Massage Benefits for Cleveland Fitness Buffs

December 27, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Massage: The "Secret Trick" That's Improving Workouts for Cleveland Fitness Buffs

Have you hit a plateau in your fitness routine? Perhaps you feel as though you can't train any harder because muscle fatigue and joint pain have begun to limit your ability to work out. Massage may be great when you're recovering from an injury, but it's even better when you're simply fatigued and need a bit of help recharging. Let's examine some of the ways in which a massage could help to improve your body's level of physical fitness.

Improves Blood Circulation

Have you spent a bit too much time building up muscle mass? If your muscles are perpetually hard and full of lactic acid, they probably aren't getting all of the blood and nutrients that they require. Massage dilates the blood vessels and widens the membrane pores in your body, improving your body's ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to overworked muscles.

Relieves Mental Tension and Stress

Do you sometimes find it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to continue training? A massage is exactly what you need. Massage stimulates the body's mechanoreceptors -- the cells that respond to touch -- and releases endorphins to improve the mood.

Heals Damage

Performing the same motions repeatedly can take a terrible toll on the body. Over time, minute injuries may appear within the muscles, joints and tendons -- injuries that could one day become severe enough to force you to take time off from training. Improve your body's recovery rate with a massage.

Eases Aches and Pains

Even if working out doesn't cause an injury, heavy training almost always leaves the body feeling sore and tired. A massage can disperse the metabolic byproducts of training, helping the muscles recover from fatigue more quickly.

Improves Form

Do you find it hard to maintain the proper form when performing exercises targeted to work specific muscle groups? When your muscles are swollen and hard, you may find it difficult to maintain proper form because your body doesn't have its normal range of motion. To make matters worse, you may overcompensate by using muscle groups that aren't so tired, negating the potential gains from your targeted workout. A massage can help to correct the imbalances that result from overcompensation and restore your body's normal range of motion.

Boosts Performance

Massage can boost your body's overall performance and lead to greater gains in every area of your workout regimen. A massage leaves your body more flexible and mobile, speeds the delivery of blood and nutrients to your muscles, improves your mental state, releases tension and clears away stored toxins. When you consider all of the benefits of a good massage, how could you not want to add frequent massages to your workout routine?

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Reasons to Get Massage This Fall

December 20, 2016posted by Massage Heights

You may crave the sun's warmth after a cold winter but are ready for the invigorating sense of renewal that fall provides. Changes in weather from season to season cause physiological changes in your body, so you might notice some symptoms as a result. This is one of several reasons why you should consider getting a massage this fall.

Supports Your Immune System

One of the physiological changes that you might experience when the seasons turn from summer to fall is a weakened immune system. This is because the drop in temperature makes your body rebalance itself faster than usual. Massages support a healthy immune system, which protects you from seasonal illnesses such as allergies and the flu. According to a study, massage therapy increases the number of killer cells that your body naturally produces and uses as its first line of defense against sickness. It does this by stimulating your lymph nodes to remove harmful bacteria, toxins, and waste. Getting a massage can even help you get over a cold.

Helps Your Body Heal

Summer activities and sports such as kayaking, running and swimming give you the exercise that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and flexibility. Even going on a road trip or vacation with the family can be exercise. However, a lot of exercise can take a toll on your body and cause dehydration over time. After all of the activities that you participate in during the summer, it's important to allow your body to recover. A massage can help this process along before the physiological changes occur in your body.

Gives You More Energy

Cooler temperatures and shorter days come with the changing of the leaves, and you might feel less inclined to spend time outdoors or be active. Continuing to exercise and participate in sports, however, can reduce the toll that winter takes on your levels of energy. Similarly, getting a massage increases the flow of blood and oxygen through your body. This makes it easier for your circulatory system to deliver nutrients where they're needed, which gives you an energy boost.

Improves Sleep

You probably feel cranky when you don't sleep well or enough. Another downside is that poor sleep can lead to chronic conditions such as depression and cardiovascular disease. However, it's not always easy to get eight hours of sleep every night, particularly when your body is going through a physiological transition at the beginning of fall. Studies show that getting a massage increases serotonin levels so that you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Click here to read more about benefits of massage for insomnia.

Relieves Seasonal Stress

Along with the physiological transitions that come with the passing of summer into fall are the stresses of modern living. Some of these include the return to school, extra lawn maintenance, and preparation for the holidays to come. The hustle and bustle of fall can catch up to you, exposing you to illnesses that only a healthy immune system can fight. Massage therapy helps to melt the stress away so that you can take a breather. It's also a great way to renew your commitment to taking care of yourself.

The significant benefits of massage therapy on your body and mind are too grand to ignore. If you had a fun but busy summer, allow your body to recover and relax with a massage. Call Massage Heights Cleveland now to make an appointment. Choose the location that’s convenient for your you: Crocker Park, Strongsville, Westgate.

Facial Benefits in Autumn

December 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Crisp autumn breezes are clearing away summer's heat and humidity. You've exchanged your shorts and sandals for stylish sweaters and beautiful boots, but what about your skin? Is it ready for the new season? Sun, sweat, salt and chlorine are part of summer's fun, but they can leave your skin in desperate need of a little pampering and replenishment. Now is the perfect time to undo the damage and prepare your skin for winter's chill by treating yourself to a quality facial.

Falling for Facials

Why do so many people fall in love with facials? For starters, they offer significant benefits for your skin. Facials enriching your skin with healthy ingredients that rejuvenate your skin. Regular facials, like regular dental appointments, help safeguard the health of your skin by tackling common problems like dryness, oily skin, acne, clogged pores and irritation, leaving you with a healthier, more balanced complexion.

Facials also soothe more than your skin. The time spent undergoing a facial provides a welcome chance to relax, distress and calm down, all benefits for whole body health. The healing power of touch, the proper mix of professional techniques and quality products, and the sheer joy of unplugging can be as good for the soul as it is for the skin. Are you ready to experience the benefits for yourself? At Massage Heights Cleveland, we're pleased to offer our clients the choice of two popular facials. Which one will you choose?

Anti-Aging Facial

Stress is an unavoidable fact of modern life. Unfortunately, it can take a toll on your skin and lead to premature aging. However, you can fight back. Our Anti-Aging Facial reverses the damage done by time, stress and the elements so that you can age gracefully. It smooths away fine lines and age spots and promotes collagen production, which can help to prevent wrinkles and sagging. If you want healthy, glowing, firm, hydrated skin that looks healthy, smooth, radiant and more youthful, it's time to try our Anti-Aging Facial.

Sensitive Skin Facial

Sensitive skin deserves serious relief. Our Sensitive Skin Facial calms and soothes skin that is aggravated, irritated or inflamed. It simultaneously replenishes the skin and zeros in on the triggers that cause redness and discomfort. When you are ready for a treatment that paves the way for long-term relief for delicate skin, our Sensitive Skin Facial is the perfect pick.

Are you ready to face the world? Proper skin care is vital in maintaining a healthy complexion that you'll be happy to display. Contact Massage Heights body + face Cleveland today to learn more about our facials and schedule your appointment. Choose the location that’s convenient for your you: Crocker Park, Strongsville, Westgate.

Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Massage Session

October 31, 2016posted by Massage Heights

There are many different reasons for massage, ranging from relaxing tight muscles to help in healing an injury. Whatever your reason for scheduling a massage session, the last thing you want is for the benefits and the relaxed feeling to disappear as soon as you leave the appointment. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow to help you get the most out of your massage session.

1. Drink more water.

Your body is made up of 50-75 percent water. When you get a massage, toxins are flushed out via the water from your body. Although you will feel great from losing those toxins, you must replenish the lost fluids with fresh, clean water.

2. Eat a snack.

Along with releasing toxins from your body, a good massage will speed up your circulatory system and other bodily functions, including your digestion. These increases could leave you feeling lightheaded and weak. Have a quick, healthy snack of nuts or whole grains after your massage session, and you will feel better almost immediately.

3. Take a break.

One of the major goals and benefits of a good massage is the relaxed and calm feeling, so choosing your after-massage activities is just as important as scheduling the massage itself. Why would you want to go straight to work or to a crowded social event when your muscles are so relaxed, and you are feeling so content? When possible, book your massage for a time when you know that you will have time to go home, rest and recover from the experience.

4. Relax through breathing.

As the massage therapist is working through a bad knot in your muscles, it can be uncomfortable, and you may feel like tensing up and holding your breath. However, stopping the airflow through your body is one of the last things you should do during a massage. Your body needs more oxygen coursing through your blood, loosening those tense muscles and improving the benefits of the massage.

5. Consider a warm shower beforehand.

It can be tempting to go to a massage session directly from work or from whatever stressful events you have in your life, but carrying that rigidity to your session could hinder the effectiveness of your massage. Taking a long, hot shower before arriving at the session will release the initial tension in your muscles and your mind before the massage therapist begins working on your body.

6. Do your exercise first.

Just because you are having a massage session does not mean that you cannot do your favorite exercise class or workout before your massage. You may feel more fatigue in your muscles when exercise is paired with your session, but you will also be warmed up and looser.

7. Do not make it a one-time session.

While having a single massage will help relax your muscles and calm your nerves, you will see the most benefits from regular sessions. You will have greater benefits for a longer amount of time when you use massage therapy as a long-term wellness routine.

If you are ready to begin improving your wellness, call Massage Heights Cleveland to book your massage session today.

The Benefits of Massage for Senior Citizens

October 26, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Throughout the summer and even towards the end of summer in Cleveland, there's still a great selection of activities and outings to do before winter arrives. From Bazaar Summer Saturdays at Lake Affect Studios to Lakefront Beach Parties every Thursday, there's a lot to do. No doubt you want to enjoy these events, and you want your elderly family and friends to enjoy them with you too.

How can you help the senior citizens in your life enjoy everything Cleveland offers this summer? Massage might be one answer. The massage industry has evolved, and there's a lot more practiced than just traditional Swedish Massage techniques. Many Massage Therapists now specialize in working with different groups of people including athletes, pregnant women, seniors and infants.

For senior citizens and the elderly, massage offers many physical and mental benefits that can add up to an overall improvement in well-being. Massage therapists use different techniques with elderly clients than they do with younger clients. Instead of heavy pressure, massages generally include kneading, stroking and light pressure on specific areas. This type of massage is designed to alleviate soreness and allow for total relaxation.

More than just boasting relaxation benefits, researchers recently discovered that massage is also an effective therapy for patients with Alzheimer's because it facilitates communication as well as relaxation. Manipulating specific points on the body has also been proven to increase the lubrication of joints, which can help patients suffering from arthritis with mobility and pain management. In fact, there are an array of age-related conditions that can be helped by a 1-hour massage very week. Even people suffering from chronic conditions such as Parkinson's Disease respond positively to a well-trained geriatric massage therapist.

What is a Geriatric Massage?

Put simply, geriatric massage is a type of massage designed to meet the needs of senior citizens and the elderly. Trained massage therapists use their hands to manipulate soft tissues in the body and improve blood circulation while relieving pain and increasing overall range of motion. Active and passive movement can also be used as a part of geriatric massage if it will be beneficial to the individual patient.

  • Research has shown that geriatric massage offers a wealth of benefits. Some of the most beneficial include
  • Improvements in a patient's overall quality of life,
  • Better and more restful sleep,
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, loneliness, and depression,
  • Relief from headaches and bodily pain,
  • Increased healing speed after an injury or illness,
  • Partial restoration of mobility lost because of arthritis, Parkinson's and other chronic conditions,
  • Total mental and physical relaxation, and
  • Increase in lymphatic flow, which helps the body get rid of toxic substances.

Of course, many geriatric massage clients also enjoy their 1-hour massage sessions because of the simple pleasures of company and human touch. This is especially valuable for lonely and depressed seniors who feel isolated from their communities or friends. Compassionate, careful massage provides senior citizens with relief from physical symptoms and helps them feel more lively and vibrant.

Massage Heights Cleveland has three retreat locations in Crocker Park , Strongsville, and Westgate. If you know of a senior citizen who would benefit from a massage, call Massage Heights Cleveland to purchase a massage gift card for that special individual.

Benefits of Massage for Students in Cleveland

October 18, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Going to college can be fun and exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful. One in every four college student who drops out cites stress as their reason and the 2014 National College Health Assessment found that stress is a major issue even for students that stay in school.

Many students hold down full- or part-time jobs while taking on a full course load, and the burden of so many obligations can weigh someone down. Even full-time students who do not have jobs have to worry about ensuring that they have good grades and scholarships often hinge on maintaining a particular GPA.

When someone is constantly under a great deal of stress, they may become anxious, depressed, have trouble sleeping or feel constantly wound up. Due to the strain on the body, too much stress can also increase a student's chances of becoming sick.

Unfortunately, many students turn to drinking and partying as a form of stress relief. While there's nothing wrong with having fun, these activities, especially done to excess, can make it harder for the body to recover from the toll taken by being under constant pressure.

The good news is that there are safer ways of dealing with stress that can improve a student's overall health, and one of these methods is to take advantage of massage therapy. Here are some of the ways that scientific research has shown that massage can benefit students.

1. Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Cortisol is a very important hormone that is released by the adrenal gland. Although it does a number of beneficial things, too much of it can cause problems. Therefore, a key part of stress management is to regulate or reduce cortisol levels. Massage has been proven to both reduce cortisol and increase dopamine. Dopamine has been named the feel-good hormone, and it can help to counteract the effects of too much cortisol.

2. Improve sleep

Sleep is a major issue for college students. When someone does find time to sleep, if they are stressed out, they may have trouble nodding off, and they may not get the type of deep sleep they need. Massage can help increase the production of serotonin, which is related to melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep.

3. Boost attention and focus

Tension headaches can make it difficult to pay attention or even function, and a third to half of young adults suffer from them. Massage can help relieve stress and reduce or even eliminate tension headaches, improving students' ability to focus.

4. Immune system benefits

Along with the fact that stress can impair someone's immune system, schools can be a breeding ground for illnesses. Swedish Massage has a number of benefits, including the ability to increase the number of killer T cells and lymphocytes in the body, which both help fight off sickness.

5. Recover from workouts

Too much stress can impair a person’s metabolism, and working out can help get them back on track. Recovering from strenuous physical activity with a massage can relieve sore muscles and contribute to reducing the risk of injury.

Massage Heights Cleveland has three retreat locations in Crocker Park , Strongsville, and Westgate. Call one of our locations today to schedule an appointment or learn more about the benefits of massage.

Massage Benefits for Fibromyalgia

October 11, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition that causes millions of Americans a great deal of chronic pain. Physical symptoms such as headaches, body aches, muscle tenderness, extreme fatigue and digestive problems are only made worse by the mental symptoms, which can include anything from forgetfulness to high levels of anxiety.

FM can become a completely debilitating condition that leaves people bedridden with little hope of a good future. To make matters worse, as little as 18 years ago, doctors in the United States firmly believed FM to be a psychosomatic disorder. Experts now believe that FM is a musculoskeletal condition that is possibly caused by low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which can lead to an increased sensitivity to pain in the body.

Natural Treatments for FM: Can Massage Therapy Help?

FM can leave you feeling depressed, but a number of natural treatments are leaving patients feeling more hope than ever. One of those treatments is massage therapy.

According to data from the National Institutes of Health, massage therapy has been shown to help FM patients experience:

  • A reduction in pain and tender points.
  • A decrease in urinary CRF-LI, a biochemical marker of stress-related symptoms.
  • Better sleep quality that improves over time.
  • A decrease in anxiety, depression, stiffness and fatigue.
  • An overall improved quality of life and health status.

Massage Therapy and FM: What Does the Research Say?

Those who suffer from FM will be glad to learn that there’s a lot of promising research surrounding massage therapy.

1. Painless Massage for FM Relief

If you fear the deep kneading and rubbing of an intense massage could cause you more pain, don’t worry. FM patients can experience the most benefits from massages that are on the gentle side. A 2012 Israeli review published in the journal Rheumatology International found evidence that the intensity of the kneading should be increased gradually for the greatest fibromyalgia symptom relief.

2. Massage for Reduction in Depression and Anxiety

FM patients who get massages might experience less anxiety and depression. According to research, patients experienced lowered levels of the stress hormone cortisol after massage therapy sessions.

3. Less Sensitivity with Massage Therapy for FM

Research from Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. showed that Fibromyalgia patients experienced less sensitivity to pain at their tender points and an improved perception of pain after undergoing massage therapy. On top of that, it was also noted that the patients slept better and had less anxiety.

Get Started Today: Massage Techniques for FM

The styles of massage that have been found to work best on fibromyalgia feature kneading, pressure, friction, stretching and heat application to promote circulation. Not only will these techniques increase relaxation, but they will also reduce built-up toxins within the muscles.

Some helpful techniques include:

  • Trigger-point release, which involves deactivating trigger points using finger pressure
  • Swedish Massage, which promotes circulation in areas of the body that have been starved of nutrients and oxygen.  Click here to read more about Swedish Massage.

That said, a good massage therapist will work with you to find the precise treatment that’s best for your unique condition. Please contact Massage Heights Cleveland today to make your first appointment. Choose the location that’s convenient for your you: Crocker Park, Strongsville, Westgate.

The Benefits of Seniors Getting Massages

October 05, 2016posted by Massage Heights

When summer arrives in Atlanta, outdoor events come with it. For instance, Callaway Gardens hosts the Sky High Balloon Festival while the annual Mountain Music Festival returns to share another round of classic tunes. When it comes to participating in outdoor events like these, elderly individuals may struggle to take part due to increases in aches and pains. This is where Massage Therapy can help.

