Pregnant woman holding belly in a field

The Benefits Of Prenatal Massage For Mothers & Babies

Various studies have indicated that massage therapy holds many benefits for pregnant women, as long as they are seeing a trained and experienced practitioner. Research results show that women who receive massage appropriate massage services throughout pregnancy experience less anxiety, improved mood, a reduction in back pain, and better quality sleep.

Prenatal massage also benefits babies as women who received massage have experienced reduced complications during labor and are less likely to give birth prematurely. While research is ongoing, but it is likely that massage effectively reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol, a contributing factor in the birth of premature babies.

Emotional nurturing is among other benefits of prenatal massage. Pregnancy is an exciting and anxious season of life more the majority of women. The emotional calm that occurs during a massage is highly valuable for women who commonly feel overwhelmed by the newness of producing human life, and feel they need support in managing the effects of pregnancy-related hormones. From a medical perspective, massage is known to produce endorphins (mood-boosting hormones) and can lead to lower blood pressure.

When stress in the body is reduced pain levels are also reduced. When a fetus is developing in utero, a woman’s muscular and skeletal systems must adjust to accommodate a new center of gravity the muscles that support the spine create a buildup of lactic acid. As these toxins build up they can cause pain and nerve irritation. In the case of buildup, massage can break up adhesions, relieve bundled nerves, and help circulate blood through to increase oxygen flow and rid the body of toxins. This concept is also why massage therapy can be applied to relieve pregnancy-induced sciatica that causes pain to spread from the lower back to the leg.

Reducing joint pain is another valuable benefit of prenatal massage. As a baby grows and begins to weigh more a mother’s blood volume increases accordingly as does interstitial fluid and intrauterine fluid. This combined increase in fluid volume adds pressure to the hip, knee, and ankle joints of an expecting mother. Massage helps reduce edema and reduce pain by increasing circulation around affected joints.

At Massage Heights, we are trained in prenatal massage and understand the importance of effectively supporting women through their pregnancy. We look forward to the opportunity to help expecting mothers experience a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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