The Benefits of Seniors Getting Massages

October 05, 2016posted by Massage Heights

When summer arrives in Atlanta, outdoor events come with it. For instance, Callaway Gardens hosts the Sky High Balloon Festival while the annual Mountain Music Festival returns to share another round of classic tunes. When it comes to participating in outdoor events like these, elderly individuals may struggle to take part due to increases in aches and pains. This is where Massage Therapy can help.

Massage Therapy for the Masses

Over the years, the Massage Therapy industry has adapted to serve the needs of its client base better. Instead of limiting treatments to just Swedish Massage or Shiatzu Massage, many practitioners are learning special massage techniques for different groups of the population to meet their unique needs. For instance, Sports Massage is unique to athletes and helps with alleviating post-event muscle soreness, or specialized massage for pregnant women, or massage for infants or seniors.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

Geriatric massage therapy offers physical and mental benefits. Those who see a massage therapist regularly often experience improved health and an overall sense of wellbeing. The massage methods used for the elderly are different from the ones that are used to treat younger individuals. Massage therapists who treat seniors must learn how to apply customized massages that meet the needs of unique needs of an older generation. This involves gentle strokes, careful kneading and the use of light compression on specific pressure points.

Studies have confirmed that massage aids relaxation as well as communication. Because of this, it has a positive effect Alzheimer’s patients. Massage Therapy stimulates joint lubrication, and it works to relieve the pain of those who suffer from arthritis. According to research, even people who suffer from chronic conditions respond positively under the skilled hands of a geriatric massage therapist.

The Details of a Geriatric Massage

A geriatric massage is a form of massage therapy developed specifically for elderly individuals. To complete the treatment, a professionally trained therapist uses his or her hands to manipulate the body’s soft tissues. This type of massage may include active or passive joint movements as well as properly executed pressure to improve a senior’s blood circulation. It also relieves pain and increases the patient’s range of motion.

How Does a Geriatric Massage Help?

According to research, a geriatric massage improves the patient’s quality of life along with his or her self-esteem. Those who enjoy regular massages report that they sleep better and for longer durations. The treatment also relieves stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Frequently, headache pain goes away as does pain in other areas of the body. Geriatric massages often speed up healing from injuries or even illnesses. They also improve lymphatic flow, and this increases the body’s ability to excrete toxins.

In some cases, Parkinson's disease patients experience a reduction in rigidity when they receive regular massages. Some arthritis sufferers confirm this as well. A general sense of mental and physical relaxation are other benefits of the treatment. In addition, when lonely and depressed seniors experience the simple pleasure of another person touching them, they often enjoy an overall sense of comfort and happiness. With the right massage treatment, elderly individuals gain symptomatic relief, which extends the vigor and quality of their lives. To purchase a massage gift card, call Massage Heights Atlanta today.