Massage Therapy for the Masses

Over the years, the Massage Therapy industry has adapted to serve the needs of its client base better. Instead of limiting treatments to just Swedish Massage or Shiatzu Massage, many practitioners are learning special massage techniques for different groups of the population to meet their unique needs. For instance, Sports Massage is unique to athletes and helps with alleviating post-event muscle soreness, or specialized massage for pregnant women, or massage for infants or seniors.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

Geriatric massage therapy offers physical and mental benefits. Those who see a massage therapist regularly often experience improved health and an overall sense of wellbeing. The massage methods used for the elderly are different from the ones that are used to treat younger individuals. Massage therapists who treat seniors must learn how to apply customized massages that meet the needs of unique needs of an older generation. This involves gentle strokes, careful kneading and the use of light compression on specific pressure points.

Studies have confirmed that massage aids relaxation as well as communication. Because of this, it has a positive effect Alzheimer’s patients. Massage Therapy stimulates joint lubrication, and it works to relieve the pain of those who suffer from arthritis. According to research, even people who suffer from chronic conditions respond positively under the skilled hands of a geriatric massage therapist.

The Details of a Geriatric Massage

A geriatric massage is a form of massage therapy developed specifically for elderly individuals. To complete the treatment, a professionally trained therapist uses his or her hands to manipulate the body’s soft tissues. This type of massage may include active or passive joint movements as well as properly executed pressure to improve a senior’s blood circulation. It also relieves pain and increases the patient’s range of motion.

How Does a Geriatric Massage Help?

According to research, a geriatric massage improves the patient’s quality of life along with his or her self-esteem. Those who enjoy regular massages report that they sleep better and for longer durations. The treatment also relieves stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Frequently, headache pain goes away as does pain in other areas of the body. Geriatric massages often speed up healing from injuries or even illnesses. They also improve lymphatic flow, and this increases the body’s ability to excrete toxins.

In some cases, Parkinson's disease patients experience a reduction in rigidity when they receive regular massages. Some arthritis sufferers confirm this as well. A general sense of mental and physical relaxation are other benefits of the treatment. In addition, when lonely and depressed seniors experience the simple pleasure of another person touching them, they often enjoy an overall sense of comfort and happiness. With the right massage treatment, elderly individuals gain symptomatic relief, which extends the vigor and quality of their lives. To purchase a massage gift card, call Massage Heights Atlanta today.

Massage Benefits for Insomnia

October 05, 2016posted by Massage Heights

When it comes to wellness, sleep is crucial. In fact, experts agree that both the quality and the quantity of their sleep need to be adequate for people to enjoy truly healthy function. While over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to combat insomnia, many sufferers are wary of their potential side effects. Thankfully, there is a natural, drug-free alternative: massage.

When Sleep Won't Come

While everyone spends the occasional night staring at the ceiling instead of snoozing, many adults repeatedly face debilitating periods where sleep won't come. Some 30 percent of American adults struggle with occasional bouts of insomnia, and 10 percent battle chronic insomnia, according the Sleepeducation. Defined as difficulty in either falling or staying asleep, insomnia can wreak havoc with a person's physical, mental and emotional health. Whether it is a primary condition or a symptom of some other health issue, insomnia can slow reaction times, compromise concentration, interfere with the ability to make decisions, and trigger irritability and emotional instability.

How Massage Helps

Can massage really reduce fatigue and improve sleep? The National Institutes of Health reports that it can. In addition, scientific studies touting massage's effectiveness in combating insomnia have appeared in several respected publications, including the International Journal of Neuroscience, Sleep Sci and Sleep Review: The Journal for Sleep Specialists.
How does massage help people sleep? Chemistry gets some of the credit. Massage is known to support the body's production of serotonin, increasing levels of this important neurotransmitter. Serotonin plays a role in sleep in several areas of the brain and is essential in the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps control sleep and wake cycles. Massage can also promote relaxation by decreasing stress, pain and other similar conditions that sometimes interfere with sleep. Many people report that they enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep after a massage, and insomniacs are no exception. Massage has been shown to help individuals suffering from insomnia fall asleep for longer periods and experience better quality sleep.

Massage for Better Sleep

Virtually any type of massage can promote better sleep. However, certain techniques are recommended to increase serotonin levels and improve sleep. These include:

  • Gliding strokes along the legs
  • Pressing and kneading of the thigh and back muscles
  • Stroking along the sides of the hips and spine

Massage therapy capitalizes on the healing power of touch. For insomnia sufferers, it can be a potent natural remedy that helps to prepare their bodies for refreshing, restorative sleep. Massage is capable of producing a powerful emotional response, and it encourages both the body and the mind to unwind and let go of tension and stress. During a massage, most people begin to experience a calm, restful relaxation that can linger long after the actual massage comes to an end. 

Once viewed as an indulgence, massage is increasingly recognized as a useful tool in the ongoing quest to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. To experience the benefits of massage, call Massage Heights Cleveland now to schedule an appointment. Choose the location that’s convenient for your you: Crocker Park, Strongsville, Westgate.

Benefits of Massage for Students

September 28, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Being a college student is inherently stressful. Attending classes, working at a part-time job or internship, and putting in plenty of intense study time, today's students have a lot on their plates. The fact that many students find themselves dealing with a new situation and fresh challenges while missing the support of their family and friends back home only intensifies the pressure. Under these circumstances, it's no surprise that the American College Health Association reports that stress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties are major issues for college students. In fact, one out of every four college freshmen drops out because they cannot handle the stress.

The Trouble With Stress

Stress is more than unpleasant. It's a health hazard. Because stress negatively impacts the immune system, someone who is stressed is more likely to get sick. Individuals who are often stressed feel “wired," tense and anxious; many find concentrating difficult.

Students often make the mistake of trying to escape the pressures they're under by partying, drinking or experimenting with drugs. While these activities might offer a momentary break, they can ultimately leave students feeling even more stressed because students who indulge in these types of dangerous practices often fall behind in their schoolwork. Fortunately, there are healthier, more effective alternatives for dealing with stress.

Why Massage Helps

Massage therapy offers a natural, healthy way for students to combat stress. Research indicates that massage therapy can help with:

  • Focus. Headaches often plague young adults; up to half of them struggle with regular headaches that may interfere with study and sleep. For those tired of battling tension headaches, massage can provide welcome relief. Regular massage can also aid students with ADHD, improving their mood and helping them pay better attention in class. 
  • Hormones.  Swedish Massage can boost levels of the feel-good hormone, dopamine, as well as can lower cortisol levels, a hormone linked to stress, inflammation and belly fat.
  • Immune function. Massage therapy enhances immune function, protecting students from disease and infection by increasing the body's count of T cells and lymphocytes. Researchers have seen measurable biologic effects after just one session of Swedish Massage. 
  • Sleep. Lack of sleep hurts the body and the mind. It's been linked to weight gain, an increased risk of cardiovascular problems, and difficulties with reasoning and concentration. Massage therapy delivers better sleep. It's naturally relaxing and has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps stabilize moods. What does that have to do with sleep? Serotonin is also a precursor of melatonin, a neurotransmitter known to facilitate good sleep.
  • Fitness. Being active is a key part of staying fit, and massage makes that easier. Massage enhances athletic performance, speeds recovery after a workout, supports a healthy cardiovascular system and even has the potential to help prevent injuries. It also provides pain relief by reducing muscle tension and stiffness. 

Why spend your semester stressed out when Massage therapy can provide safe, effective stress relief? Call Massage Heights Atlanta today to book your appointment.

Removing Toxins with Deep Tissue Massage

August 24, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Many cultures across the globe have used therapeutic massage techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage for thousands of years to benefit the body and mind. One of these benefits is the elimination of toxins from the body, but does it work?

Deep Tissue Massage and Benefits

A Deep Tissue Massage involves pressure techniques that enable massage therapist to reach the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. These tissues include your ligaments, muscles, and tendons as well. The therapist uses slow strokes to apply pressure to the areas where you experience pain and tension with the goal of reaching the various layers of connective tissue, fascia, and muscles.

This therapy supports the healing process from sports injuries and can relieve adhesions, chronic knots, muscle tension, and stress. However, another great benefit that many people don't know about is the ability for deep tissue massage to promote the removal of toxins from the body.

Naturally Occurring Toxins

Natural metabolic functions such as breathing, digestion, and intense exercise create toxins in your body. Healthy bodies can maintain a proper balance by eliminating these toxins and other waste that metabolic processes produce.

However, along with causing pain and disrupting your ability to move, stressed muscle can reduce the flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. This inhibits the ability of your body to naturally eliminate toxins. It also increases inflammation, which boosts the accumulation of toxins in your muscle tissues.

When your body fails to eliminate toxins, they can cause damage to your body, making you feel tired and gain weight. An aggregation of toxins can also decrease mental acuity, which means that it hinders your ability to concentrate, remember things and understand what is happening around you. Additionally, prolonged inflammation and toxin buildup can contribute to more pain and stress, which may make certain health conditions worse, such as depression, fibromyalgia, and hypertension.

Eliminating Toxins

While a Deep Tissue Massage loosens your muscles, it releases chemicals that dissolve toxins and other waste as well as pulls the toxins out of your muscles. This improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. The therapy also releases mood enhancers and natural painkillers such as endorphins and serotonin to give your immune system a boost.

Outside of your muscles, the toxins occupy the interstitial space between cell membranes. Your improved circulation and boosted immune system help your lymphatic system filter out and eliminate the toxins, and your bloodstream transports the toxins to your excretory organs. Remaining well hydrated during sessions of Massage Therapy and taking warm baths with Epsom salt afterward will help your body remove even more toxins.

Visit one of our Massage Heights Cleveland Retreats, so that our Deep Tissue Massage professionals can make you feel better!

Preventing Neck & Back Pain in The Atlanta Workplace

August 21, 2016posted by Massage Heights

While we've made great strides as a nation in making workplaces safer for employees, millions of Americans still suffer daily from occupational injuries. Chronic neck and back pain has become one of the most common work-related health issues, and it is often caused by mundane activities such as heavy lifting or sitting in an office chair for hours at a time. Jobs that are physically demanding and require repetitive lifting, such as nursing or manual labor, carry the greatest risk for both non-accidental and accidental back injuries. One of the most effective treatments for relieving back and neck pain is professional massage therapy.

The Prevalence of Neck and Back Pain in the Atlanta Workplace

Chronic neck and back pain is a common complaint in workplaces across the nation, and Atlanta is no exception. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics documented over 3 million cases of occupation-related injuries and illnesses in 2003 alone. More than 50 percent of these incidents resulted in lost time from work, job transfers or restricted work duties. One report revealed that about 880,000 of annual workplace injuries were related to spine and back issues. Data from the World Health Organization's International Labour Office suggests that the problem is global; the organization lists "musculoskeletal diseases" as a common culprit among the 268 million yearly non-fatal workplace incidents in which employees miss at least three workdays. Over the next 15 years, the workforce is projected to include more workers between the ages of 15-24 and workers over age 60. Sadly, both of these age groups incur higher rates of job-related accidents than other demographics, so the neck and back pain pandemic will only get worse.

Massage Therapy for Neck and Back Pain in Atlanta

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years to improve neck pain and muscle stiffness. Today, the ancient art of massage has been perfected.

A neck and back massage performed by a licensed professional massage therapist can alleviate pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, and stiffness. Massages can also lead to improvements in blood flow, and range of motion. Resolving chronic neck pain may require long-term treatment, but most patients experience immediate relief after a single session.

Types of Massages for Preventing Neck and Back Pain in the Atlanta Workplace

The Swedish Massage: Swedish Massage is one of the most popular types of massage. While applying direct pressure, the therapist simultaneously strokes the back in a gliding motion, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. Due to the smooth, gliding motions, stretching and kneading, it proves as an effective method for removing toxins from the body and easing muscle tension, enhancing flexibility.

The Deep Tissue Massage: The Deep Tissue Massage targets the deep layers of connective tissues and muscles in the body. The therapist applies constant pressure combined with slow strokes and focuses on the trouble areas. Adjusting their technique to your level of tension, the therapist works to alleviate your pain to the best of their abilities, striving to release muscle tension by loosening the “knots” below the first layer of muscle. These “knots” are often painful and can also block blood circulation causing inflammation.

If you're one of the thousands of Atlanta workers living with back or neck pain, call Massage Heights Atlanta now to schedule your appointment with a licensed massage therapist. We are professionals at alleviating neck and back pain in the Atlanta workplace.

Prenatal Massage as Baby Shower Gift

August 21, 2016posted by Massage Heights

The baby shower is an important tradition that marks key milestones in women’s lives: motherhood and welcoming a newborn. It serves a social function because the event brings family and friends together. In a sense, it also serves an economic function because it gives well-wishers an opportunity to support new parents by gifting them with products or services mostly for the infant. There is so much to choose from when it comes to baby shower presents. Massage Heights Atlanta offers a few tips to inspire your quest for the perfect baby shower gift.

Baby Movement Monitor

Give the gift of peace of mind. New parents have an overwhelming urge to keep a close watch on their newborns, losing sleep in the process. A baby monitor alerts parents of possible problems. Some monitors detect changes in the baby’s breathing patterns while others sense motion. These monitors may be set up to deliver alerts to a receiver unit so that you can sleep more peacefully, knowing that you have a monitor in place.

Professional Cleaning Services

Give a gift of professional housecleaning services to a new mother and you will have a friend for life. Babies require constant attention, and much of the regular housework is left by the wayside during this hectic time. Access to professional cleaning services ensures that the house is clean, orderly and safe for a newborn while relieving Mom of a huge burden when she needs it most.

Respite Service

Give the gift of rest and respite care. Lack of sleep is one of the top issues faced by parents with newborns. Introduce the services of respite care providers by gifting mom with the services of a night-duty nanny or a post-partum doula a few nights a week. This will allow mom to catch up on her zzzs and recharge herself.

Newborn Photography Sessions

Give the gift of sweet remembrances. Babies grow and change so fast that it is almost negligent not to capture their special moments and preserve said moments for posterity. Schedule a session with a professional photographer who specializes in infant photography. Mothers and their families will appreciate the non-traditional gift that will be around for eternity.

Massage Experience

Give a gift just for Mom to let her know that she deserves some pampering during this special time. Baby showers typically focus on the baby’s needs, and Mom plays second fiddle even if she bears most of the baby-caring tasks. Make her feel truly special with a massage package that covers the entire first year of the baby’s life. Lobby your friends for a group gift so that you can get Mom a gift card that covers one massage session for each month during the baby’s first year.

This gift will earn her eternal gratitude as it is a thoughtful baby shower gift. Prenatal Massage has proven beneficial in reducing anxiety, managing depressive symptoms, relieving muscle and joint pains and improving the chances for a healthy delivery. Studies show that massage aids in the reduction of pain in the back, sciatic nerves and joints. It helps with hormone regulation, improvement of circulation and reduction of swelling. Massage helps Mom to relax and de-stress especially after a stressful birth experience. Postpartum massage enhances deep relaxation while also helping with pelvic repositioning and improvement of muscle tone in the abdominal area. New mothers will appreciate such a positive gift as they recover from childbirth, face new tasks as a mother and transition to a new routine.

The Prenatal Massage/Postpartum Massage package for Mom is a real winner. Call Massage Heights Atlanta for more information about this option.

Hermes Running Events and Pre-Post Massage

August 19, 2016posted by Massage Heights

How Massage Can Help a Runner's Performance & Recovery

When it comes to running, Hermes Road Racing in Ohio offers challenging races to residents. There are 150 road races throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio from 5K races to half marathons. Dedicated runners can take part in longer races including the Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler race and the River Run Half Marathon.

Training & participating in these events can lead to aches, pains, and injuries. That is where a professional Massage Therapist can help. A soothing Sports Massage helps you recover after participating in a difficult race or a vigorous training run.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a type of massage that is specifically tailored to treat sports related injury or help improve athletic performance pre or post event. It has been used to treat stiffness, soreness, and injuries related to sports training and performance since ancient Greek times. Whatever your sport, a massage helps to treat common pains and joint stiffness associated with sports injuries. Furthermore, massage can help prevent an injury from occurring. Massage Therapy helps to increase the flow of blood to the muscles, lessen swelling and relax muscle tension.

Pre-Race Massage

Runners can benefit from getting a massage before a race as well as after. A good pre-race massage can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. For those looking to optimize performance and go for that personal best, a Sports Massage can help you achieve success. Professional athletes often use massage to give them a physical and psychological advantage. Sports Massage also uses dynamic stretching that allows the athlete to get the full range of motion of connective tissue and help reduce the chances of injury.

Post-Race Massage

When you participate in a long distance race, you are going working muscles and tendons to the maximum degree. Sports Massage can help reduce swelling & alleviate some of the symptoms associated with grueling races or training sessions. A recent study showed that calf muscle inflammation could continue for up to two weeks after a marathon ends. Sports Massage can help repair muscles and ease post-event symptoms.

Runners can take advantage of professional Massage Therapy to help their body to recover more quickly. 

At Massage Heights, runners get the best Sports Massage offered in Cleveland, Ohio. Massage Heights Cleveland has three Retreat locations in Crocker Park, Strongsville, and Westgate. Our licensed Massage Therapists provide superior massages seven days a week. If you are training for a marathon or just participated in one of these events, see us to get a Sports Massage.

Benefits of Massage for Computer-Related Neck and Back Pain

August 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Whether you call them overuse injuries, cumulative trauma disorders or repetitive strain injuries, these disorders of the musculoskeletal tissues have at least one thing in common: They hurt. While they can affect various parts of the body and be blamed on a wide range of activities, musculoskeletal issues that cause backaches, neck pain and headaches are often the results of computer use. Fortunately, massage offers a safe, natural way to fight back against computer-related aches.

The Problem With User-Friendly

Computers make it easy to get a lot done, but their user-friendly nature has a serious downside. "The problem is that people using computers are transfixed on the work they are doing," explains Dr. Alan Hedge, Cornell University's director of ergonomic research. When the typewriter was the go-to tool in the office, carriage returns, inserting new paper and other similar chores created inevitable interruptions in the workflow that forced workers to move around. Since today's computers have eliminated those mandatory breaks, it is very easy for computer users to get wrapped up in their work and remain in the same position for extended periods.

