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The All-Natural Boost Every Mom-to-be Needs

Author: Massage Heights
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Massage sessions will leave you feeling recharged, in a state of relaxation and calm acceptance of your continually evolving physical form. The caring touch of prenatal massage will bring body and mind into synergy. This synergy promotes feelings of serenity and peace of mind. As a consequence, you will experience deeper, better quality sleep—something we could all use more of!

Massage therapists are well acquainted with the special needs of mothers-to-be and are equipped to counterbalance the bodily changes that may cause discomfort. Muscles will become more flexible and toned allowing them to more comfortably adjust to a changing center of gravity as your little one grows and eventually prep muscles for birth. Muscle tension and aches will be put to rest so that your thoughts can drift to the things that really matter—preparing for your bundle of joy.

The light human touch of massage not only relaxes muscle tension, but also can uplift your mood. In fact, massage stimulates “feel-good” hormones such as serotonin and dopamine—the body’s natural anti-pain chemicals. 

Meanwhile, stress hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol are suppressed, leaving the nervous system soothed and relaxed. Furthermore, since everything occurring in a mother’s body affects the fetus, regulation of such hormones will also ensure that you little one is happier and healthier when he enters the world. Studies show that massage leads to fewer complications during and after birth. Furthermore, mother and child are able to bond when they receive massage together.

Casual Pregnant Woman

Prenatal massage will also leave you more energized and ready to take on the day by stimulating the lymph and blood systems. A woman’s blood volume increases by at least 40% during pregnancy, causing its flow to become a bit sluggish. By increasing circulation, the removal of wastes and toxins in the blood stream is sped up, pumping energy-giving oxygen and nutrients into cells. This improves the nourishment able to reach the placenta through blood flow as well as increasing overall immunity and ability to fight viruses. Increased circulation will also help to flush out fluid in swollen joints leaving you feeling much more comfortable and sprightly. Furthermore, the lower back and sciatic nerve pain commonly felt by mothers-to-be will be remarkably relieved after a prenatal massage. Less tense, relaxed muscles in these areas will allow for an easier labor and quick recovery.

As with any prenatal care, is important to discuss massage therapy with your doctor and to take proper precautions. Pregnancy massage therapists take extra care to ensure that clients are comfortable and safe. Clients are positioned on their sides with the aid of supportive, soft cushions in order to alleviate any stress on the back and pelvic areas. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, therapists will utilize different techniques to address your personalized requests and needs, ensuring that you leave rejuvenated and satisfied with your massage experience. During such a beautiful time of change and growth, it is important that you care for yourself and your baby. Implement massage into your prenatal care routine and you will feel happier and more restored than ever.