that."  

Russell understands the impact that pain and stress can have on one's ability to fully be in the moment with loved ones. Reflecting on his own experience, he shares, “I have had multiple, back, knee and ankle surgeries and feel it most days. Without massage therapy, there is no way I could enjoy my interaction with them as much as I do.” 

To fellow dads seeking rejuvenation, you may want to check out Russell’s go-to Massage Heights service: "A 90-minute massage along with our CBD products will make you feel young again." 

Donald McConnell, Senior Director of Field Operations 

Donald's FamilyDonald, alongside his wife Lisa, is the proud parent of a daughter, 16, and a son, 15, both actively engaged in sports—cheerleading and baseball. Donald prioritizes his well-being by incorporating early morning workouts into his routine, though he acknowledges the need for more dedicated recovery time. Recognizing the numerous benefits of Massage Therapy, Donald highlights its role in addressing stress, flexibility, and recovery. 

When it comes to his favorite services at Massage Heights, Donald particularly favors Dynamic Cupping and Promise Drops spot treatment. He notes that these treatments target specific areas of tension, particularly in the back and shoulders, where stress tends to accumulate. Additionally, Donald emphasizes the versatility of Promise Drops in addressing aches and pains, making them a great addition for self-care.  

Orlando Valdez, Senior Staff Accountant 

Orlando's FamilyOrlando, a father and grandfather, acknowledges that the role of a father is never quite finished, even with grown children. Whether he's traveling to Los Angeles to visit his youngest daughter or babysitting his granddaughter, their bond remains strong and close-knit. 

Understanding the importance of self-care, Orlando emphasizes the benefits of massage therapy and recommends regular therapeutic massages for dads to alleviate pain and stress. 

“I think the benefits are that you will feel better in general, have increased energy, and a better mood. Personally, as I’ve gotten older, I am beginning to have discomfort in my back and tension on my neck. I believe having regular massages will alleviate it,” he shares. 

Albert Mata, Franchise Software Support Specialist 

Albert's FamilyMeet Albert, a proud father to three boys: Azaiah, 10, Amari, 3, and Abram, just 7 months old. You can usually find them at the baseball field, exploring the outdoors, or enjoying cozy movie nights watching Godzilla.  

Albert understands the importance of prioritizing his own well-being. “To be the best dad I can be, I must make sure I feel my best,” he explains. “With how demanding life can get, a massage and some CBD Therapy can help me relax and rejuvenate to allow myself to take on anything that comes my way!” 

Austin Alexander, Vice President of Franchise Development 

Meet Austin, our Vice President of Franchise Development. Having met his wife at a franchising conference in 2019, they now celebrate their first wedding anniversary while eagerly anticipating the arrival of baby George in the fall. Austin's excitement about becoming a dad resonates deeply as he reflects on the forthcoming milestones and envisions baby George embarking on the journey of growing up. 

Austin believes in the transformative power of regular wellness services, recognizing its profound mental and physical benefits. With a growing family on the horizon, Austin recognizes the importance of massage therapy, and knows that it will be a key factor in allowing him to be active with a growing family.  

When it comes to his preferred service, Austin recommends a 90-minute full-body massage complemented by the CBD Therapy spot treatment. "Not only does this create complete relaxation," he explains, "it allows me to move as if I was younger and alleviates any tension or swelling, I have in my upper back/neck area." Austin advocates for regular sessions for self-care, emphasizing the importance of personal well-being, allowing to care for those around you. 

Celebrate Father's Day with the Gift of Wellness

As we honor the wonderful dads in our lives, it's essential to remember the value of self-care. This Father's Day, treat yourself or a special father in your life to a revitalizing massage at Massage Heights. Discover the perfect service to help you recharge and feel your best.

Happy Father's Day!