Unfortunately, sitting in front of the computer in the same position for 20 minutes or longer can gradually decrease the flexibility of tendons and ligaments. This makes you more vulnerable to back pain, and poor posture can make a bad situation worse. Slouching, slumping over the keyboard, ducking your head to see the screen, dangling your feet, and placing the phone between your neck and shoulder are bad habits that put additional stress on the musculoskeletal system. Too often, the result is a stiff neck, an aching back or throbbing temples.

The Benefits of Massage

Over time, repetitive motions and muscle weakness can result in muscle strains and tears. This opens the door to inflammation, which contributes to a painful cascade of stiffness, localized discomfort and muscle spasms. Massage can help break this cycle. Doctors often suggest that patients with backaches, neck pain or headaches explore the benefits of massage therapy because they understand that massage can reduce discomfort, ease muscle tension and improve range of motion. Studies have offered evidence that massage can be useful in treating an assortment of health issues, including:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Digestive issues
  • Anxiety and insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome

When it comes to massage, there are several styles. Some people find relief with Swedish Massage, a gentle technique that relaxes and energizes with a mix of long strokes, kneading, tapping and deep circular motions. Others prefer the slower, penetrating strokes of deep-tissue massage, which soothes pain and promotes healing by targeting the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle; and it promotes pain relief with slow, deep, strokes. By doing so, these strokes reach much deeper muscle and tissue. The Deep Tissue Massage is quite similar to the style of Swedish Massage, however, involves considerably more pressure to eradicate any troubling muscle tension. This type of massage is quite therapeutic and the best for the stiff spots or knots in your body.

Computer-related backaches, neck pain, and headaches can interfere with your ability to live life the way that you want to, but you don't have to let them. If you live or work in the Cleveland area, don't wait. Contact Massage Heights Cleveland today to schedule your massage.

Honoring Our Heroes In Blue – Free Massage For DFW Law Enforcement Personnel At Massage Heights

July 21, 2016posted by Massage Heights

On July 8, our city experienced one of the worst tragedies in United States history. Our brave heroes in blue – the Dallas Police Department – were ambushed. Five officers died and nine were wounded, and we mourn the officers and first-responders we lost that day.

When shots were fired, everyone panicked – everyone except our brave men and women in blue. Despite this confusion and chaos, our officers did not run for cover. Instead, they immediately ran into the line of fire, protecting people, providing them cover, safety – and comfort.

They saved countless lives that day – and every day. Every single day, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect us. It’s a high-stress, selfless job that often goes un-thanked.

Massage Heights proudly stands behind our heroes in blue and as a small token of our appreciation for everything they do, we are offering free one-hour massages to all Dallas-Fort Worth law enforcement personnel from now until July 28. To schedule, simply visit and find the location nearest you.

The Benefits of Massage for Hikers in Cleveland

June 29, 2016posted by Massage Heights

If you're looking for a new adventure that will get the whole family outdoors, consider one of the many hiking trails Northeast Ohio has to offer. You can even make it a challenge to explore all of the hiking trails in the Cleveland area.

Whether you prefer paved paths or gravel trails, Cleveland parks allow visitors to break away from their day-to-day lives and experience nature as it was meant to be. Each trail has something unique and exciting to offer. 

To help get you started, this list contains a few of the most well-known trails in the northeast Ohio region. 

  • Blue Hen Falls: This short, 1.6-mile trail leads to the waterfall and is an easy hike for all skill levels.
  • Ledges Trail: Ledges Trails is a 2.7-mile loop located near Peninsula, Ohio. This path is perfect for any skill level, but it stays quite busy.
  • Standford House to Brandywine Falls: This is a 2.6-mile point-to-point trail located near Northfield, Ohio. It features a beautiful waterfall and is suited for moderate-level hikers.
  • Deer Lick Cave: This 3.9-mile loop trail is located on the Brecksville Reservation near the river. It is suitable for moderate-lever hikers.
  • Squire's Castle at North Chagrin: This is another loop trail, though it is much shorter than the rest at only 2.2 miles. The path is lined on both sides with patches of vibrant wildflowers, which makes it perfect for a photography expedition. It is located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and rated for moderate-level hikers.

Being out in the trails is a rewarding and refreshing experience, but the exercise from making these hikes may leave your muscles aching or your joints creaking. Soaking in the bath and wearing a heating pad might work to take the edge off of your soreness, but these home remedies might not be enough to get you back to normal. 

Sure, you can stay off the trails and rest, but who wants to do that? There are better options that will help you stay in hiking shape for decades to come. 

First, it's important to make sure you are nourishing your body properly before and after hiking. Eating quality proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, in addition to drinking plenty of water, will help your muscle tissues rebuild faster, which means you can be back on the trail in no time.

To stay in top shape, you should also get regular massages from a professional massage therapist with a physical therapy background. Sports and Deep Tissue Massages are the most beneficial type of massage. 

Sports massage focuses on individual areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movements. It can target muscle-tendon junctions, reduce fatigue and improve flexibility. 

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layers and tendons to help release chronic tension and soreness. It also improves circulation and increase blood oxygen levels.

To stay in peak hiking shape, call Massage Heights Cleveland to schedule a massage and get back out on the trail. 

A Perfect Wedding Gift For A Couple

June 29, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Summer is a popular time of the year for brides to plan their weddings. As the flowers are in full bloom, love is in the air. Since the temperatures in Atlanta are warm, this is the ideal season for outdoor events. Unfortunately, making all the arrangements can be stressful, especially since it is necessary to pay attention to all the small details. To create a fantasy wedding, it is necessary to find the right gown, pick out the perfect theme, and decorate the venue. To help shoulder the burdens of the situation, there are a few gifts an engaged couple will appreciate.


Pampering a bride with a spa treatment, including a facial, is always a thoughtful idea. It is a great way to highlight the natural glow of happiness that comes from a bride. The experts at Bridal Guide recommend scheduling a series of facials throughout the months before the nuptials. This ensures a bride's skin will appear perfect for her big day.


When a couple enjoys traveling and experiencing new places, giving a personalized travel map is a unique and useful gift. It is a tangible way to record trips they have taken together and destinations they plan to visit down the line. Whether the map is hung on the wall or tucked away in a safe place, it is a way to document memories and future dreams.


When a couple is busy planning a wedding, it is easy to forget to set aside time for a special evening together. Filling a basket with items that create a fun date night will work well. For instance, assembling a blanket, candy, and popcorn makes it easy to enjoy an entertaining night at home.


If a couple appreciates culture and art, giving a membership to a local art or history museum is a practical idea. It offers the duo somewhere interesting to go and provides them with an opportunity to experience the newest exhibits.


Since wedding plans cause a great deal of stress, it can take a negative toll on a bride-to-be and her groom. Their overall health may suffer. To uplift their minds and bodies, a couple's massage may be a smart present. Receiving a professional massage can alleviate much of the mental and physical tensions that have accumulated. It can make the planning stages much more bearable. Scientific studies have proven the benefits of massage exceed feelings of relaxation. They allow the body to recharge and regain health.

A Couple's Massage is a bonding activity between two people. It offers rejuvenation to a bride and her future groom. During a Couple's Massage, two people receive treatments simultaneously from separate massage therapists. To keep things comfortable, the pair can remain close and converse throughout the activity. For a person who is new to the world of massage, it is a relief to have a loved one share the experience. A Couple's Massage is a great tool that helps romantic partners or friends spend quality time together and become spiritually closer. To purchase a massage gift card, call Massage Heights Atlanta.

Five Best Father’s Day Gifts in Atlanta

June 14, 2016posted by Massage Heights

No matter what they tell you, even the toughest dads like to be pampered from time to time. This year, why not make Father’s Day all about your dad by giving him a gift that he can enjoy long after the family brunch is over? Whether he’s a busy businessman, a lifelong music fan or an avid TV buff, the curated gift guide below has something special for every type of dad – all at prices you can afford.

1. Cocoon Grid-It Organizer Pack for the Dad on the Go

If your dad is always on the move, he needs a versatile organizer that can keep up with his hectic lifestyle. Surprisingly small in size, Cocoon’s portable Grid-It organization system delivers a powerful punch against clutter. Made up of four individual carriers, including a convenient car visor attachment and a tiny pack dad can slip into his pocket, it takes the hard work out of staying organized on the road. From electronic gadgets to office supplies to toiletries, whatever is on his packing list, Grid-It has him covered.

2. Massage Therapy for the Dad With Too Much Stress

Whether he has a demanding job or a busy home life, your dad needs a break from draining everyday stress. A health-boosting massage session is the best prescription; helping to relieve stress, stimulate blood flow, reduce pain, relax the mind and remove the buildup of toxins. Single sessions are ideal for a quick pick-me-up and for a limited time, Massage Heights in Atlanta are offering free elevation upgrades with the purchase of a gift card.

3. Roku 3 for the Dad Who Loves TV

If television is your dad’s favorite guilty pleasure, you can’t go wrong with Roku 3. Home to 3,000 channels, this tiny gadget is a one-way ticket to endless hours of on-demand entertainment streamed at lightning-fast speeds. For bonus points, tack on a gift subscription to Netflix. One of Roku's most watched channels and the biggest name in streaming services, Netflix hosts a massive library of movies, shows and award-winning original programs that can’t be found anywhere else.

4. Sennheiser Momentum Headphones for the Dad Who Never Misses a Beat

In case the sleek packaging in high-gloss shades of red and black doesn't give it away, Sennheiser's Momentum buds aren't your run-of-the-mill headphones. Crafted out of high-quality stainless steel, they use state-of-the-art technology to produce balanced and crisp sound without a hint of distortion. On the outside, the adjustable ergonomic buds mold to the ear for a seamless, soft fit, so dad can listen to his favorite tunes in complete comfort.

5. Philips Norelco Trimmer 9100 for the Dad Who Takes His Beard Seriously

Dads who take pride in styling their facial hair just right need grooming supplies that go beyond the basics. Featuring 17 length settings and a revolutionary laser guide, Philips's Norelco Trimmer 9100 is the ultimate tool for achieving perfect precision. Another big plus is its hassle-free design. Self-sharpening blades, fully washable parts and rechargeable batteries make morning maintenance a breeze, giving dad more time to enjoy every day to the fullest.

Benefits of Massage For Computer Related Neck, Back & Headaches In Atlanta

June 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Benefits of massage for Computer related Neck, Back & Headaches in Atlanta

They're everywhere. Computers are an integral part of the way we work and play today. They allow us to enjoy immense productivity, explore new topics with a few clicks and amuse ourselves with an almost infinite assortment of games. Unfortunately, they can also do a number on our bodies, triggering backaches, neck pain and headaches. Thankfully, massage offers a natural, drug-free way to combat those discomforts.

The Modern Offices

When asked to name a dangerous place, few would say an office, but numerous people do suffer work-related injuries because of their activities there. "The problem is that people using computers are transfixed on the work they're doing," says Dr. Alan Hedge, the director of ergonomic research at Cornell University. Using a typewriter means periodically dealing with carriage returns, inserting new paper and other tasks that break the workflow. Using a computer does not, so it is easy for hardworking computer users to remain in the same position for too long.

Sitting in any position for periods exceeding 20 minutes can gradually reduce the flexibility of tendons and ligaments, setting the stage for back or neck pain. Sitting with poor posture only aggravates the situation. Slumping, bending your head to see the computer screen, leaning to reach the keyboard, allowing your feet to dangle, and tucking your phone between your neck and shoulder while working all compromise your posture, leaving you more vulnerable to musculoskeletal problems.

Studies have shown that massage helps relieve pain related to the muscle strain.

The Benefits of Massage

Whether it's a result of repetitive motions or muscle weakness, the root cause of back and neck pain is often a muscle strain or tear. As a result of the injury, inflammation sets in, triggering pain, stiffness and muscle spasms. Doctors often urge patients with back or neck pain to explore the benefits of massage therapy. That's because massage is known to reduce pain and muscle tension and to improve range of motion. In fact, Mayo Clinic suggest that massage can help with a wide range of health issues, including:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Anxiety and insomnia
  • Sports injuries and other soft tissue injuries
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Temporomandibular joint pain

There are several styles of massage, so you can choose the one that best treats your pain. For example, Swedish massage is a gentle technique that combines long strokes with deep circular motions, kneading and tapping to both relax and energize. Sports massage use similar movements, but it is designed to prevent or treat injuries in those who enjoy athletic activities. In contrast, deep tissue massage utilizes slower, penetrating strokes to reach the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to soothe pain and promote healing in damaged tissues.

Why live with pain? If you live in or around Atlanta and are tired of dealing with backaches, neck pain and headaches brought on by computer use, contact us today to schedule your massage.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Hikers in Atlanta

April 27, 2016posted by Massage Heights

It may come as a surprise to some that just about an hour away from the busy metropolis of Atlanta, home to a vast number of high-rise buildings and more than six million people, there are stunning hiking and mountain trails. A Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage from Massage Heights in Atlanta can play an important part in keeping you on the hiking trail.

Georgia is home to a variety of gorgeous mountain paths that offer spectacular views of the state's breathtaking fields, lakes, and forests. Of particular note are Stone Mountain and the Monadnock mountains of Arabia and Panola. Georgia is also home to nearly 80 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and this part of the trail features many summits that reach towering elevations of 4,000 feet or more.

As fun and interesting as hiking through Georgia mountain trails can be, it's quite a strain on your muscles and joints. There are many ways to reduce pain, aches, inflammation and injury. The right equipment, eating protein packed foods and staying hydrated all help. However, even the most experienced hiker is liable to face quite a bit of soreness after a full day on the trail.

Hiking in Georgia can be particularly hard because of the steep and uneven terrain. Knee and ankle joints are worked hard, and strain is put on muscles that aren't normally required for walking or even running. Shoulder and neck muscles can also become stressed due to the need to carry a weighted pack. The limited range of motion from the weight of supplies can further add to muscle strain.

A relaxing massage can be beneficial after a hard day on the trails; it can help reduce pain as well as the risk of repetitive stress injuries. With the aid of a professional Massage Therapist and a Sports Massage or a Deep Tissue Massage, you can be feeling better and back on the trail much sooner.

Sports Massage focuses on areas that take the most abuse, so you can have a professional Massage Therapist focus on your trouble areas. These massages involve methods like trigger point therapy, used to relieve knots, and Swedish Massage, which helps to increase blood flow to targeted areas. Increased blood flow results in fresh oxygen and nutrients being delivered to tissue while waste products are eliminated.

You also have the option of a Deep Tissue Massage, which is similar to a Swedish massage but uses greater pressure to help eliminate muscle tension. These massages focus on working the deepest layers of tendons and muscle tissue as well as the fascia, which is the connective tissue surrounding muscles. Along with helping to relieve muscle pain, these types of massages have been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress hormone levels.

Whether you've just returned from a hiking trip in the Georgia mountains or plan on taking one, Massage Heights can help speed your recovery. Call any of our six retreat locations in the Atlanta area to schedule a relaxing massage that will soothe your aches and pains and get you back on the trail.

How Facial Massage Can Help Cleveland Allergy Sufferers

April 27, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Text: how facial Massage can help Cleveland Allergy Sufferers Allergies can be paralyzing. Indoor/outdoor allergies can strike any time the wind blows during the spring and summer. Indoor pollutants can also cause discomfort all year long. A Facial Massage from Massage Heights in Cleveland can be an effective way to manage symptoms by reducing stress and allowing facial muscles to relax. What are Allergy Symptoms?

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports the main irritants that cause allergic reactions as grasses, tree pollen and dust. Symptoms may include some or all of the following.

  • Runny nose
  • Sinus headache
  • Bronchial congestion
  • Itchy, reddened eyes

What Causes Allergies?

Allergens cause allergic reactions. Pollen allergies, or hay fever, are most common in areas with many kinds of flowers and trees. Cleveland has many pollen-producing trees, flowers, and vegetation. All of that pollen contains allergens that can make life miserable for an allergy sufferer. The main allergy triggers in northeastern Ohio are poplar, oak and birch trees. Although flowering trees would seem to be a likely suspect for spreading more than their share of annoying allergens, that isn't always the case. The pollen from those trees is larger, stickier and heavier. It doesn't get blown around by the wind and is, therefore, less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

What Makes the Symptoms Worsen?

Allergic symptoms can be made worse in a few different ways.

  • Warm weather means higher pollen counts. On drier days, the pollen is lighter, so winds gather and scatter more of it.
  • If you have a trigger tree or trigger grass in your yard, you're far more likely to suffer. You can be exposed to 10 times more pollen than people who don't have a tree in their yard.
  • Your symptoms can be exacerbated by some vegetables and fruits depending on what allergy you have. If you are allergic to birch trees, you might also have an allergy to apples, almonds, celery or carrots. Eating them might cause swelling or itchiness around your mouth.

How Can a Facial Massage Help Relieve Allergic Distress?

A Facial Massage in Cleveland is a great place to start. The Massage Therapist wraps a warm towel over your face to encourage your muscles to loosen. The massage contains gentle stroking from the sides to the center of the forehead, massaging the bridge of the nose and the nostrils as well as the cheek and eye areas.

As the massage relaxes you, your blood supply and lymphatic drainage increase, helping to clear your sinuses. A Facial Massage can also help reduce the stress experienced by the onset of allergic symptoms.

Let us help you manage your allergies more effectively. Call your nearest Massage Heights Retreat in Cleveland to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Massage in Atlanta

April 20, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Massage Therapy is sometimes considered a luxury. In reality, the therapeutic effects have been well researched by mainstream medicine. Many studies indicate that putting yourself on a regular massage regimen may have real, lasting health benefits. When experts from traditional establishments like the Mayo Clinic praise massage for pain management and stress reduction, it's time to realize that receiving a massage is not just a luxury. In fact, it can play an active role in keeping you healthy. The Massage Therapists at Massage Heights in Atlanta will get to know you and your body, shepherding you through your journey to wellness.

