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Massage in Thornton

Customized Wellness Treatments from Certified Massage Therapists Near You

How often do you make massage therapy part of your self-care routine? Do you take time for yourself and your well-being? Your busy lifestyle makes demands on your body, both mental and physical, as you devote your attention to the people and things you care about. Incorporating regular massage therapy into your wellness regimen can help you relax and recharge, giving you the energy you need to be fully present every day. Massage Heights North Thornton makes it easy to commit to wellness with our personalized monthly massage membership program.

As a member of our Wellness Program, you’ll receive regular massage therapy services from our Thornton massage therapists. Choose from 30-, 60-, 90, or 120-minute treatment sessions customized to your individual goals, whether that means focusing on relaxation, targeting specific areas of tension, addressing chronic issues or concerns—or any combination of these. Visit our Retreat today to learn more about our massage therapy services and discover just how good life can feel.

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Types of Massage Therapy Available

When you visit Massage Heights North Thornton, you’ll enjoy a completely personalized massage service every time. At the beginning of each session, your Massage Therapist will ask you about how your body feels, if you have any areas of particular tension, and what your goals for the session are, then tailor your treatment based on this consultation. Though each session is customized to your needs, you’re always welcome to request any of the types of massage we offer.

Swedish Massage

Characterized by long, gliding strokes and light to medium pressure, this modality is designed to relax the body and mind. Be sure to let your Massage Therapist know if you would like more or less pressure at any time—it’s all about making sure you’re comfortable!

Deep Tissue Massage

By slowly sinking into the deeper layers of muscle, your Massage Therapist can address limited range of motion, muscle spasms, or chronic pain and tension. While deeper pressure is often used, this modality refers to the muscles and tissue being worked on rather than the amount of pressure you’ll experience.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Good for Back Pain?

Deep tissue massage is often used to treat chronic back pain because it targets the deeper muscles, those underneath the outermost layer of muscle. By helping to work out tension in these muscles that don't always receive much attention, regular deep tissue massage can provide ongoing relief for chronic back pain and stiffness.

Prenatal Massage

With benefits including decreased swelling and lower back pain, improved circulation, and reduced discomfort—not to mention increased relaxation—massage during pregnancy supports both mom and baby. Expecting mothers may want to check with their doctor before booking a session, but our licensed Thornton Massage Therapists are trained in providing safe, comfortable prenatal massage.

Targeted Treatments

Our 30-minute targeted treatment sessions are designed for those who need frequent and focused attention in a particular area or those who could use some extra support in between their regularly scheduled sessions. This time frame is ideal for focusing on either the legs and feet or the neck and shoulders.

Couples Massage

Our Retreat features a couples massage room, which allows friends or family members to enjoy massage treatments side by side, each with your own Massage Therapist. As with all of our treatments, your session will be customized to your individual needs and goals.

Sports Massage

Pre- and post-activity massage therapy can help realign muscle fibers while flushing out toxins, which in turn may decrease soreness in joints and muscles and increase range of motion. Anyone can benefit from sports massage, whether you’ve just begun a regular exercise regimen or you’re a professional athlete.

Take the First Step on Your Wellness Journey

Massage is more than a pampering spa treatment. In fact, the proven benefits of regular massage therapy include lower blood pressure, relief from chronic pain, increased range of motion, improved sleep quality, elevated mood, and so much more. When you make time for massage therapy on a regular basis, you’ll enjoy enhanced health and wellbeing—body, mind, and spirit. Visit Massage Heights North Thornton and commit to wellness.

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Meaningful Memberships

Our guests experience a significant improvement in both their bodies and everyday lives after adding regular massage therapy to their schedule. Our Massage Heights team invites you to discover just how great life can feel when you care for your body with routine relaxation. Our Wellness Programs help you do just that.

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