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Thank you for reaching out to Massage Heights.

In the current environment and situation with COVID-19 (the coronavirus), you deserve to feel confident when you visit any Massage Heights Retreat. All independently owned and operated Massage Heights Retreats consistently practice high levels of standards in cleanliness which have been enhanced to provide confidence to you. During our time of temporary closure, we completed a thorough deep cleaning and sanitization of all Retreats. Our commitment to your safety is our highest priority and we will continue to implement our enhanced disinfecting procedures indefinitely.

While your membership is recognized at all Massage Heights locations, only Your Home Retreat is able to assist you with membership questions, concerns or feedback. Your Home Retreat is the Massage Heights location at which you joined as a member. To locate the contact information for your Home Retreat, please click here.

Everyone at Massage Heights appreciates your continued support of your locally owned Retreat. At all times each Massage Heights Retreat remains committed to you and their team members, and we look forward to seeing you in the Retreat soon.


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