Complementing Cancer Treatment

In 2004, the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center worked on a study that focused on the ability of Massage Therapy to alleviate the stress and symptoms of cancer patients. Their findings indicated that massage did, in fact, help provide relief for these people. The study showed just how beneficial massage can be for those who need it most. When you're suffering from cancer and the stakes are high, setting up a regular massage regimen can help you to feel better, which will support your general recovery.

Massage to Help Relieve Chronic Pain

When it comes to inflammation, studies have also indicated that massage works to medicate your body in a natural way. The Buck Institute for Research on Aging launched a study into the ability of massage to alleviate inflammation. They concluded that regular Massage Therapy can help relieve chronic pain.

Massage and Managing Migraines

Anyone who suffers from migraines knows just how debilitating they can be. A study from the University of Auckland reported that their migraine patients experienced a better quality of sleep—and fewer migraines—after receiving regular Massage Therapy. Since some headaches can be triggered by tension in the body, it makes sense that massage would help people to conquer these conditions.

Helping to Ease PMS

For some women, premenstrual symptoms can be difficult to endure. Luckily, there is a natural way to seek relief. A study from the Touch Research Institute and University of Miami Medical School indicated that massage can also offer hope for women who are suffering from PMS. A regular massage regimen was shown to reduce symptoms in women who were between the ages of 19 and 45.

Massage Heights in Atlanta

Make regular Massage Therapy part of your ongoing health and wellness plan. Contact any one of our six Massage Heights Retreats in Atlanta to schedule an appointment today

Benefits of Massage After Water Sports

April 20, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Hot summer temperatures are right around the corner, and Cleveland, Ohio area residents aren't going to waste any time getting out to Lake Erie to enjoy all of the fabulous water activities and other fun outdoor offerings. Recover faster and enjoy activities longer with a Sports Massage from Massage Heights in Cleveland.

Enjoy Lake Erie

As the thirteenth largest lake in the world, Lake Erie is a popular location with a wealth of amazing activities. The lake is perfect for both family time and keeping in shape while having a great time.

Thanks to the area's many lakes, rivers and accessible shorelines along Lake Erie, boating is a popular pastime. You can spend your leisure time enjoying kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding or power-boating. Fishing enthusiasts may haul in some excellent trout, salmon, walleye, steelhead, bass and perch.

You may also like to try your hand at something a little more extreme like kite-boarding. This new sport involves wave surfing on the lake as you are pulled along by the wind that propels your horseshoe-shaped kite through the air. When the winds are high, this sport can get fast and furious. Swimming, parks with playground equipment and an abundance of nature trails are also available for family fun.

Don't Let Aches and Pains Slow You Down

While you could easily spend all of your free time enjoying Lake Erie, the strenuous nature of many of these activities may leave you feeling sore with achy muscles and swollen joints after a long winter. Don't give up your fun to avoid these pains. It's possible to continue enjoying the lake on a regular basis without ending up sore and miserable.

You can start by staying hydrated and giving your body plenty of high-quality proteins, good fats, and complex carbohydrates. This will ease your aches and pains and work to repair any damage. However, you can do even more for yourself by taking advantage massages that are designed to ease the soreness of repetitive-stress injuries.

Sports Massage

This massage serves to help relieve your pain and aid in healing any injury you received as a result of your sporting activity. It also includes stretching techniques that will help you stay free of injury during future activity. The massage session includes long strokes to flush out the toxins that causes soreness in the muscles and joints..

Deep Tissue Massage

If your muscles have been damaged due to your strenuous activities, then this is the massage for you. Your Massage Therapist will target the deeper layers of your muscles and the surrounding connective tissue to aid in healing and pain relief. Deep relaxation is a wonderful extra bonus of this massage.

Make Your Appointment Today

Our professional, licensed Massage Therapists are here to help you leave your pain behind. Contact any one of our three Massage Heights Retreat locations in Cleveland for an appointment today. We'll have you feeling great and back out on the lake in no time at all.

Facial Massage In Atlanta Helps Relieve Allergic Reactions Naturally

April 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

It has been said that Atlanta, GA, is a "city in the forest." Atlanta has more trees than almost any other city in the U.S. Up to 36 percent of Greater Atlanta is taken up by trees. Atlanta's beautiful trees add much appeal to this modern and cosmopolitan city. Although most Atlanta residents cherish their trees, a smaller but still significant portion of the population are brought to their knees every spring. A Facial Massage in Atlanta from your local Massage Heights Retreat will help offer some relief from the symptoms.

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If so, you may be at the end of your rope. Sneezing, stuffed up nasal passages, itching, sinus problems, red, puffy, watery eyes, and headaches are something that those with allergies must deal with, sometimes every day.

What Are Allergies and Why Do I Have Them?

A common misconception about allergies is that they are primarily caused by spring trees. Those with blooming flowers like apple trees and cherry trees. However, flowering trees are not to always to blame for allergic reactions. The pollen they emit is often stickier, bigger, and too heavy to float around in the air where it could be inhaled.

Pollen is most likely to trigger allergic reactions on days that are windy and warm. Chilly and wet days typically have lower pollen counts. On warm and windy days, the wind blows the pollen into the air where it can then be inhaled.

Trigger trees on your property or close to your home can bring on allergy attacks or make existing allergic reactions even worse.

Vegetables and fruit from trees you are allergic to can also trigger allergies. If you are allergic to birch trees, you might also find yourself allergic to celery, apples, carrots or almonds. Allergic reactions to these foods can leave you with a swollen mouth, a puffy face and generalized itchiness.

How Does a Facial Massage Help?

You might be surprised to learn that facial massage can relieve allergic reactions. It can also reduce stress and help you to manage allergy attacks. It is also an effective way to treat allergic reactions that cause sinus congestion.

A soothing, warm towel is placed around the face to relax facial muscles. Gentle massage strokes go from the outside of the forehead toward the middle of the forehead. The bridge of the nose, the nostrils, the cheeks and the area around the eyes are then gently massaged. Facial massage increases the flow of blood to the face. The increased supply of blood encourages lymphatic drainage. This, in turn, helps to clear blocked sinuses.

Do you want to get rid of allergy symptoms naturally and reduce the stress of allergic reactions in your life? Schedule a Facial Massage at one of the six Massage Heights Retreats in Atlanta. You will be amazed to discover just how effective Facial Massage can be when it comes to relieving allergy symptoms. Call now!

Realizing Better Health With Massage Therapy

April 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Indulging in a massage may have once been considered nothing more than a relaxing luxury. That's certainly no longer all there is to it. Healthcare studies and clinical trials have been conducted in hospitals and at universities around the world proving that Massage Therapy has the potential to improve a wide variety of health issues. The health benefits of Massage Therapy are incredibly far-reaching and here in Cleveland, we have three Massage Heights Retreats ready to help you.

Stress and Chronic Pain

Dr. Brent Bauer with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, reported that the proven medical benefits of Massage Therapy play a significant role in how he treats his patients. He utilizes massage for stress reduction in his patients to improve their immune system, promote healing and speed up the recovery process. He also looks to Massage Therapy for his post-op patients, and this serves to significantly reduce their pain and anxiety during the recovery period.

Side-Effects Associated with Cancer Treatment

Massage may not have the ability to cure cancer, but it can address many of the problematic side-effects that are associated with the often harsh treatments and medications used to fight cancer. According to doctors from New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, clinical trials have shown a reduction of pain, moodiness and fatigue in cancer patients who have had Massage Therapy throughout their course of chemotherapy. Other studies showed that massage reduced various complications in patients undergoing a bone-marrow transplant, and those patients with advanced cancers were able to sleep better and suffer less depression when massage was incorporated into their treatment.

Migraine Headaches

Those who suffer from migraine headaches know that it can be crippling when a migraine strikes with severe pain and intense nausea, but New Zealand doctors from the University of Auckland are using Massage Therapy to help their patients through their worst migraine headaches. Patients who utilized a program of Massage Therapy on a regular basis for several weeks experienced fewer migraines that were far less intense than before massage was implemented into their treatment plan.


This most common form of arthritis affects millions of people from all around the world, and it can cause severe pain in many areas of your body such as the knees, hips, hands and spine. According to the Arthritis Foundation, those suffering from arthritis in these areas have experienced great improvements from regular weekly Massage Therapy.

Feel Better with Massage Therapy Today

Contact any of our three Massage Heights Retreats in Cleveland to make an appointment with your local, Licensed Massage Therapist. Call today, and you'll soon be on your way to a healthier, happier life.

Why You Should Consider Massage Membership

March 29, 2016posted by Massage Heights

From reducing stress and reducing muscle soreness to providing relief from chronic pain, a massage membership may be just what you need. Massage Therapy is a natural treatment for a host of common issues. It’s more than just a way to pamper ourselves; it offers a drug-free alternative to everyday pain and chronic ailments.

Massage for Chronic Pain

Many of us suffer from chronic pain. Ongoing pain can be traced to sources ranging from past injuries to countless medical issues. Regardless of the reason for lower back pain and other types of pain, Massage Therapy helps alleviate the discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Better Health Through Massage Therapy

Studies have even pointed to Massage Therapy as an immune-system booster. By strengthening your immune system, regular massage can help you ward off colds and other illness all year round. If you do catch a cold or virus, your body may experience milder symptoms and a shorter duration of illness.

Deep Relaxation

We've all heard about the effects of stress on the body. It can cause insomnia, muscle tension, weight gain and even poor health. Massage combats these unpleasant side effects through stress reduction and prevention. Massage Therapy helps us achieve a deeper level of sleep and enjoy a more relaxed state of mind.

Beyond Indulgence

Seeing a Massage Therapist regularly is more than just a healthy indulgence. Too often, stress becomes such a part of our daily lives that we accept it as something over which we have little or no power. Developing a regular massage routine helps us reclaim a sense of well-being and enjoy improved health in our body and mind. Just as importantly, booking regular Massage Therapy encourages you to carve out a little "me" time in your schedule.

Customized Options

Through our membership program, you can select the services that you want. Besides choosing the type of massage or facial that suits your needs, you can adjust your therapy times to fit your schedule. You'll receive discounts on other services, and any unused time can even be rolled over into the next month.

Call a Massage Heights Retreat in the Cleveland area today to start living healthier and feeling your best!

Why Laughter is a Great Cure for Stress

March 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

You've probably heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine. Many times, old sayings last through the ages because they're true. In fact, recent studies support this age-old claim, especially when it comes to fighting stress.

Steve Wilson, M.A., CSP, a speech psychologist and laugh therapist, believes that people who laugh more are likely to be healthier. It's unclear what role having a sense of humor and maintaining a positive attitude may play, but you physically change when you laugh. You breathe faster, which pumps more oxygen into your organs and tissues. Muscles in the face and body stretch as well. Even your metabolism is stimulated. Laughter burns about 50 calories in 10 to 15 minutes.

Studies have shown that people who watch dramas get tense, but the blood vessels of those who watch comedies expand and contract normally. Laughter reduces stress and increases the number of infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells. It also lowers blood sugar levels.

Older adults benefit even more from laughter. It improves their memory and reduces the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone. Another researcher reported that laughter even protects against heart disease. In some ways, laughter is as beneficial as exercising, and it improves your overall quality of life.

Evidence shows that laughter and Massage Therapy have similar stress-fighting benefits. However, massage also reduces stress hormones while it relaxes and rejuvenates you. A one-hour massage helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome and heart problems. It also has the following benefits.

• Increased range of motion

• Lower blood pressure

• Improved blood circulation and lymph flow

• Strengthened immune system

• Extra flexibility

• Asthma and pain relief

• Better athletic performance

Give the nearest Massage Heights retreat in the Cleveland area a call to schedule an appointment. And, for a healthy dose of laughter, here are a few of Cleveland's many comedy clubs:

• Hilarities 4th Street Theater

2035 E 4th St, Cleveland, OH 44115

• Improv Comedy Club & Restaurant

1148 Main Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

• Bonkerz Comedy Club

1550 Chester Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115

Massage Therapy vs. Meditation

March 01, 2016posted by Massage Heights

We live in a stressful world, which is why it is so important for everyone to find ways to relax. While there are many relaxation techniques available, two of the most enticing options are Massage Therapy and meditation. Both of these relaxation methods encourage emotional restoration. However, it is important to understand the differences between each in order to select the right one at the right time.

Meditation is a tradition that encourages people to clear their minds for physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. There are different meditation techniques, some of which are more directed than others. Some meditation practices use certain poses or thought patterns to ease away distractions. Others may be more freeform, giving each person the ability to direct their experience. Over time, meditation can enable mental discipline and improve acuity with consistent practice and training.

While meditation does provide many benefits, it cannot provide the palpable effects of Massage Therapy. Massage involves manipulation of the body's soft tissue. This is performed by a licensed Massage Therapist who knows how to work the soft tissue to provide relief from daily tension and pain. A good Massage Therapist can target problem areas in the back, neck, legs or feet. This physical relief can be felt immediately, and the benefits can last long after the therapy is over.

Although Massage Therapy offers physical relief, its cumulative effect is much more dramatic. Many people experience emotional restoration as well, leaving with renewed vigor. Meditation can also provide cumulative effects, but many people do not connect with the spiritual implications involved with some forms of meditation. In this way, Massage Therapy is more accessible with immediate, consistent results to nurture the body and soul.

Fortunately, there are many opportunities for meditation throughout Cleveland such as the Cleveland Shambhala Meditation Center, which is a meditation and study center, and Insight Meditation of Cleveland, an open center to practice a specific type of meditation called vipassana.

For effective Massage Therapy, you should visit Massage Heights Cleveland. With targeted treatment and experienced consultants, Massage Heights Cleveland can be an excellent retreat from the stressors of daily life. Call now to discuss the possibilities with a consultant today.

Reduce Stress with Running

February 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Running is one of the key ways to reduce stress and promote relaxation. While meditation is often viewed as the main way to unwind mentally, physical exercise also helps. There are branches of meditation that encourage activities like running as a method of meditation. It can help boost your energy, release tension and slow the aging process while reducing your cholesterol levels and lowering your blood pressure.

Daily Goals

Unless you are ill, it is recommended that you exercise nearly every day. While moderate jogging and walking can fulfill the 30 minutes of daily exercise that you need, about half of your exercise time should be spent engaged in vigorous exercise. To achieve this, you can do a simple 10-minute warm-up walk followed by 15 minutes of running and 5 minutes of cooling down. For bone and muscle health, you will want to mix up your routine with some strength training.

Reducing Cortisol

Cortisol and adrenaline are two chemicals that are produced by your body when it is under stress. According to research by the Harvard Medical School, you can naturally lower your levels of cortisol by running. Additionally, working out helps to boost the endorphins in your brain. These endorphins are a type of chemical produced when you feel pleasure, so it provides you with a natural “runner's high”. When combined with the physical health benefits, the advantages of running on a daily basis can revitalize your life.

Runs in Atlanta

What better way to get started than with a fun run? Check out the Atlanta Dog Jog on April 23, 2016. It offers one-mile and 5K courses that can be completed with your dog. On the same day, the Atlanta Motor Speedway hosts the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run - an obstacle course event for women of all ages and athletic abilities.

To get the most out of each run, consider Sports Massage . Massage Therapy helps to loosen your muscles, prevent injuries and reduce lactic acid build up. It can be used for a run or afterward to improve your performance and recovery. To find out how massage can boost your running performance and enhance the relaxation benefits of running, contact Massage Heights Atlanta

Are Massage Chairs Effective?

February 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

Massage Therapy is an effective treatment for stress and sore muscles as well as chronic ailments, such as arthritis, asthma, depression, high blood pressure, and fatigue. However, can massage chairs be just as effective as massage performed by a Massage Therapist? There are benefits and limitations that you should carefully consider.

An electronic massage chair utilizes programmed vibrations to relax the body. Higher-end models sometimes incorporate airbag compressions, rollers, water or heat. These methods are good for treating stubborn areas of tension. Mechanical chairs are equipped with control settings that allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage.

While a massage chair allows you to focus on a certain part of the body, it has limitations on which areas of the body it can manipulate. Most machines limit the range to the neck and upper and lower back although some may massage the legs, arms, and head.

When you work with an actual Massage Therapist, you get a completely customized plan that treats your specific conditions. A therapist can employ various massage techniques as needed to address an assortment of ailments for different parts of the body. Treatments can vary over time or even within one session.

Another advantage of working with a therapist is that the body benefits from the power of physical touch from another human. Studies have shown that nurturing skin-to-skin contact is the best way to stimulate the nervous system and stress-reducing hormones.

Owning a good massage chair requires a hefty investment, they may require servicing and could eventually break down. If cost or time has been your deterrent to booking Massage Therapy, you’ll be glad to know that Massage Heights offers guests affordable prices and flexible options so that anyone can experience the rejuvenating benefits of a healthful therapeutic massage.

Whether you need to increase mobility in your tense muscles, relieve some stress, or rid your body of toxins, a Massage Heights consultant will work with you to design a customized treatment plan. Request a reservation or learn more about how you can get more out of your custom body and face services with our lifestyle programs for Massage Heights Members.

Reduce Stress Naturally. Enjoy These Atlanta Activities

February 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

An active city lifestyle can sometimes leave you with much stress. Dealing with heavy traffic peppered with plenty of honking and the regular demands of work and a hectic family life may lead to chronic stress, and that can make you sick with conditions that include high blood pressure and severe migraine headaches. The good news is that all you need to do to combat stress is to practice simple relaxation techniques, and you will not even need to rely on medications.

Take Time to Enjoy Area Activities

To combat stress, it's essential that you take time for yourself to have fun and unwind on a regular basis. Atlanta is filled with a huge selection of activities, attractions, events and services that are designed to inspire relaxation all year around. These are just a few that you might want to put on your schedule.

