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Facial Services in Thornton

Facials, Skin Care, and More

Maximize your relaxation and results with our customizable facial treatments in Thornton. At Massage Heights North Thornton, our facial and skin therapists are highly skilled and can address a wide range of skin-related concerns, from acne and wrinkles to sensitive skin and more. Find the right facial for you and your skin with our team. Learn more about our promotions here.

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Essential Facials

Our Essential Facial is exactly that – the essential facial for your skin. This facial provides a thorough cleansing for all normal, dry, or oily skin and is designed to target most every day skin concerns include oil, skin congestion, dryness, and more. At the start of your session, our skin therapists will ask you about any concern areas you have so that we can properly address them during your time. Learn more about Massage Heights North Thornton and our Essential Facial treatment.

Clear Skin Facials

It is estimated that 80% of people experience acne, from occasional breakouts to persistent blemishes. Massage Heights North Thornton offers Clear Skin facial treatments designed to clean and treat current breakouts and prevent future blemishes. Our trained skin therapists jump-start acne clearing through our process. If you want to see a clear difference, contact us today.

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Sensitive Skin Facials

If you have sensitive skin, you are not new to the redness, itching, burning, and irritation caused by some products and treatments. The Sensitive Skin Facial treatment at Massage Heights can help you calm and correct your skin. We use Dermalogica® products and our UltraCalming™ treatment to provide relief while addressing other concerns like breakouts, wrinkles, oiliness, and dryness. Learn more about our sensitive skin treatments today.

Anti-Aging Facials

Rejuvenate your skin and give it new life. Massage Heights has partnered with Dermalogica® to develop our Anti-Aging Facial. Our process and products are designed to help combat wrinkles, laugh lines, age spots, and loss of skin tone. Our skin therapists can customize your session and address your concerns, providing a power boost while smoothing and nourishing your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a Dermalogica® Facial?

Just like Massage Heights North Thornton, Dermalogica® products were made to put skin health first. We specially use Dermalogica® products for our Sensitive Skin and Anti-Aging facials to promote true wellness that goes beyond your basic spa experience.

What can I expect for my first facial service?

Please keep in mind that due to current circumstances, we may have changed our your policies. For your first visit with Massage Heights North Thornton for your facial service we will first have you fill out an intake form to learn more about you, then you will meet with your provider to discuss your skin needs and concerns to create a custom experience for you, then (the best part) the facial service!

Do you offer Dermalogica® products for facials?

Yes, we do! We offer Dermalogica® for our Anti-Aging facial service!

How can I reschedule my appointment?

We completely understand that in these uncertain times plans change! Simply contact our team at (720) 605-5769 and we will assist you!

Contact Massage Heights North Thornton today at (720) 605-5769 or fill out our online contact form to book your facial appointment.

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