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Massage Heights Partners with Promise Nutraceuticals to Offer CBD Therapy Add-On Service


Massage Heights is excited to announce its collaboration with Promise Nutraceuticals, co-chaired by the renowned All-Star Athlete, Bo Jackson. Through this partnership, we are thrilled to introduce our latest offerings: CBD Therapy add-on service and the Promise Drops retail product!  

What is CBD Therapy? 

In the world of wellness, CBD has emerged as a revolutionary addition, opening the doors to a new realm of relaxation and relief. The synergy of CBD spot treatment and massage therapy is a dynamic duo and has become a game-changer in the realm of massage therapy. It is commonly used for offering relief pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety as noted by Promise Nutraceuticals

CBD Therapy is an add-on service that uses Promise Drops to specifically target localized areas of the body, further enhancing the pain relief benefits of our massage services. For those wishing for relief at home, the retail product Promise Drops offers a topical relief oil meticulously crafted for immediate and enduring relief. This product features a unique blend of broad-spectrum CBD extract (it does not include THC), essential oils, herbal extracts, and soothing emollients, supported by over three decades of rigorous scientific research. 

Promise Nutraceuticals & Promise Drops 

Promise Nutraceutical co-chair, Bo Jackson, made it his mission to find a non-surgical solution for pain management for Veterans experiencing pain, something he was familiar with because of his athletic career. Promise Drops Extra Strength Topical Relief oil is a Broad-spectrum product containing no THC. The oil is made from hemp grown in Oregon by certified partners and the farm’s soil is tested to ensure the healthiest growing conditions. The oil is rigorously tested to ensure efficacy and safety. Promise Drops are proprietary for maximum CBD concentration.  

What are the Benefits of CBD Therapy? 

The synergy of CBD and massage therapy is quite the dynamic duo, commonly used to offer relief to those grappling with pain, insomnia, and anxiety. CBD Therapy is a natural remedy that provides a unique and effective approach to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and mental balance. 

Pain Relief 

Chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of life. Research suggests that CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. When combined with the targeted touch of massage therapy, the result is a powerful pain relief regimen. The massage helps release tension in muscles, while CBD works on a cellular level to soothe inflammation, providing a comprehensive solution to chronic pain sufferers. 

Sleep Issues 

Insomnia is a widespread concern in our fast-paced society. CBD has shown promise in promoting better sleep according to a recent study, and by integrating CBD into massage therapy, it enhances the relaxation response. The calming effects of both CBD and massage therapy create a serene environment conducive to restful sleep.  

Stress and Anxiety

The hectic pace of modern life often leads to heightened anxiety levels. CBD interacts with receptors in the brain associated with stress and mood regulation, offering a natural calming effect. When incorporated into massage therapy, the combination induces a deep sense of tranquility, allowing individuals to let go of tension and anxiety. The therapeutic touch of massage complements the properties of CBD, creating a holistic solution for managing stress. 

CBD Therapy at Massage Heights 

One of the strengths of combining CBD with massage therapy lies in its adaptability. Our massage therapists tailor the treatment to address specific concerns and individual needs. Whether it's focusing on particular pain points, creating a calming atmosphere for sleep, or providing targeted relief for anxiety, the personalized approach enhances the overall efficacy of the treatment. Call your local Retreat or click here to book now.  

*Introductory rate valid for members and first-time guests. Additional local taxes and fees may apply. Add-on treatment not performed independent from a minimum 1-hour massage service. Service times include up to 10 min. of prep time. See store for details. Each Massage Heights Retreat is independently owned and operated.
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