  • Relax With the Arts: Atlanta is serious about all of the performing arts, and the city consistently attracts top concerts, a variety of exhibitions and shows and touring Broadway acts. You may also enjoy the arts regularly at the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Ballet, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Alliance Theater. The High Museum of Art also has much to offer.
  • Alive Expo: Green living and natural products are the stars of this popular event that is scheduled for the weekend of April 16-17, at Atlanta's Cobb Galleria Center. Fun activities are planned for the entire family, and you can expect a relaxing day that includes healthy cooking demonstrations, food and wine tastings and interactive yoga demonstrations.
  • Indulge in Massage Therapy: Adding a weekly massage to your regular activities can easily rid your body of all of that unwanted stress. A professional massage can ease away the aches and pains of a long week, dissolve all of the tension and stress that you've built up, and leave your mind feeling calm. Because massage encourages your body to release feel-good endorphins along with adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine, you can expect to come away from your massage feeling exceptionally well.
  • Get Busy Relaxing Today

    You can get your weekly massage-therapy sessions started right away by making your appointment at Massage Heights today. There are several Atlanta locations to choose from, and a qualified consultant is available to answer all of your questions and concerns. 

    Music is Proven to Promote Relaxation

    February 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    An English author captured the essence of music’s ability to enthrall us when he said that “music hath powers to charm the savage breast.” Researchers now find scientific evidence of music’s influence on the brain, supporting this 300-year-old observation. Classical music can improve physiological functions by lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress hormones and reducing heart rate, according to psychologists.

    Understanding How Music Reduces Stress

    Scientific studies show that soothing music can diminish anxiety levels, lower heart rate and decrease blood pressure. Some researchers point to the rhythms of calm music as a key to its effects. Research shows that strong beats tend to stimulate brainwaves while slower tempos produce a calm and meditative state. As music affects brain waves, it changes the body’s responses. A slower heart rate helps activate the relaxation response, and lower blood pressure reduces the risk of heart problems. Relieving muscle tension benefits the whole body.

    Classical Music Events in Atlanta

    In the spring, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra presents the Shaw Choral Celebration with selections from the works of Mozart, Brahms and Mendelssohn at the elegant Atlanta Symphony Hall. Bailey Performance Center  hosts a free concert featuring Lester Walker on the trumpet. The Takacs Quartet appears at Spivey Hall, presenting Beethoven’s Razumovsky and Elgar’s Quintet for Piano and Strings. Callaway Gardens continues its tradition of celebrating Symphony on the Sand under the stars on Robin Lake Beach. This year’s event features a performance by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

    Enhancing a Massage with Classical Music

    Massage offers therapeutic relaxation that boosts health by improving circulation, relieving stress and making the overall quality of life better. An hour of Massage Therapy can create a sense of well-being and increase the production of endorphins that trigger positive feelings. Benefits to the body include relief from pain, improved range of motion and reduced anxiety among many other effects.

    Soothing music can enhance the massage experience by increasing relaxation and reducing stress. At Massage Heights, we offer our guests the opportunity to listen to overhead music while enjoying a massage. Scheduling an appointment at one of our Atlanta retreats for the first time introduces new guests to a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Regular Massage Therapy provides a delightful break from the stress of everyday life.

    Health Benefits of Sports Massage

    February 11, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Now that January has arrived, it's time to get moving and enjoy the beauty of this urban area. If you get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, you will not need more than a light jacket as you see the sights of the city without the summer's heat and humidity. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get active and lose weight, here are three great places to exercise outdoors in the Houston area:

    Terry Hershey Park

    Avid mountain-bike riders can’t seem to get enough of the Anthills in Terry Hershey Park. Even though it’s extremely muddy after the briefest shower, this easy path with plenty of small dips and broad curves is a fun course. If you prefer to walk or run, enjoy the 10 miles of lighted walking trails that this 500-acre urban park offers.

    George Bush Park

    The regulars at this urban park have casually divided the dual trails into two categories: one for walkers and runners and the other for the bike riders. If you’re pedaling your way to fitness this year, head down the Little Cambodia Trail. This one is famous for steep drops, sharp turns and all kinds of surprises! If you’re walking, jogging or running, stick with the Ho Chi Minh Trail for an equally challenging route.

    Memorial Park

    This park features 3.5 miles of fully paved paths for walkers, runners, bikers and rollerbladers. Although the paved surface makes the twisting paths a little easier for novice bikers, it can be a challenge to avoid the other fitness buffs who use this single route on a regular basis. Enjoying this area on foot is usually a safer choice.

    Don’t Let a Little Soreness Prevent You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals.

    If you’re really motivated to get in shape, be careful not to overdo it. Call Massage Heights Houston to book a therapeutic Sports Massage. This is a great way to reduce your aches and pains, speed your recovery time and enhance your overall performance!

    Deep Tissue Massage for Pain Relief

    February 09, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    When your usual Massage Therapy doesn't provide a sufficient amount of relief for your aching muscles, stiff neck, and sore back, add Deep Tissue Massage to your massage routine. The licensed Massage Therapists at a Massage Heights Cleveland can ease your pain.

    What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

    Deep Tissue Massage concentrates on slow movements with concentrated pressure to realign the deepest layers of muscle tissue. Injuries and prolonged periods of muscle tension create bands of stiff, painful tissue, known as adhesions, in your ligaments, tendons, and muscles that restrict your range of motion and circulation while causing pain and inflammation. Deep Tissue Massage helps to break down these adhesions to increase your flexibility, stimulate blood flow, and reduce pain levels.

    Communication is Key with a Deep Tissue Massage

    Before the session, discuss any trouble areas with your Massage Therapist. As the session progresses, she can adjust her technique to apply more or less pressure based on your input. Of course, always let her know if your pain level increases. Unlike other techniques, this type of massage utilizes the therapists elbow, forearm, or knuckles as your therapist applies a slow, steady pressure for the deepest level of penetration.

    Although the therapist will cover multiple body areas, the majority of the therapy is spent on your biggest trouble spots. Some guests enjoy a combined massage where the therapist only uses Deep Tissue Massage techniques on painful areas while utilizing a standard massage approach on the rest of their body. At Massage Heights Cleveland, your Massage Therapist can tailor each session to meet your needs and preferences.

    The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage provides many of the same benefits as a standard massage including stress reduction and increased blood flow. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, a natural pain-relieving agent and general feel-good chemical. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, a Deep Tissue Massage may provide a significant amount of relief:

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Muscle Spasms

    • Injuries from Accidents, Sports, or Repetitive Use

    • Chronic Pain

    • Limited Range of Motion

    For all-natural relief to your stubborn pain, call Massage Heights Cleveland for an appointment today!

    The Benefits and Techniques of Swedish Massage

    February 09, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Swedish massage is the most popular massage technique and it has loads of benefits. This is the massage technique most clients imagine when they first consider adding Massage Therapy to their lifestyle, and it provides the best choice for anyone who is new to Massage Therapy. If your muscles are stiff and sore or your mind is stressed and anxious, a relaxing Swedish Massage can help! In fact, Massage Therapy may be the first step on your personal road to health and wellness.

    Advantages of Swedish Massage

    When you make Swedish Massage a regular part of your routine, you’ll look and feel better than you have in years. Although you’ll notice increased energy levels and glowing skin almost immediately, this healthy treatment option also provides internal benefits including:

    • Relief for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
    • Loose, Relaxed Muscles and Joints
    • Balanced Moods and an Enhanced Sense of Well-Being
    • Increased Blood Flow and Circulation
    • More Efficient Lymphatic System
    • All-Natural Pain Relief
    • Improved Sleep Patterns

    The Swedish Massage Experience

    If you’re new to Massage Therapy, you may be curious about what is involved in a typical session. To start each appointment, you’ll meet with your personal Massage Therapist. She’ll talk to you for a few minutes to discuss your needs and whether you’d like to customize your session with any Massage Elevations like Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, or a Foot Scrub.

    As your Massage Therapist begins the session, your muscles will be kneaded in a rhythmic motion to release your stress, relax your muscles, and invigorate your entire body. Let your therapist know if you would like lighter or firmer pressure or if you have any questions. Each session is tailored to meet the individual client’s specific needs.

    Techniques of Swedish Massage

    Of course, you’d probably like to know exactly what the massage will feel like. Swedish Massage combines basic techniques to create a relaxing experience that provides exceptional health benefits. Your Massage Therapist may use these motions to ease the stress from your entire body:

    • Petrissage or Kneading
    • Tapotement or Rhythmic Tapping
    • Friction or Compression
    • Vibration or Gentle Shaking

    Whether you’re looking for a safe method to manage chronic pain, a gentle way to restore the healthy glow of youth, or a natural stress reliever, Swedish Massage can help. With several locations in the Atlanta area you’re sure to find a Retreat near you. Call today to schedule your appointment. With convenient appointment times and affordable rates, it’s our goal to make sure that everyone can fit a regular massage routine into their busy lifestyle.

    Improve Your Athletic Performance with Sports Massage

    February 06, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy a rejuvenating Sports Massage! At any point in your game, a therapeutic Sports Massage from Massage Heights can help improve your performance, increase your conditioning, and heal sore muscles. We have 3 locations in the Cleveland area to serve you.

    Anyone who makes a habit of playing hard can benefit from both pre- and post-event Sports Massage in addition to regular treatments during periods of practice or training. The licensed Massage Therapists at Massage Heights Cleveland have been trained to understand the human body including muscle structure and body mechanics to combine the most appropriate techniques from Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, and other techniques to prevent and alleviate strained, tight, and sore muscles.

    The Pre-Event Sports Massage

    Just like any other warm-up routine, pre-event Sports Massage can help you prepare for a safe, injury-free day whether you’re playing golf, competing in the Cleveland Triathlon , or hitting the basketball court. For the best results, Sports Massage should take place a few hours prior to activity as part of a complete warm-up. The benefits include:

    • Reduced chances of an injury

    • Improved performance

    • Increased endurance

    • Improved blood flow and circulation

    • Reduced performance anxiety

    The Post-Event Sports Massage

    Unlike the quick pre-event treatment, Sports Massage after an event can be a relaxing, leisurely experience. Let’s take a closer look at how a post-event massage can get you back on the playing field in a shorter-than-normal timeframe:

    • Increases blood flow to carry higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles for faster healing.

    • Stimulates the lymphatic system to remove lactic acid and other toxins at a faster rate. This relieves and prevents stiff and sore muscles for a faster recovery.

    • Increases the production of endorphins for natural pain relief and an overall sense of well-being.

    Make Massage a Regular Part of Your Conditioning

    Of course, you don’t have to wait for a competitive event to experience the benefits of a healing Sports Massage. Both professional and amateur athletes often practice and train to the point of exhaustion. If you’re experiencing sleep problems, slow recovery times, and unexplained fatigue, it could be because you’ve over-trained. Although you always need an appropriate amount of rest, Sports Massage can speed up your recovery time and reduce the amount of wait time between workouts. If you have any trouble areas including old, sports-related injuries, our Massage Therapists can help alleviate chronic pain and discomfort as well.

    If your overworked muscles could use a little pampering, give Massage Heights Cleveland a call today!

    Study Shows Massage Therapy Relieves Chronic Neck Pain

    February 05, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Neck pain can be caused by many factors. Reducing your stress levels or improving your posture can help in simple cases, but more complex situations, like a whiplash injury caused by a car accident, can lead to chronic neck pain that lasts for years or even the rest of your life. However, a new study shows that Massage Therapy can relieve chronic neck pain for many patients.

    Sixty-four adult patients with neck pain lasting more than 12 weeks participated in the study. Each one was randomly assigned to use a self-care book or receive therapeutic massage. The massage group was provided with 10 treatments over the course of the 10-week study. Only licensed Massage Therapists were used to providing the treatments, and a variety of methods were used. The therapists also suggested some things that the patients could do on their own as part of a self-care regimen.

    At the 10-week point, the patients in the massage group displayed a higher degree of improvement in both symptoms and functioning than the self-care-book group. After 26 weeks, the massage group continued to report functional improvements more often than the self-care-book group, but symptom improvement was similar for both. At the end of the trial, the self-care-book group had increased their medication use by 14 percent while the massage group showed no increase.

    In conclusion, the study found that Massage Therapy is a safe complementary or alternative care method for neck pain, especially in the short term. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic neck pain, call the friendly staff at Massage Heights Dallas for an appointment. This relaxing form of treatment could dramatically improve your quality of life. 

    Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for the Man in Your Life

    February 04, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    If you still haven’t found the perfect Valentine’s gift for the man in your life, there’s still time! Choose something that will put a great big smile on his face. Here are our picks for last minute Valentine’s gifts for your special guy:

    1. Treat Him to a Day on the Golf Course

    If your man is a dedicated golfer, there’s no place that he would rather be. Lucky for you, every day in Dallas is a perfect day for golf! Stevens Park and Tenison Park are two highly rated golf courses in the Dallas area. The lakes, hills, and manicured greens will create the perfect backdrop for a very memorable day.

    2. Give Him a Full Evening Centered Around His Favorite Golden Beverage

    A Dallas-Fort Worth brewery tour on the Dallas Brew Bus (3) is an exciting gift idea for any craft beer enthusiast. This award-winning tour is fun and includes three brewery tours, a free snifter glass, and snacks.

    3. Pamper Him with a Healthy Massage

    Here’s something healthy that he will actually enjoy! Once he’s tried Massage Therapy (4), he will enjoy going back again and again! Whether he chooses a traditional Swedish Massage, a pain-relieving Deep Tissue Massage or an invigorating Sports Massage, he’ll fall in love with the peaceful environment at Massage Heights!

    While you’re there, why not book Couples Massage in the extra large massage room? It’s a great way to bond with your honey and pamper yourself at the same time. After all, you deserve it for being so thoughtful!

    A Romantic Valentine’s Day with Couples Massage

    February 03, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Houston has plenty of ways to spend a romantic day with your special someone. Here are a few options to consider:

    Take a Stroll Through the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

    Get away from it all right in the heart of Houston! This beautiful natural area features five miles of walking trails spread across acres of forest, meadow and wetland habitats. While the days at the Nature Center are devoted to families, evenings are designed for the adults. This year, a very special Tapas on the Trail will be held the Saturday before Valentine’s Day featuring oysters, brisket and a variety of other dishes prepared by Chef Randy Rucker and Chef Dan Budd. Reservations are required, and on-site childcare is available for kids over five.

    Dinner at Michelangelo’s

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a more romantic restaurant than Michelangelo’s in Houston. Instead of using space in a run-of-the-mill strip mall, Michelangelo’s has repurposed a quirky, older home in the Montrose district to add to the quiet, intimate atmosphere. Enjoy your dinner on the patio if the weather is nice or marvel at the tree growing in the middle of the dining area. Michelangelo’s features fine Italian food, an adult atmosphere and a live piano player for a very romantic evening this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to make your reservation ahead of time if you’re considering this dinner option for February 14th.

    Luxurious Couples Massage (3)

    Imagine spending an entire hour relaxing in the warm atmosphere of the extra-large massage room at Massage Heights with your special someone. If you like, upgrade your massage with any of Massage Heights’ signature Elevations like Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy or a Foot Scrub. When you’re done, you’ll feel completely relaxed and ready to continue your romantic evening at home or on the town.

    Romance shouldn't begin and end with Valentine’s Day! Throughout the year, make a point to spend quality time with your partner on a regular basis to keep your relationship going strong. Massage Heights makes this easy with an affordable and convenient membership program. In fact, for a limited time, Massage Heights is offering a special 3-month Membership, which is perfect if you’d like to see how Massage Therapy can enhance your relationship. Call today. Massage Heights Houston.

    Massage Heights Invites you to Make a Resolution to Live Healthier!

    February 03, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Whether your New Year’s resolutions include eating better, starting an exercise program, or giving up a bad habit, most resolutions are about living a healthier lifestyle in order to look and feel better in the coming year. Unfortunately, many of us break these promises long before Valentine’s Day. This year, why not make a healthy New Year’s resolution that you can keep? Make Massage Therapy at Massage Heights part of your regular health routine! With several Retreats in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Massage Heights will provide a relaxing massage that will help improve your health and well-being.

    Massage Can Help You Look and Feel Better!

    Massage therapy uses the healing power of touch to manipulate gently the soft tissues to stimulate the body’s own disease-fighting properties. As tension is relieved, the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems begin to function at higher levels. This process increases blood flow and removes toxins from our body. Have you ever wondered why you look and feel so much better after a massage?

    If your circulatory system is sluggish, your overworked muscles may have a backup of lactic acid. This chemical makes us feel sore and stiff when it’s not flushed away. As your circulatory system kicks into overdrive, it not only removes this material from your muscles, it also delivers oxygen and nutrients to your previously-starved cells while eliminating other waste products. As your body is both cleansed and nourished, is it any wonder than you leave the session with a healthy glow and a feeling of renewal?

    Promote a Healthy Mental Outlook through Massage

    While your sense of self-confidence and overall well-being is bound to improve when you look and feel your best, massage works in other ways to improve your mental health, as well. When you’re under long-term stress, your body can’t seem to shut off the production of cortisol and adrenaline, the two main stress chemicals. Our primitive fight or flight mechanisms do little to help anyone with modern pressures. Instead, they often lead to weight gain, heart disease, and other health issues. Massage Therapy has been proven to relieve this stress and shut off the production of these two chemicals. If this isn’t enough to boost your mood, a healthy massage also increases levels of serotonin and endorphins in your body. These are also natural chemicals that your body should produce everyday to promote a healthy mind and overall sense of well-being. However, life’s little pressures often interfere with your body’s normal ability to regulate your mood.

    Regular Massage Can Help with Chronic Pain

    The same endorphins that improve your mental outlook can help manage your chronic pain. If you know a long-distance runner or any other avid fitness buff, you’ve probably heard them talk about how good they feel after a hard workout. This feeling sometimes referred to as a “runner’s high,” happens when the body starts to produce higher levels of endorphins to combat the damage that extensive physical activity can do to the body. It transforms the athlete from exhausted to exhilarated in a matter of minutes. If you happen to be an athlete, you should consider Sports Massage to enhance your performance.

