Benefits of Massage for Students

September 28, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Being a college student is inherently stressful. Attending classes, working at a part-time job or internship, and putting in plenty of intense study time, today's students have a lot on their plates. The fact that many students find themselves dealing with a new situation and fresh challenges while missing the support of their family and friends back home only intensifies the pressure. Under these circumstances, it's no surprise that the American College Health Association reports that stress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties are major issues for college students. In fact, one out of every four college freshmen drops out because they cannot handle the stress.

The Trouble With Stress

Stress is more than unpleasant. It's a health hazard. Because stress negatively impacts the immune system, someone who is stressed is more likely to get sick. Individuals who are often stressed feel “wired," tense and anxious; many find concentrating difficult.

Students often make the mistake of trying to escape the pressures they're under by partying, drinking or experimenting with drugs. While these activities might offer a momentary break, they can ultimately leave students feeling even more stressed because students who indulge in these types of dangerous practices often fall behind in their schoolwork. Fortunately, there are healthier, more effective alternatives for dealing with stress.

Why Massage Helps

Massage therapy offers a natural, healthy way for students to combat stress. Research indicates that massage therapy can help with:

  • Focus. Headaches often plague young adults; up to half of them struggle with regular headaches that may interfere with study and sleep. For those tired of battling tension headaches, massage can provide welcome relief. Regular massage can also aid students with ADHD, improving their mood and helping them pay better attention in class. 
  • Hormones.  Swedish Massage can boost levels of the feel-good hormone, dopamine, as well as can lower cortisol levels, a hormone linked to stress, inflammation and belly fat.
  • Immune function. Massage therapy enhances immune function, protecting students from disease and infection by increasing the body's count of T cells and lymphocytes. Researchers have seen measurable biologic effects after just one session of Swedish Massage. 
  • Sleep. Lack of sleep hurts the body and the mind. It's been linked to weight gain, an increased risk of cardiovascular problems, and difficulties with reasoning and concentration. Massage therapy delivers better sleep. It's naturally relaxing and has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps stabilize moods. What does that have to do with sleep? Serotonin is also a precursor of melatonin, a neurotransmitter known to facilitate good sleep.
  • Fitness. Being active is a key part of staying fit, and massage makes that easier. Massage enhances athletic performance, speeds recovery after a workout, supports a healthy cardiovascular system and even has the potential to help prevent injuries. It also provides pain relief by reducing muscle tension and stiffness. 

Why spend your semester stressed out when Massage therapy can provide safe, effective stress relief? Call Massage Heights Atlanta today to book your appointment.