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Massage Elevations

Enhance Your Experience for Even More Benefits

Envision your perfect massage…now experience it. Massage Heights provides you with an array of options to ensure your customized treatment leaves you feeling balanced and revived every time. No matter how often you incorporate massage treatments into your wellness routine, adding one of our Massage Elevations is a great way to elevate your session and your results.*

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Dynamic Cupping Therapy *

Promote healing of the body with this pain-free, therapeutic treatment that improves flexibility, range of motion, and so much more. This beneficial service uses silicone cups to create suction, allowing for better circulation and easier movement of the muscle. Pulling actions used during the session help to promote a deep relaxation throughout the entire body.

Dry Brushing *

Using a combination of exfoliation and massage, this therapeutic add-on service helps to exfoliate your skin for a smoother and brighter appearance while providing several additional health benefits. The firm bristles and slow movements of this service aids in eliminating toxins from your body and leaves you feeling revitalized with a natural boost of energy.

Hot Stone Therapy

Our most popular Elevation, this therapeutic enhancement intensifies the restorative properties of your massage while relieving stress and tension from your muscles. The heat (set at a temperature that is warm, but not too hot) from the stones helps muscles relax, releasing muscular tension and making your massage even more effective. Hot Stone Therapy can also help to increase circulation through the blood vessels and the lymphatic system, ridding your body of toxins and helping it mend.

Revitalizing Face Massage

This Massage Elevation involves the combination of cool stones and soothing warm towels working together to revitalize your senses while allowing beneficial nutrients to penetrate and nourish your skin. The inclusion of a shiatsu massage during this service helps to reduce eye inflammation, headaches and sinus pain.

Reviving Foot Scrub

Stimulating lemongrass and lavender essential oils, along with an infusion of heat and moisture, help soften, hydrate and revive tired feet and legs. Once the scrub is removed, the therapist will follow up with our Revive Body Butter to moisturize the skin and work deeper into the muscle tissues of your tired feet and legs.

Hemp-Infused Massage *

Enhance your massage experience with our Hemp-Infused Massage! This add-on service is often used for pain management, inflammation and anxiety. Add to your next massage!

* Not included in the Elevated membership.
Available to add-on to any minimum 1-hour massage.

Let Massage Heights elevate everyday™

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