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Video Questions | May (2021)

Q & A from our Licensed Massage Therapist and Trainer, Nina


Q& A

Why did you apply for and accept a job with Massage Heights?

  • I was offered the job at Massage Heights at a time in my career when I was ready for something new and challenging. I had never worked for a franchise before and was open to expanding my clientele. During the interview process, Claire, our Owner, shared her story with me as to why she chose Massage Heights as an investment, and I was inspired by her passion. I felt that she and I shared a similar love for the art of massage, and I excitedly joined the team. I look forward to seeing where this new path would lead me in my journey and am still discovering opportunities with the company.

What do you love about working at Massage Heights?

  • There are many aspects of my work that I truly enjoy. The variety of people who come to the Retreat is huge. I never know who I'll be working on and what their story will be. When a client gets on my table, it's an opportunity for me to provide a safe time and a safe place for them to open up and receive the healing that they came in for. Whether it be physical or emotional, I'm honored everyday to be a part of my clients' wellness journey. In addition to helping my clients, my team members share a wealth of knowledge from their respective experiences. As a team, we feed off of each other's experiences and continue to grow.

How would you characterize your fellow team members and the overall company culture?

  • Coming in to work everyday is exciting and challenging. My co-workers are passionate about their craft, professional and dedicated to continued growth. They are also easy to get along with and fun to work with. Overall, the Retreat is a place that feels real and genuine. The lifestyle consultants work seamlessly with the therapists and it makes the workday fly by. I'm really blessed to be a part of such a caring and compassionate group of people.

Describe Massage Heights’ workplace in three words.

  • Genuine...Professional...Passionate

What motivates you to continue working at Massage Heights?

  • There are a few motivating factors for me to continue at Massage Heights. For one, I honestly feel that I am being recognized and celebrated for my passion for massage and my work with my clients. Another thing that motivates me is seeing my clients grow on their wellness journey. I really enjoy hearing about diminished swelling in joints, weight loss, no more migraines, relieved sciatica, improved physical performance and so much more. And to be honest, I am also enjoying my new responsibility as trainer at the Retreat. I look forward to being a part of where Champions Village is going in our future and am excited to be a part of our growth.
Read What Guests Are Saying
  • "Jake is the best! He knows what he’s doing and is consistent, with good manners! Book an appointment with him!"
    - Valerie P
  • "I have never had a massage before and getting one from Massage Heights far exceeded my expectations!"
    - Bryson
  • "I had the most amazing massage and facial. The staff is very friendly and professional. Best services I have ever received."
    - Sara
  • "Good massage therapists that listen to the client and modify massage to meet the client's needs."
    - Brent
  • "I've visited several times and was so impressed with the staff, service, and massage quality that I purchased a membership!"
    - Darrell
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