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Couples Massage in Thornton

Commit to Self-Care Side by Side

At Massage Heights North Thornton, we make it easy for couples to support each other’s wellness goals and relax together. Invite a loved one to experience the revitalizing massage treatments you’ve made part of your balanced lifestyle or keep each other accountable to self-care by scheduling together on an ongoing basis. With our couples massage rooms, you can recharge side by side while enjoying quality time together.

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What Is Couples Massage?

Our couples massage treatments take place in a room larger than our typical treatment room to allow two massage tables to be set up side by side. Each guest receives a personalized massage session from their own certified massage therapist, but the two therapists work on the couple simultaneously. Basically, instead of you and your loved one receiving massage treatments in separate rooms, you can enjoy the experience right next to each other.

You and your loved one are welcome to chat with each other throughout the session, though you can also remain in comfortable silence. Couples massages are especially beneficial for first-time recipients who may be hesitant to try massage therapy on their own.

Just like a solo massage therapy session, each massage therapist customizes the treatment for the individual, based on what your body needs and your wellness goals. You can also incorporate one or more of our massage elevations or add-on services—such as aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, or even a reviving foot scrub—to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your session.

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What to Expect from a Couples Massage

When you choose to book a couples massage in Thornton at Massage Heights, you can expect the same inviting, peaceful ambiance and relaxing experience you get from the rest of our service offerings. Massage therapy benefits your body in a number of ways, from boosting your immune system and improving circulation to stabilizing your blood pressure and relieving pain and tension in muscles. When you share the self-care activity with a loved one side by side, you may also experience a closer bond and deeper relaxation.

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