    This year, make Therapeutic Massage a regular part of your life. This will be a New Year’s resolution you can keep! You’ll feel better, look better, and live better!

    How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution for Weight Loss

    February 03, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Trying to keep your New Year’s resolution? Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions year in and year out. If you continue to make this promise to yourself each year, but you have a hard time keeping it, adding regular massage to your routine can help. Not only does Massage Therapy help you look and feel your best, it can enhance your weight loss program.

    Improve Your Mood to Lose Weight!

    For many women, and some men, increased weight seems to be closely related to their emotions. While some people may think this is just an excuse, there is scientific evidence to back up this theory. When we’re over-stressed or anxious, our body pumps out more and more adrenaline and cortisol. These two chemicals are not only responsible for weight gain but for our inability to lose weight no matter how hard we try, as well. Massage can interrupt this seemingly endless cycle of stress to turn off the production of these two chemicals.

    At the same time, Massage Therapy can stimulate our body’s production of serotonin and endorphins, two additional body chemicals that are known to promote a sense of well-being and regulate mood swings. Not only does this process aid in the body’s natural ability to burn fat, but it also reduces the need for emotional overeating. As you begin to feel better, it will be easier to turn your back on the fast food drive-through lines and the sugary snacks on the grocery store shelves. You’ll soon start a new cycle. As you begin to look and feel better, it will be even easier to stick to your new diet and exercise program.

    Oxygenate Your Muscles and Prevent Exercise Injuries

    As massage helps improve your circulation , the increased blood flow carries more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles on a cellular level. Your newly-fed muscles will grow even faster and work even harder! Regular Sports Massage  can increase your flexibility and range of motion to help you feel looser and reduce the chance of sport-related injuries. Finally, massage can help you get back in the gym faster for more frequent workouts. As massage stimulates your lymphatic system, the lactic acid and other toxins are removed from your system. This helps your muscles lose their post-workout soreness much faster than rest alone. Without sore muscles, you’ll not only spend more time working out, but you’ll feel better, too!

    Now that you know how adding massage to your diet and exercise routine can help you keep your New Year’s resolution, what are you waiting for? Contact Massage Heights Atlanta to make an appointment today! 

    Couple’s Massage in Cleveland

    February 02, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    The Benefits of a Couples Massage

    If you've always thought that Couples Massage is only for romantic partners, you might be surprised. Spouses, best friends, mothers, and daughters, find that a shared Massage Therapy session at Massage Heights can be a relaxing experience that can often forge or strengthen the bond between two people.

    While Couples Massage provides the same great health benefits as any other Massage Heights treatment, there are a few extra perks with Couples Massage. By sharing this experience with someone they trust, this experience should be very relaxing.

    A shared massage also allows for easy, relaxed conversations. If you choose to talk during the session, it provides a wonderful opportunity to catch up on life events. This may even be the perfect time to discuss a difficult subject or ask an important question. As frayed nerves are repaired and tensions are released, you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

    Customize Your Experience

    When you arrive for your Couples Massage, you'll each be asked about your preferences, areas to concentrate on or avoid, and special add-ons. At your request, we can add special aromatherapy products, facial treatments, peppermint foot scrubs, and hot stones.

    Give the Gift of Massage

    A Gift Card for Couples Massage is the perfect gift for any occasion. Present one to your romantic partner for anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or just because you care. This gift is also perfect for bridal showers, landmark anniversaries, or Mother's Day.

    As you and your partner complete your session and leave for the rest of your evening, you'll be amazed at how good you look and feel. Your muscles will be fully relaxed; your blood will be pumping, your skin will be glowing, and you'll have an amazing sense of wellbeing. Don't let this be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make Massage Heights a regular part of your life!

    Call one of our Cleveland locations to schedule an appointment for a Couples Massage today!

    A Prenatal Massage Delivers Comfort During Pregnancy

    February 02, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    For all its joys, pregnancy can sometimes bring discomfort to moms-to-be. If you're like many expectant mothers, you may prefer to manage soreness and other discomfort with as little help as possible from prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers. Prenatal Massage Therapy  from Massage Heights provides pain relief, improves overall health, prepares your body for the birthing process and offers an excellent way to relax as you anticipate your baby's arrival.

    What is prenatal massage?

    Pregnancy Massage focuses on relaxation, avoiding the most intense motions of deep tissue work. Special care is also taken to avoid certain acupressure points on the body. Strategically placed pillows provide extra cushioning, and your Massage Therapist may ask you to remain semi-reclined for the massage if your pregnancy is advanced.

    What should I expect during the Prenatal Massage experience?

    Choosing a therapist specifically trained in Prenatal Massage is essential. A Massage Therapist specializing in this area will determine the best position for you -- on your side, or semi-reclined -- and use pillows for support and comfort.

    Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

    This form of specialized bodywork relieves many uncomfortable conditions associated with pregnancy. The effects of fatigue, back strain, headaches, leg cramps and other issues can be alleviated with the help of massage. Massage Therapy is good for overall health as well. It improves circulation, making more oxygen available to mother and baby. Massages also benefit your immune system through toxin removal and stimulation of the lymph system.

    Mental and emotional perks are also part of the massage experience. Massage Therapy stimulates various glands, which helps with the anxiety and depression hormonal shifts can cause. The release of endorphins into your system will not only make you feel happy, but you'll sleep better as well. One other important factor is the comfort that comes from the supportive touch of a Massage Therapist.

    From joint stress relief to improved posture, Prenatal Massage may be just what you need. In addition to making you more comfortable and providing relief from a host of physical ailments, it can positively alter your state of mind. Prenatal Massage can even help promote a smoother delivery by calming the nervous system and increasing flexibility in the birthing muscles.

    Book an appointment with a licensed Massage Therapist at one of our convenient Houston-area Retreats. Before receiving a massage, pregnant women are advised to speak with their doctors to learn if massage is recommended. We offer affordable Prenatal Massage in a relaxing, refined setting with appointments available seven days a week. 

    Couples Massage: Relief from Wedding Stress

    February 02, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Relieve Pre-Wedding Stress with Massage Therapy

    Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. Even with the help of a professional wedding planner, a host of friends and family, most couples - and especially the bride - feel that the ultimate responsibility for a perfect ceremony falls on their shoulders. As the important date approaches, the pressure only increases. If you know a couple that needs to unwind, present them with a Gift Card for Couples Massage.

    Refresh and Recharge for the Big Day

    One great benefit of Couples Massage is that the bride and groom will appear rested and recharged on their special day. In addition to relieving stress and promoting relaxation, massage increases blood flow and helps the body flush away toxins naturally. As the blood circulates, the gentle manipulation stimulates the skin cells to absorb additional oxygen and nutrients for a healthier appearance and an attractive glow. Muscles relax, joints loosen, and headaches disappear! Every bride and groom deserve to arrive at their wedding looking and feeling like a million bucks. For the mere price of a Massage Heights Gift Card , you can make all of this possible.

    The bride and groom will want to look better than ever in their wedding day photos. That means looking and feeling their absolute best. Massage Therapy will improve their mood by making them feel great physically and emotionally. The gentle manipulation and increased blood flow will release endorphins and stimulate the production of serotonin, two regulators of our emotions. By giving your engaged couple a Gift Card for a pre-wedding massage, you will be giving them the gift of relaxation and starting them on the path to wedding day bliss!

    3-Month Massage Membership: the Gift of Well-Being

    February 01, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    For a limited time, Massage Heights is offering a 3-month membership! We have 3 locations in the Cleveland area. If you suffer from chronic pain, a 3-month membership could be just what you need to improve your quality of life.

    Massage Can Relieve Pain

    Massage has been proven to relieve many of the painful symptoms associated with muscle tension, arthritis, sports injuries, and even surgery. There is a scientific theory, called the Gate Control Theory of Pain , that explains that pain signals must reach the spinal cord and run the length of the nervous system before traveling through the "gate" to reach the sensory portion of the brain. Only when these signals reach this section of the brain are they translated into what we feel as pain. If the "gate" can be closed, pain will not be felt. Medical research is hard at work trying to find an effective drug that can close the gate without limiting the patient in any other way. So far, nothing has been found. However, Massage Therapy might help. As the therapist massages their client to manipulate muscle tissue, numerous signals are sent to the brain. The pathway to the gate becomes clogged, and many signals, including pain signals, become lost along the way and never reach the brain. To add to this pain relief formula, massage also stimulates the body's nervous system to produce endorphins, an all-natural chemical that combats pain.

    Finally, one of the best health benefits of receiving Massage Therapy from Massage Heights is that it also promotes the deepest possible state of relaxation. As the light dims, the soft music plays and the scent of the massage oil soothes the senses, cares fall away, you will receive a great natural relief from pain.

    3-month memberships are being offered for a limited time only, so call today.

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Couples Massage

    February 01, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    This Valentine’s Day, choose a gift that you can enjoy together: a Couples Massage from Massage Heights Dallas. Just like chocolate, exercise, and love, a therapeutic massage stimulates your body to produce endorphins, a natural substance that reduces pain and increases your sense of well-being. If this sounds like a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s some more information about the role that endorphins can play in your love life:

    What Are Endorphins Exactly? Endorphins are natural chemicals that exist in varying amounts in everyone’s brain. Technically, they’re considered neurotransmitters and their job is to transmit electrical signals from one nerve ending to the next. Although the brain is filled with chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, endorphins are special. Their sole purpose is to make you feel peaceful, secure and happy, just like being in love.

    If you’ve ever heard avid runners talk about the feel they get a few miles on a hard run, they’re really talking about how great it feels when their endorphins kick in. However, you don’t have to sign up for a marathon to experience this rush. Any type of physical contact can trigger your body to release a flood of endorphins. Now, you have a scientific reason to give the Gift of Massage this Valentine’s Day!

    Endorphins and Love

    Love really is all about chemistry. If you’ve ever wondered why a new romance feels so different from a long-term relationship, the answer comes down to two very different chemicals. During the honeymoon stage when your heart races and your stomach flutters, adrenaline gives you a feeling of excitement and anticipation. As your body develops a tolerance to this flood of chemicals, your emotions cool, and your endorphins gradually take over to leave you feeling calm and reassured when you’re with your partner.

    This Valentine’s Day, come with your partner to Massage Heights. We have locations all throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

    Massage Health Benefits: It’s More than just Relaxing

    February 01, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Although massage enthusiasts rave about the stress-reducing properties of their favorite therapeutic treatment method, Massage Therapy is more than a mere indulgence. This relaxing activity also provides a multitude of very real health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the art of massage and its benefits:

    The Health Benefits of Massage

    As an alternative or complementary treatment method, massage is often recommended by traditional Western doctors including obstetricians, orthopedists, and family doctors. A variety of studies have shown that Massage Therapy can help patients who suffer from the following health problems:

    • Chronic Pain
    • Stiff Joints
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Sports Injuries
    • Deficiencies in the Immune System
    • Cancer Treatment
    • Slow Infant Growth

    Massage Explained

    The generic term “massage” covers a wide range of methods. While each type of massage involves the manipulation of the skin and the underlying framework of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, a licensed Massage Therapist may use a variety of techniques and pressure levels depending on your needs. Most of the time, hands and fingers are used to rub your body’s surface, but it’s not unusual for a Massage Therapist to use their elbows, forearms, or feet to reach the deepest tissues. Common types of massage include:

    • Deep-Tissue Massage – slow, forceful strokes target the deepest muscles and tissues
    • Swedish Massage – gentle manipulation using long strokes, circular motions, kneading, tapping, and vibration
    • Sports Massage – a variation on Swedish massage but directed towards the special needs of athletes for conditioning and injury prevention
    • Trigger-Point Massage - focused massage to relax trigger points caused by injuring or overusing specific muscles
    • Prenatal Massage – massage given by a specially-trained therapist to meet the special needs of an expectant mother
    • Couples Massage – a session for two that can include any massage technique

    During a Massage Therapy session, communication is critical in the case of any pain or discomfort. In most cases, the Massage Therapist can alleviate the issue by reducing the level of pressure, but severe pain can be a symptom of a larger problem. This is supposed to be a pleasant experience; don’t hesitate to speak up if anything becomes uncomfortable.

    Make massage a part of your routine and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel! With more than 25 locations opened in the Houston area, you are sure to find a time that fits your busy schedule. Make your appointment at Massage Heights Houston today!

    Facials Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Youthful

    February 01, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Adding Facials to your beauty routine will make your skin look youthful and hydrated! This luxurious treatment not only leaves your skin with a healthy glow, but it also cleanses your pores of the contaminants left behind by weather, pollution, and stress.

    The Ultimate in Hydration

    The biggest skincare problem facing many women today is a loss of moisture. Time spent outdoors, especially during harsh Atlanta winters, can be extremely harsh on your skin. While you’re busy enjoying everything Atlanta has to offer, the cold and wind are just as busy drying out your skin. When you consider the fact that most buildings are heated and cooled with forced-air systems that are just as arid as the nearby desert, it seems like there’s no escape for your skin.

    When it comes to dry skin, a moisturizing Facial can hydrate your skin and seal in the moisture better than any other method. During each Facial, a professionally-trained Skin Therapist will evaluate your skin’s condition and assist you in selecting the perfect treatment for your skin’s current condition. A variety of masks, serums, and lotions made with all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients can be matched to your needs to cleanse and hydrate your skin before adding a moisture barrier to protect this delicate area from the elements.

    A Relaxing Experience

    While a Facial is good for your skin, it also feels wonderful. Most Facials include a neck and shoulder massage that does more than just pamper the client. The gentle stimulation increases blood flow and helps the body remove dangerous toxins at a cellular level. As you relax in the tranquil atmosphere of the Retreat, your stress will simply melt away.

    Why Stop with the Facial?

    While Facials are an important part of any beauty routine, they should be used in conjunction with a proper daily at-home skin care regimen. Your skin-care specialist can recommend the right products for your skin type to cleanse, moisturize, and tone your skin to maintain that glowing, youthful appearance from one treatment to the next.

    When comparing a Facial treatment to harsher chemical peels and toxic injections, this gentle, non-invasive approach provides a safe, all-natural approach to skin care. Schedule an appointment for a soothing Facial today.

    Gift Ideas for New Houston Parents

    January 20, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    An adorable bundle of joy comes with months of stress and sleepless nights as parents adjust to hectic routines. New parents are so busy tending to the baby’s every need that they easily forget to save some time for rest and relaxation. When the holidays roll around, why not give new parents the gift of fun and relaxation? Here are 10 gifts available in Houston that show new parents you care.

    1. Grocery Delivery

    Most new parents have limited time, energy and money to perform errands, so schedule a delivery to make sure their food and toiletries are well stocked. Ask for a list of high-priority items, but also include plenty of fresh fruit, veggies and grains to help parents stay energized.

    2.Cleaning Service

    Babies can be all-consuming, causing chores to pile up. Arrange a time to come over and clean up for busy parents, or hire a professional service to give their personal sanctuary a deep cleaning that will keep the space feeling fresh and inviting for weeks.

    3.Macho Baby Gear

    Treat Dad to a trendy, masculine diaper bag that blends in with his macho personality. Messenger bags are easy to for dads to juggle while out with the baby, and they have a discreet look that doesn’t give away the contents.

    4.Date Night Kit

    Moms are often reluctant to be apart from newborns, so give parents a ready-made Houston date night they can enjoy at home. Design a gift basket with champagne, flowers, a prepared meal, a decadent dessert and a relaxing movie or music to get couples in the mood for romance.

    5.Bike Stroller

    Give active parents a stress-free way to stay fit with a jogging or bike stroller. Mom or Dad can enjoy an energizing outing while the baby is treated to a scenic ride or cozy nap.

    6.Discount Membership/Gift Card

    Gift Cards get a bad rap for being impersonal, but new parents working with a reduced budget appreciate extra cash for costly baby supplies. Surprise them with a Massage Therapy Gift Card to Massage Heights Houston or to services like Amazon Mom or, so they don’t have to sacrifice essentials.

    7.Couples Massage

    Remind stressed-out parents that they’re also a loving couple with a reinvigorating massage, allowing Mom and Dad to unwind and relieve tension in a baby-free environment. For an added perk, treat them to a Couples Massage, so they can reconnect with each other.

    8.Wardrobe Makeover

    Help new moms feel attractive in post-pregnancy months by taking them out for a shopping trip and salon appointment. With a new look and fashion-forward wardrobe, overworked moms feel pampered and ready to take on a new day.

    9.Baby Food Maker

    For health-conscious, time-strapped parents, a baby food maker lets them whip up nutritious homemade meals for infants without unnecessary additives and preservatives. Models like the Beaba Babycook puree foods in minutes for fast preparation before work or outings.

    10.Anything They Need

    Whether it’s running errands around Houston, babysitting or cooking meals, the easiest way to help new parents is to ask exactly what they need and make it happen.

    Massage Therapy Styles and Benefits for Dallas Travelers

    January 19, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    While there’s a lot to love about a busy travel schedule, the stress isn’t one of them. From navigating crowded airports like Dallas/Fort-Worth International to keeping up with ever-changing time zones, the logistics of frequent travel can quickly put a damper on any trip and make it tougher to enjoy your time away from Dallas. What’s a jet-setter to do? The next time you’re feeling blue, schedule a relaxing massage before you hit the airport.

    In fact, there are several Massage Heights retreats in the Dallas area, just a short drive from DFW. So schedule your pre-flight massage today!

    The Perks of Getting Massage Before Your Flight

    Science proves treating yourself to a rejuvenating rubdown wakes up tired muscles, relieves tension and banishes anxiety – the perfect trio of benefits for taking the stress out of any long-distance itinerary. With the balance between mind and body restored, you’ll feel ready to take on everything from grumpy passengers on the plane to the challenges awaiting you at the next destination.

    Which Massage Type Is Ideal for Me?

