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Massage Heights Celebrates Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day


Massage Heights Celebrates Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day

At Massage Heights, we're more than just a massage and facial spa - we're dedicated to fostering a culture of wellness and happiness. That's why we're excited to announce our participation in the Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy initiative, a global movement celebrating the transformative power of massage therapy.

Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day, observed on March 20th, is a time to recognize the myriad benefits of massage therapy for both mental and physical well-being. As a cornerstone partner of this initiative, Massage Heights is proud to champion the healing properties of massage and promote its integration into daily wellness routines.

This year's theme, "Bolstering Mental Health with Massage Therapy," resonates deeply with us at Massage Heights. We understand the profound impact that massage can have on mental health, from reducing stress and anxiety to promoting relaxation and improving mood. By offering massage therapy as part of our services, we provide our clients with a holistic approach to self-care and wellness.

But our commitment to well-being doesn't stop with our clients - it extends to our team members as well. At Massage Heights, we believe that creating a supportive and nurturing work environment is essential for promoting overall happiness and fulfillment. It’s no surprise that most massage therapists are natural caregivers, often most happy when helping others. From helping those in pain, people recovering from injury, or individuals suffering from stress, massage therapists are at the forefront of today’s wellness industry.

We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing Massage Therapists. They are the heart and soul of our organization, providing nurturing touch and expert care to our guests and members every day. We are immensely grateful for their skill, compassion, and dedication.

We invite you to join us in spreading awareness about the benefits of massage therapy and prioritizing your well-being. For more information about the Massage Makes Me Happy Global Initiative, please visit: The Touch Research Institute, University of Miami, or The Global Wellness Institute,, Massage Makes Me Happy,