Health Benefits of Sports Massage

February 11, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Now that January has arrived, it's time to get moving and enjoy the beauty of this urban area. If you get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, you will not need more than a light jacket as you see the sights of the city without the summer's heat and humidity. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get active and lose weight, here are three great places to exercise outdoors in the Houston area:

Terry Hershey Park

Avid mountain-bike riders can’t seem to get enough of the Anthills in Terry Hershey Park. Even though it’s extremely muddy after the briefest shower, this easy path with plenty of small dips and broad curves is a fun course. If you prefer to walk or run, enjoy the 10 miles of lighted walking trails that this 500-acre urban park offers.

George Bush Park

The regulars at this urban park have casually divided the dual trails into two categories: one for walkers and runners and the other for the bike riders. If you’re pedaling your way to fitness this year, head down the Little Cambodia Trail. This one is famous for steep drops, sharp turns and all kinds of surprises! If you’re walking, jogging or running, stick with the Ho Chi Minh Trail for an equally challenging route.

Memorial Park

This park features 3.5 miles of fully paved paths for walkers, runners, bikers and rollerbladers. Although the paved surface makes the twisting paths a little easier for novice bikers, it can be a challenge to avoid the other fitness buffs who use this single route on a regular basis. Enjoying this area on foot is usually a safer choice.

Don’t Let a Little Soreness Prevent You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals.

If you’re really motivated to get in shape, be careful not to overdo it. Call Massage Heights Houston to book a therapeutic Sports Massage. This is a great way to reduce your aches and pains, speed your recovery time and enhance your overall performance!