    Although improving the overall well-being is the main principle of all types of Massage Therapy, exact benefits vary depending on technique. Some treatments emphasize pain relief while others are best for managing anxiety and exhaustion. To help you narrow your choices down, here are some of the best massage styles for travelers on the go:

    1. Swedish Massage (2)

    If you’re a beginner, a traditional Swedish Massage is a great introduction to the amazing art of Massage Therapy. One of the most popular massage forms in the world, it involves gentle taps and long strokes that melt the stress away while energizing both body and mind.

    2. Sports Massage (3)

    The seemingly unconnected worlds of sports and travel have a lot more in common than you think. Spending hours on your feet – whether it’s on the playing field or in the airport security line – puts a lot of strain on your body, tightening your muscles and increasing your risk of injuries. Its focus on maintaining a healthy and strong body makes a Sports Massage an ideal addition to a physically demanding travel schedule.

    3. Trigger Point Therapy

    When dealing with concentrated tension, a trigger point massage can be just what the doctor ordered. Targeting specific tight spots in the sensitive muscle tissue, it uses light pressure to alleviate pain and stress where they first originate. 

    Houston, Lose Those Extra Pounds Faster with Massage

    January 18, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    What if there was a relaxing way for Houston residents to jumpstart your post-holiday weight loss? Not only is Massage Therapy proven to help, but you will look forward to it every week! Add weekly massage from your local Massage Heights Houston Retreat to your health and wellness routine and watch that excess weight melt away!

    Weekly Massage Can Help Build Muscle

    Combine this relaxing therapy with a regular workout routine, and you’ll see results much faster than with an exercise program alone. It’s no accident that professional athletes make healing Massage Therapy part of their overall fitness and training regimen. If you’re curious about how you can actually justify such a luxurious treatment program, let’s take a closer look at the three ways that massage can help you build muscle:

    1. Feed Your Muscles – Massage therapy improves your circulation. This increased blood flow carries more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles so that they can work harder and grow faster.

    2. Increase Your Range of Motion and Flexibility – As we grow older and heavier, we tend to lose some of our flexibility and range of motion. A massage program can help restore both to help you move better in and out of the gym. Massage can also help prevent sports-related injuries that can completely sideline your weight loss efforts.

    3. Decrease Your Recovery Time – By stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body, massage helps eliminate lactic acid from your muscles. This is the chemical that builds up during exercise and makes your muscles feel sore. With a Sports Massage , you can decrease your recovery time and be back in the gym in no time.

    Before you say, “What’s all this about building muscle? I just want to lose a few pounds,” remember that each pound of muscle added to your body means 50 more calories burned each day whether you work out or not. Adding just 10 pounds of muscle would automatically burn one pound of fat each week without changing your diet!

    Break Down Fat Cells with Massage

    Some studies show that a massage can help break down the fat capsules that are contained beneath the subcutaneous tissues of your body. While this doesn’t burn fat in the same way that a healthy diet and exercise routine can, it will assist in the process by making fat more readily available to convert into energy. In this way, massage aids in a healthy combination of fat burning methods.

    Reduce Emotional Overeating with Massage Therapy

    A massage can help ease stress and promote relaxation by stimulating the production of endorphins and serotonin in your body. It can also reduce the levels of cortisol and adrenaline at the same time. If you’re an emotional overeater, a better sense of mental wellbeing can be a great way to stop this seemingly never-ending cycle. In addition to feeling more relaxed, the healthy glow that comes with regular massage can boost your self-esteem. Although your confidence will soar as your healthy lifestyle begins to pay off, this is a great way to get an early start on your new mental outlook. As you replace your negative emotions with more positive ones, any bingeing may slowly stop.

    Use Massage as Your Incentive for a Healthy Lifestyle

    Are you the kind of person who always needs an extra reason to take care of yourself? If you are, a healthy massage could be the best kind of motivation. As a reward for sticking to your diet and exercise plans, you could treat yourself to one of the most luxurious, but healthy treats possible! This incentive has no calories, no fat, and can help you achieve your goals! What more could you ask for?

    While you’re looking for that perfect gym membership this year, don’t forget to pencil in a special time for your next massage at any Massage Heights Houston! Your body and mind will thank you for it.

    Dallas College Students - Tips for Spring Term Success

    January 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    If you're a Dallas college student, it’s time to get back to the grind. Fast-paced class schedules may make stress a constant companion. To get the most from your college experience, you will need to learn to manage damaging stress levels. Here are some great ways to do it.

    Tips for College Students to Manage Stress

    1.Get a weekly massage. Massage Therapy releases tension and alleviates muscle tightness and pain caused by long hours of leaning over a computer and studying. Getting a massage on a regular basis can help you maintain focus. Massage Heights Dallas has several retreats conveniently located near Dallas Colleges and Universities.

    2.Get enough sleep. It may seem like there are never enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do, but without adequate sleep, your stress levels will rise while your academic performance drops.

    3.Don't rely heavily on coffee or other substances to keep you going. They may provide a quick fix, but in the long run, caffeine and other stimulants can interfere with your sleep patterns and make stress worse.

    4.Eat healthily. Junk food loaded with sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates doesn't provide your mind and body with the fuel they need. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables handy instead of chips and candy.

    5.Make time to exercise. Physical activity is a big stress reliever and has been proven to improve concentration. Whether you like to run, play basketball, or hit the gym, a regular workout routine will keep you feeling your best. Schedule a Sports Massage to optimize your workouts and prevent injuries.

    6.Take time to meditate. Whether you prefer yoga classes, aromatherapy, or simply spending time in nature, a few minutes of quiet reflection every day can help you achieve your emotional center and alleviate stress and anxiety.

    7.Plan and prioritize. Create a schedule and stick to it. You'll feel more in control, and you'll be less vulnerable to stress. Be sure to set realistic goals.

    8.Keep a journal. When you're feeling stressed, writing down your thoughts can help put them in perspective.

    9.Stay in touch with your family. A phone call to your mom or dad can sometimes wipe away negative feelings like magic.

    10.Develop a support system. Make new friends. Get involved with Dallas campus groups, or join a sorority or fraternity.

    11.Take regular breaks during long days and nights of studying. It will reduce stress and help you retain information more effectively.

    12.Practice deep breathing when you feel anxious or overwhelmed. Breathing exercises force you to slow down and focus. They also help deliver more oxygen to your body and brain.

    13.Learn to say no. Never take on more than you can handle comfortably. If you're doing too many things at once, the important things may not get the attention they deserve.

    14.Don't be afraid to reach out. If stress is negatively affecting your performance or your quality of life, speak to a school counselor or your doctor.

    How Massage Therapy Relieves Post-Holiday Stress

    January 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    As the Holiday Season is now behind us, there is no better way to relieve post-holiday stress and let go of the stress, than with a soothing, healing and rejuvenating massage.

    Get a Massage in Houston

    Massage is a form of therapy that induces a state of deep relaxation in body, mind and spirit. In that state, the body can release stress, heal itself naturally and restore itself to a state of health and balance. Massage Therapy is an essential ingredient for good health and is available at any of our many Massage Heights locations in the Houston area.

    How Does Stress Affect The Body?

    An overload of stress, especially from the holidays, can weaken the immune system while causing headaches, back pain, joint pain and neck pain. Massage can relieve stress while helping the circulatory system to rid itself of discomfort.

    Stress can also bring on unpleasant mental and emotional states like depression and anxiety. People experiencing stress will have a difficult time performing even the simplest everyday tasks.

    Don't Let Stress Affect Your Life

    Stress has been called the number one risk factor for heart attack, cancer, and stroke. Stress occurs naturally in the course of our daily lives. Low levels of stress have been shown to improve our daily performance. However, when stress reaches critical levels, schedule a Massage Therapy appointment.

    Great Gifts for Hard-working Atlanta Nurses

    January 15, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Nurses are in high demand in Atlanta, and they have one of the most stressful jobs. After all, nurses spend their workdays providing care for others while working on their feet for hours at a time. These professionals are also some of the most compassionate people that you will ever meet, and they have to have an amazing sense of humor to get through their overwhelming days. Because of their dedication to caring for others, you’ll want to find the perfect gift for a nurse in your life.

    Here are 10 of the best gifts for nurses:

    1) Anything that lets nurses stay fueled up at work. Caffeine is a must for nurses working long shifts, so a gift card to a coffee shop is an ideal option when you want to show that you understand that 12-hour shifts are draining.

    2) A device like Roku or Chromecast that plugs into a TV will let your nursing friends or family members catch up on their favorite shows on their schedule.

    3) If the recipient is a sports fan, scrubs that are decked out in team colors and logos give the special nurse in your life the ability to show off team loyalty while working. If they also love to play sports, treat them to a Sports Massage from Massage Heights of Atlanta.

    4) New nurses will appreciate publications that are geared toward giving them tips on how to survive the first few years of fast-paced work in a healthcare setting. “Your First Year As a Nurse, Second Edition: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional” is a favorite for this purpose.

     5) If you are more inclined to give practical gifts, a clipboard case is ideal. These clipboards have a portion that opens up and can be used to store personal items.

    6) Staying hydrated throughout long shifts is important for nurses, and many healthcare professionals neglect their health as they help others maintain theirs. A travel cup lets your friend or family member sip away at a favorite drink while rushing from one room to the next.

    7) Humorous shirts that give nurse friends and family members the chance to brag a bit about their profession while cracking a joke are easy to find. If the recipient loves to make jokes, this gift is ideal.

    8) A gag lunch bag that looks like a medical transport bag is another gift idea for nurses with a sense of humor.

    9) A medical math card lets nurses quickly calculate doses at work. Even if your nurse is a veteran in the field, busy days often make these cheat sheets necessary.

    10) Personalized phone cases keep a nurse's phone safe through the rush while highlighting the importance of being a nurse.

    Give the nurse in your life to a Massage Heights Gift Card to help them relax away their most stressful days.

    Helpful gifts ideas for new Dallas parents

    January 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    A child brings a lot of changes to the lives of new parents. Adjusting to the many challenges of first-time parenthood is even more difficult when a new parent is deprived of rest. Here are some great gifts to help new moms and dads adjust to parenthood.

    1. Couples Massage Therapy

    Besides providing a relaxing and romantic experience, Couples Massage Therapy relieves stress, alleviates sore, overworked muscles, improves circulation and increases serotonin levels to make exhausted parents feel great again. Couples Massage is the perfect gift for new parents, available at Massage Heights Dallas.

    2. Professional Housekeeping Services

    Remove some of the household headaches for a week or longer by hiring a reputable Dallas housekeeping service like King of Maids Cleaning and Maid Service to take care of the normal cleaning duties and spruce up the couple's home.

    3. Comfort Food

    Busy new parents may not have much time to cook, and their nutrition may suffer as a result. Deliver healthy, delicious comfort foods to give them a break from cooking.

    4. Relaxing Books

    Self-help books for new parents can be lifesavers. Digital versions are easy to manage while caring for a baby.

    5. Movie Night

    New parents can get so busy that they lose track of each other. A night out together can help them relax and enjoy each other’s company. Give new parents a date night with movie tickets.

    6. Table or Wall Fountain

    The soothing sound of water provides instant relaxation for parents and fussy babies. A table or wall fountain is also a beautiful addition to a home's interior.

    7. Premium Bath Bombs

    A warm, relaxing bath can do wonders to revive the mind and body. Specialty bath bombs add swirls of color, special effects and rich, relaxing fragrances that transform ordinary baths into indulgent, spa-like experiences. If your favorite new parents have access to an extra-large tub, look for bath bombs with unisex fragrances that they'll both enjoy.

    8. Yoga Classes

    Yoga relieves stress, centers the mind, improves flexibility and promotes general well-being. Seek yoga classes with flexible schedule options or on-site day care services.

    9. A Day Off

    With so little free time, new parents have few opportunities to get away. Pay for a sitter or volunteer your services to give a tired couple a chance to rest and reconnect.

    New parents can become overwhelmed with their new role, so giving them a gift that will help them to stay connected to each other is one they will really appreciate.

    Great Bonding Ideas for Houston Newlyweds

    January 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Saying “I do” is the easiest part of getting married, and wedding planning stress can easily carry over to newlywed life. Finding ways to bond and unwind together helps you stay connected as a couple during and after the honeymoon phase. Here are 10 ways to get your marriage off to a great start.

    1. Cooking Session

    A delicious meal always brightens your day, so reserve time every month to cook a meal together. Cooking offers countless opportunities to get close, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for working as a team and creating a culinary masterpiece.

    2. Theme Night

    Take turns picking a theme for your date night. For example, if you love scary movies, plan a fun horror film fest and dress up in your most inspired costumes.

    3. Couples Massage Therapy

    Plan a soothing Couples Massage to relax and recharge the positive energy in your relationship. Whether you like to hold hands or just enjoy the experience, Massage Therapy lets you temporarily remove yourselves from the stressful obligations of everyday life.

    4. Chat Therapy

    Practice the one skill that’s guaranteed to impact the longevity of your marriage: communication. Save at least 20 minutes in the morning or before bedtime to share daily highlights, give your spouse compliments or offer advice about problems at work.

    5. Romantic Picnic

    Stay fit, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air together. Prepare a simple meal to take to the park or your own backyard, and talk about future dreams or what you adore about one another. Work off a tasty meal by tossing a Frisbee or taking a romantic stroll.

    6. Game Night

    Make it a priority to enjoy lighthearted, silly moments as a couple with a board game or video game night. Games help you relieve pent-up frustration and get lost in simple pleasures, so you’ll associate cheerfulness and laughter with your marriage, instead of stress.

    7. Fantasy Vacation

    Talk to your spouse about your dream destinations and the exciting activities you want to explore together. Start a travel jar (or account), and contribute any spare dollar towards your goal. When you finally raise enough for your vacation, you’ll appreciate each other for achieving your dreams as a team.

    8. Crafts Time

    Indulge your sentimental side by making crafts for each other. Paint pottery for your spouse at a professional studio, or buy a blank mug, and decorate it with text or pictures in tribute to your sweetie’s winning personality.

    9. Fondue Party for Two

    Decadent chocolate and lush fruit put you both in the mood for romance and intimacy, especially if you’re a couple that likes to feed one another.

    10. Photo Flashback

    Remind yourself exactly why you’re in love. View your wedding album or family photos from your childhood, and bond over stories of your favorite or funniest memories.

    New Year’s Resolution to Live Healthier in Houston

    January 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Each New Year’s Eve, most of us in Houston follow the age-old tradition of making grand plans for self-improvement. Whether your New Year’s resolutions include eating better, starting an exercise program, or giving up cigarettes, most boil down to the same thing - a decision to start living healthier to feel better in the coming year.

    Unfortunately, many of us break these promises before Valentine’s Day. This year, why not make a healthy New Year’s resolution that you can keep? Make Massage Therapy at any Houston-area Massage Heights Retreat part of your regular routine! You’ll not only enjoy each relaxing session, but you’ll also improve your health and your appearance.

    Massage Can Help You Look and Feel Better!

    Massage Therapy uses the healing power of touch to manipulate the soft tissues gently to stimulate the body’s own disease-fighting properties. Part art and part science, the therapist applies their knowledge to each client as an individual to discover the right amount of pressure to apply and which areas need the most attention. As tension is relieved, the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems begin to function at higher levels. This process increases blood flow and removes toxins from our body.

    Have you ever wondered why you look and feel so much better after a massage? If your circulatory system is sluggish, your overworked muscles may have a backup of lactic acid. This chemical makes us feel sore and stiff when it’s not flushed away. As your circulatory system kicks into overdrive, it not only removes this material from your muscles, it also delivers oxygen and nutrients to your previously-starved cells while eliminating other waste products. As your body is both cleansed and nourished, is it any wonder than you leave the session with a healthy glow and a feeling of renewal?

    Promote a Healthy Mental Outlook through Massage

    While your sense of self-confidence and overall well-being is bound to improve when you look and feel your best, massage works in other ways to improve your mental health, as well. When you’re under long-term stress, your body can’t seem to shut off the production of cortisol and adrenaline, the two main stress chemicals. Although they are necessary when you’re in a life and death situation and your primitive fight or flight mechanism could save your life, they do little to help anyone with modern pressures. Instead, they often lead to weight gain, heart disease, and other health issues. Massage has been proven to relieve stress and shut off the production of these two chemicals.

    If boosting your mood isn’t enough, a healthy massage also increases levels of serotonin and endorphins in your body. These are also natural chemicals that your body should produce everyday to promote a healthy mind and overall sense of well-being.

    Massage Can Even Help with Chronic Pain

    The same endorphins that improve your mental outlook can help manage your chronic pain. This natural chemical is very similar to prescription painkillers in molecular structure. In fact, endorphins are frequently referred to as the body’s natural opiates. If you know a long-distance runner or any other avid fitness buff, you’ve probably heard them talk about the “high” that they receive after a hard workout. This feeling sometimes referred to as a “runner’s high,” happens when the body starts to produce higher levels of endorphins to combat the damage that extensive physical activity can do to the body. It transforms the athlete from exhausted to exhilarated in a matter of minutes. While everyone should get a little exercise, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to turn into a tri-athlete to get this same feeling. Once you experience the rush of feel-good chemicals, we’re sure that you’ll make Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage, or Sports Massage a regular part of your healthy new lifestyle!

    This year, make Massage Therapy a regular part of your life. With several conveniently located Houston Retreats, Massage Heights makes this a New Year’s resolution you can keep! You’ll feel better, look better, and live better!

    Relieve Pain, Sleep Better with Atlanta Massage Therapy

    January 13, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    There's no question that Massage Therapy makes us feel downright amazing, but its many benefits extend far beyond skin-deep relaxation. Dating back to the golden age of ancient civilizations, massage has been used to treat everything from physical injuries to spiritual imbalances. Today, a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern medicine makes Massage Therapy more popular and accessible than ever before. With several Massage Heights Retreats in Atlanta, now is the perfect time to make it part of your regular wellness routine.

