Completely personalized to your skins needs and performed by our highly-trained, highly-experienced skin therapists, IonActive Power Treatment works with the skin’s natural biology to leave your skin looking plump, hydrated, soft and revitalized. Enjoy rapid, visible results when you book this action-packed treatment.

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IonActive Serums

Available concentrates include:

  • Retinol to firm and reduce visible signs of skin aging.
  • Niacinamide to control and prevent adult acne breakouts.
  • Hyaluronic Acid to relieve dehydrated and/or sensitized skin.
  • Oligopeptide to brighten hyperpigmentation for a more balanced skin tone.


What to expect

These serums can be used with electrical modalities, under a skin masque, or layered underneath a Dermalogica moisturizer according to your skin needs. Your therapist will apply an almond-sized amount to your face and neck and spread the serum lightly. Since each serum is dedicated to targeting certain problem areas, several serums may be used and applied to the appropriate zone of the skin.


After your treatment, expect to feel immediately revived and refreshed! Results will depend on your skin condition, but can include brighter, revitalized skin, fewer visible fine lines and wrinkles, fewer visible breakouts, improved skin texture and more balanced skin tone. Most clients notice visible results right away and see even more progress over the course of several treatments.


Post-treatment care

To maintain the results of your treatments at home, ask your skin therapist for a customized Dermalogica skin care regimen.