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How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Author: Massage Heights
Neck and shoulder massage

In today’s fast past world, the significance of self-care is becoming increasingly evident. With endless to-do lists and constant phone notifications, it’s important to find methods that prioritize both our mental and physical well-being. While there are many avenues to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as through diet and exercise, adding massage therapy to your wellness routine offers many therapeutic benefits.  

So, how often should you get a massage? The answer to this question can vary depending on your individual needs and goals, but here are a few factors that can influence massage frequency and provide some guidance on finding the right balance for your lifestyle.  

Health Concerns 

Health and wellness contributors were the largest reason that people sought massage therapy in 2022 according to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). In the 2023 Massage Profession Research Report, AMTA notes that 48% of people got their last massage for health and wellness reasons.  

Massage can be used to address specific health concerns, and the frequency of getting a massage can depend on the specific condition and individual needs. Here are a few examples of massage frequency for common health and wellness concerns: 

  • Chronic Pain: When managing chronic pain conditions like arthritis, regular massages can be effective. You may consider weekly or bi-weekly sessions, depending on the severity of your pain.  

  • Injury Recovery: When recovering from an injury, healthcare professionals may suggest getting a massage once or twice a week during the initial stages of recovery and may taper off to weekly or bi-weekly sessions as the injury improves.  

  • Migraine Relief: For migraine management, you might benefit from bi-weekly sessions to help reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.  

It’s important to communicate with your healthcare provider to determine a plan and the ideal frequency of massage therapy that is tailored to your specific needs.  

Lifestyle and Stress 

While maintaining an active lifestyle, a vibrant career, or the multitude of life commitments can be incredibly fulfilling, it can also result in heightened stress levels that may affect your overall well-being. Many individuals seek massage therapy to manage the negative impact of stress on the body, such as reducing tension, improving sleep, and lowering high-blood pressure. If your primary goal of massage therapy is stress relief, getting a massage at least every 4 weeks is a good starting point. 

Fitness Conditioning and Recovery 

Massage therapy can play an important part in your fitness regimen. The frequency of massage may vary depending on the intensity of your workouts. Getting a massage once a month can help loosen muscle tension and improve range of motion for general maintenance. However, more frequent sessions may be needed if your workouts are particularly intense or when preparing for a major event. To reduce the risk of injuries and aid in recovery, you should consider getting a massage every 1-2 weeks. 

General Well-Being 

Massage therapy offers more than an escape, it can soothe both body and mind, leaving us refreshed and rejuvenated. To maintain overall well-being, monthly massages can be a suitable option to prevent tension buildup and promote good health.  

Massage Therapy at Massage Heights 

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