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What to Do After a Massage

Author: Massage Heights
Shiatsu Massage

There is nothing like a Massage to relax and revitalize your body at the same time. Whether you choose to have a massage to manage stress, for healing purposes or just as a way to elevate your day, you want that feeling of relaxation to continue. There are ways to extend the effects of your massage so that it lasts for hours, even days, after you leave the massage table.

Reduce your Stress

One of the most common reasons people partake in a massage is to try and peel away the tension caused by stress. While Massage Therapy takes that away and helps relax your body, you can maintain that relaxation by learning to reduce the strain that stress has on your body. Take the time to learn breathing techniques and how to let go of tension in your body.

Take Care of Your Body

Maintaining the wellness you feel after a massage can be made easier when you care for your body. A healthy body and lifestyle will help you extend that feeling of well-being throughout the week. To stay healthy, relaxed and revitalized, make sure you:

  • Hydrate. Your muscles, brain and organs all need to stay hydrated to function properly. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially after your massage. Massage Therapy tends to release lactic acid stored in your muscles, which needs to be flushed out of your body after your appointment. Drinking water can reduce soreness after a massage by quickly filtering out those toxins released.
  • Nourish. Eat fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods that are high in nutrients. Give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its highest level. This will help your muscles repair, plus give your body the tools it needs to combat stress and tension.
  • Exercise. Exercise and massage go hand-in-hand. Both invigorate your body and help keep your muscles active. Exercise helps relieve tension, just like massage. Also, exercising releases endorphins that are fantastic at relieving stress.

While you can extend the feeling of health and relaxation that a massage gives, it will not last forever. Give your body the gift of regularly scheduled Massage Therapy. Allow yourself to stay on a regular schedule to relieve that extra tension as needed and give you something to look forward to.

Any one of our professionally and trained, licensed Massage Therapists at Massage Heights will help you achieve the results you desire from a massage; it is up to you to perpetuate and extend those results with a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to have all our Guests leave our Retreats relaxed and rejuvenated after their appointment. By following these healthy tips, you can enjoy the benefits of your massage for as long as possible, while you look forward to your next massage appointment. We hope to be a part of your healthy lifestyle, with massage being just one factor in the total equation.

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