    Pain Management 

    Pain is one of the most common complaints – and one that can adversely impact your quality of life. By targeting interconnected trigger points found all over the body, Deep Tissue Massage delivers long-lasting, all-natural pain relief without the unpleasant side effects sometimes associated with prescription medicine.

    Disease Prevention

    In addition to stimulating the lymphatic system, a complex network of ducts, vessels and nodes tasked with eliminating toxins, Massage Therapy increases the number of disease-fighting cells that make up the body’s first line of defense against infections.

    Stress Relief 

    Chronic stress can have a huge impact on your physical and mental and physical wellness. Massage Therapy can relieve tension and rev up your body’s production of mood-lifting endorphins, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the week’s challenges.

    Reduced Depression and Anxiety 

    While stress relief already creates a happier, more centered mental state, massage can make an even bigger difference in levels of depression and anxiety by increasing serotonin and dopamine, the brain’s primary neurotransmitters for creating feelings of confidence, calmness, pleasure, and love.

    Better Sleep 

    Brain waves monitor the body’s sleep and wake cycles. Massage Therapy has been shown to increase delta waves, the kind that contribute to a restful sleep every night. Combined with stress relief and a healthy diet, massage is a natural recipe for insomnia relief.

    Healthier Joints and Muscles 

    Regular exercise is the key to looking and feeling your best at any age, but post-workout pains can quickly derail your commitment to staying on track. Sports Massage can help keep soreness in check while improving flexibility and reducing the risk of injuries so that you can optimize every workout.

    Although many people view Massage Therapy as a luxury, more and more health professionals view it as part of a wellness plan that is beneficial in so many ways. Why not see for yourself how Massage Therapy can benefit you?

    Relief for Dallas Residents Suffering from Back Pain

    January 12, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Medical researchers have noted that back pain is incredibly prevalent among American adults. The same is true right here in Dallas. Between 60 and 80 percent of adults are estimated to suffer from back pain, with 2.4 million Americans considered chronically disabled because of back pain. Both over-the-counter and prescription painkillers are generally considered the best answer to this type of pain, but many Dallas residents do not want to take medicine to manage back problems.

    While back pain remains a major epidemic, new medical research also suggests that alternative therapies such as massage may hold the key to controlling this type of pain. In fact, Massage Therapy has been shown to both reduce pain and increase overall function in adults who suffer from back problems. One study showed that massage was generally more effective in treating back pain than traditional medical therapies including prescriptions and surgery.

    One of the chief benefits of choosing Massage Therapy for back pain is that massage has very few negative side effects. In fact, regular massage has been shown to do more than just relieve physical pain. Some studies have found that massage can even reduce anxiety and depression, which are frequent side effects of chronic back pain. Many adults prefer a massage to manage their back pain precisely because it allows them to interact with a compassionate human being who is interested in helping them restore their health.

    Research also shows that massage can help improve range of movement for those who suffer from back problems, allowing for a greater quality of life. Of course, choosing a certified Massage Therapist is key to ensuring that you can reap the benefits of massage for lower back pain. Look for a certified therapist who specializes in helping adults manage back pain. Spend time talking to your therapist to ensure that you can get the best benefits from treatment.

    It is a good idea to get an accurate diagnosis of your back problem from a doctor. Knowing the underlying medical cause of back pain allows Massage Therapists to create targeted therapy programs with their patients. If an injury is the primary cause of back pain, sufferers should be sure to describe that injury to their Massage Therapist. Being candid with your therapist will ensure the best results from massage treatments.

    Stress in the Atlanta Workplace: Seven Ways to Cope

    January 11, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Everyone experiences some degree of stress at work, but when you're working in a stressful environment day after day, it will eventually affect your emotional and physical health. Whether it's the chaotic Atlanta traffic, tight deadlines or colleagues that are causing you to feel overwhelmed, it's important to take measures to reduce your stress levels. Here are seven great tips to help you relieve work-related stress and have a healthier body and mind.

    Tips to Help You Combat Stress

    1. Enjoy regular Massage Therapy. Hours of sitting at a desk can cause tightness and pain in your shoulders, neck and back. Being under stress makes it even worse. Massage Therapy tackles both problems. In addition to relieving your aches and pains, it reduces your cortisol levels and boosts your serotonin and dopamine levels to battle ongoing stress. Drop by any Massage Heights Atlanta to see how we can help.

    2. Balance intense focus with total rest. Spend an hour working, and then take a 15-minute break to disconnect from the project. Enjoy a snack, an outdoor stroll or a favorite video. If you alternate focus with relaxation, you'll be less likely to suffer burnout.

    3. Stay calm by writing everything down. When you're overwhelmed by too many details, a written list can help you organize your thoughts and stop worrying that you'll forget about something important.

    4. Don't try to do everything by yourself. If you have the option to delegate tasks to others, don't be afraid to use it.

    5. Talk to someone. When you feel like your head is going to explode from stress, release your burden by talking to someone you trust. Confiding in coworkers may not be the best option, but venting your frustration to your spouse or a trusted friend can help significantly.

    6. Get plenty of sleep. Without adequate sleep, neither your body nor your brain can function at full capacity. Stress often causes insomnia. If you are unable to sleep normally, try adjusting your sleep environment and behaviors. Try to go to sleep at the same time every night. Turn off your television and cell phone before getting into bed. Buy a more comfortable mattress, or play nature sounds at night. If you still can't sleep, seek help from your doctor.

    7. Take time to do things that you love. Focusing exclusively on work while neglecting other important parts of your life can send your stress levels through the roof. So spend time with the people you love, devote several hours per week to your favorite hobby, or visit one of Atlanta's many attractions.

    Massage Can Boost Immunity During Atlanta Flu Season

    January 06, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Did you know that just one therapeutic massage could boost your immune system and possibly help you avoid the flu this season? It’s hard to believe that something that feels so good can be so good for you! However, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has just completed a clinical trial that proves it! If you’re curious about the health benefits of this treatment method, here are the details of the study:

    The Cedars-Sinai Study 

    The researchers at this medical center chose 53 healthy adults for this study. The participants were separated into two groups; 29 received a 45-minute Swedish Massage session, and the other 24 were given a lighter massage. Each participant was fitted with an IV tube for easy blood draws before, during, and after the massage session. Amazingly, these blood samples revealed significant biological changes.

    The Results of the Swedish Massage 

    The members of the study who received a single Swedish Massage received several benefits as revealed by the blood tests including: 

    • A significant decrease in cortisol levels, a stress hormone, in both blood and saliva samples 
    • A significant increase in lymphocytes, a white blood cell that is a critical component of the immune system

    The Results of the Lighter Massage 

    Interestingly, the volunteers who were given a lighter massage received completely different but equally beneficial, results including: 

    • A significant increase in oxytocin, a contentment hormone 
    • A significant decrease in adrenal corticotropin, a hormone that triggers the adrenal glands to release cortisol

    To be clear, the Swedish Massage group also experienced an increase in oxytocin and a decrease in adrenal corticotropin, but the changes were not as dramatic.

     What this Means for You

    This means that you have a great reason to go out and get that massage you’ve been dreaming about! Instead of looking at this treatment method as an indulgence, think of it as a method of prevention and wellness. Medical experts have just proven that even a single session can reduce your stress levels and keep you from getting sick. With that information in mind, imagine how great you would feel if you made Massage Therapy a regular part of your life!

    If you’re still skeptical, you’re not alone. The lead researcher in the study, Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport, is a self-proclaimed skeptic, but even he found the results very exciting and intriguing. Why not find out all of the benefits of Massage Therapy? Call today to schedule an appointment for a relaxing, healthy and disease-fighting massage!

    New Year Weight Loss - Massage Heights Dallas

    January 06, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions year in and year out. Adding weekly Massage Therapy to your wellness routine will help you keep your weight loss resolution. Not only does Massage Therapy help you look and feel your best, but it can actually enhance your weight loss program!

    Improve Your Mood to Lose Weight 

    For many women and men, increased weight seems to be closely related to their emotions. While some people may think this is just an excuse, there is scientific evidence to support the theory. When we are over-stressed or anxious, our body pumps out more and more adrenaline and cortisol. These two chemicals are not only responsible for weight gain, but also for our inability to lose weight no matter how hard we try. Massage can interrupt this seemingly endless cycle of stress and turn off production of these two harmful chemicals.

    At the same time, massage can stimulate our body’s production of serotonin and endorphins, two additional body chemicals that are known to promote a sense of well-being and regulate mood swings. Not only does this process aid in the body’s natural ability to burn fat, but it also reduces the need for emotional overeating. As you begin to feel better, it will be easier to turn your back on the fast-food and sugary snacks. You’ll soon start a new and healthier cycle. As you begin to look and feel better, it will become even easier to eat healthier, exercise regularly, and maintain your weekly massage appointments!

    Build Your Muscles with Regular Massage

    Did you know that every pound of muscle added to your body will burn an extra 50 calories each day? You don’t even have to work out to make it happen! This helps to increase your metabolism because muscle burns calories even while you’re sleeping while fat doesn’t burn a thing even during the hardest workout. By adding just 10 pounds of muscle to your body, you could lose a pound every week without cutting any calories from your diet!

    You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Massage Therapy. The answer is that massage can work with your exercise program in three important ways to help build muscle faster. As massage helps improve your circulation, the increased blood flow carries more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles on a cellular level. Your newly-fed muscles will grow even faster and work even harder! Regular Massage Therapy sessions can increase your flexibility and range of motion to help you feel looser and reduce the chance of sport-related injuries. Finally, massage can help you get back in the gym faster for more frequent workouts. As massage stimulates your lymphatic system, the lactic acid and other toxins are removed from your system. This helps your muscles lose their post-workout soreness much faster than rest alone. Without sore muscles, you’ll not only spend more time working out, but you’ll feel better, too!

    Now that you know how adding regular massage to your wellness routine can help you keep your New Year’s resolution, what are you waiting for? What could serve as a better reward for all of your hard work than a luxurious, relaxing massage? Schedule your massage appointment today at any Massage Heights Dallas retreat! 

    The Best Gift Cards for Fitness-Minded Atlanta Moms

    January 04, 2016posted by Massage Heights

    Is your mom the type that doesn’t take things slow? While you’re sleeping in, she’s out setting speed records, and you’ll never catch her lounging on a lazy Sunday – because her idea of a relaxing weekend involves running a marathon. When mom is this much into fitness, buying a gift that supports her active lifestyle is a must. This season, instead of settling for common gifts like sneakers and socks, buy her one of the gift cards below to give her an experience she’ll never forget.

    Massage Therapy From better cardiovascular health to brighter skin, high-intensity exercise is linked to loads of benefits, but without the right recovery routine, pushing the body to its limit can end in injuries and exhaustion. Because it supports both physical and mental health, Massage Therapy makes the perfect antidote to exercise burnout.

    Fitness Clubs Gone are the days when spin studios were the only game in town. One of the biggest trends in fitness, health clubs aim to fill in the gaps where traditional gyms fall short by offering innovative workout blends, juice bars, on-site spas and other exclusive services.

    Personal Training Getting fit isn’t the only worthwhile reason to invest in personal training sessions. For anyone who wants to get past the basics, working with the pros on proper form, posture and movement are an invaluable lesson in injury prevention. It’s true that one-on-one sessions aren’t cheap, but gaining the peace of mind that Mom is safe makes them worth every penny. To further prevent injury and recover from intense workouts, have mom add weekly Sports Massage to her fitness routine.

    Group Fitness Classes Whether she’s into cardio salsa, hot yoga, Thai kickboxing or even combat training, group classes have become so popular that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding her perfect match.

    Wellness Resorts With so much media emphasis on the perks of regular exercise and clean eating, many fitness-conscious vacationers are happily trading their laid-back beach vacations for stays at trendy wellness resorts that offer amenities like guided outdoor adventures, custom detox programs, and professional fitness assessments.

    Cooking Lessons If your mom makes exercise a priority, the chances are that she’s just as serious about nutrition. To help her get the most out of her time in the kitchen, look for classes that focus on cooking with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Most culinary schools run a variety of weekly group lessons, but if you don't mind splurging, gift cards to private workshops are hard to beat.

    Deep Tissue Massage for Back Pain Relief in Cleveland

    December 18, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Back pain can completely derail your busy Cleveland life, making you unable to work, exercise, enjoy your family, or relax without discomfort. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. If you're one of these millions of Americans, don't worry; there is some good news. The ACA reports that most instances of lower back pain are not caused by serious conditions, which means that you may finally get relief with Deep Tissue Massage right here in Cleveland.

    The Process of Deep Tissue Massage

    Unlike other types of massage, Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning muscle layers and connective tissue buried deep within you. This can help to break up scar tissue, increase oxygen to the muscles and relax rigid bands of tissue called adhesions. Before heading to your first massage, it's important to remember that the sessions can be uncomfortable since the therapy is working muscles out on such a deep layer.

    The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

    With Deep Tissue Massage, many chronic back pain sufferers find that they're once again able to go about their daily routine without discomfort. It seems like magic, but the relief that Deep Tissue Massage brings is actually very scientific.

    • Deep Tissue Massage removes toxins from muscles. This improves your health, circulation and digestion. Be sure to do your part in the toxin removal process by drinking lots of water after your session. 
    • Massage repairs muscles. By improving the circulation throughout your body and working out tension and kinks in muscles, Deep Tissue Massage helps repair muscle injuries and relieve pain. 
    • According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), massage reduces swelling, which can work wonders on chronic pain. 
    • A study cited by UMMC found that Deep Tissue Massage reduced systolic blood pressure by an average of 10.4 mm Hg and diastolic an average of 5.3 mm Hg.

    If you suffer from back pain, don't give up hope. Relief is in sight. Talk to your doctor or Massage Therapist about the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage today.

    Prenatal Massage in Cleveland - Pregnancy Pain Relief

    December 18, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Being pregnant can be a happy and exciting time in your life. However, your joy and anticipation may be overshadowed by the aches and pains that go along with expecting a baby. As your stomach expands and your body changes, you also may have frequent backaches, headaches, and pain in your ankles and legs. Because you want to keep your baby safe, you may also want to avoid taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Rather than deal with months' worth of pain and discomfort, you can enjoy relaxation and relief during your pregnancy with Prenatal Massage in Cleveland. Before you go for your massage, however, you should keep these practical tips in mind.

    Speak with Your Doctor

    Prenatal Massage is growing in popularity with today's expectant mothers. However, as with any new remedy or treatment you pursue during your pregnancy, you should talk with your doctor before making your massage appointment. If you are in your second or third trimester, you will probably be given the all-clear unless you are experiencing complications. If you are in your first trimester, your doctor may advise you to wait until later in your pregnancy.

    Watch Your Positioning

    Traditional massage requires that people lie on their stomachs face down on the massage table. However, you are unable to do so safely when you are pregnant. Your Massage Therapist will probably have a specially designed table for pregnant clients available for you. If you still are not comfortable lying on the table or placing your belly and breasts in the areas designated for pregnant clients, you can still get a good massage by lying on your side with a pillow in between your legs for comfort.

    Choose a Therapist Skilled in Prenatal Massage

    With Prenatal Massage growing in popularity, more Massage Therapists are learning the special skills required for this service. Before making your appointment, you should confirm that your therapist is skilled in Prenatal Massage and can ensure the safety and comfort of you and your unborn baby. A skilled Prenatal Massage Therapist will also know what areas in your back, legs, hips, and neck to target so that you are fully relaxed and free from the pain that comes with being pregnant.

    Pregnancy is a joyous time that can also be accompanied by backaches, headaches, and pain in your legs and feet. When you want to avoid taking pain medication, you can find the relief that you need to feel better by undergoing a Prenatal Massage.

    Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Cleveland Newlyweds

    December 16, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Wondering what to get for your favorite Cleveland couple on their first Holiday together? Here are our top picks for couple gifting this holiday season. 

    Movie theater gift cards. Films are always fun, especially when you don't have to buy tickets and the buttered popcorn is free. 

    Couples Massage gift card. Massage reduces stress, helps the body heal itself and strengthens the immune system. Couples Massage creates a strong feeling of intimacy and connection between the partners. This Holiday Season, we are offering 1 FREE Massage Gift Card when you purchase 3 gift cards for your friends and loved ones. Take advantage of this great offer and use one for yourself! We have several locations in the Cleveland area including in Fairview Park, Strongsville, and Westlake

    Gift Card for Couples Massage.Couples Massage day is the utmost in luxurious self-indulgence. Our retreats offer Massage Elevations (add-ons) like Facials and Hot Stone Therapy

    Restaurant gift certificate. Most newlywed couples don’t have the budget to go out to eat so a Gift Card to a nice restaurant is greatly appreciated. Add a couple of theater or comedy club tickets and they can enjoy a great night with dinner and a show. 

    A wine tasting tour. A day out tasting wines is a great way for newlywed couples to spend the day together. 

    Tickets to a concert. Everyone loves to see music live, but newlyweds usually don’t have it in their budget to splurge. A great concert is a gift that will be long remembered. There are always a variety of tribute bands playing in the Cleveland area. 

    Tandem skydiving. If the newlyweds are adventurous, treat them to a tandem skydiving adventure they'll never forget. 

    The key to success at giving gifts to newlyweds is to present them with something they want but would never buy for themselves. When choosing a gift, think about what they enjoy doing together. That will give you the best ideas for the perfect gift.

    Give Your Cleveland Mom the Holiday Gift of Pampering

    December 16, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Our amazing moms spend their lives making sure everyone around them is healthy and happy. Isn’t it about time that we do the same for them? While chocolates and cards are always nice, when she’s busy, giving her a chance to enjoy some guilt-free relaxation is priceless. 

    From at-home treats to decadent Massage Therapy right here in Cleveland, the 10 special gifts below are sure to give mom the pampering she deserves on any budget. 

    1. Delicious Dinner It’s hard to go wrong with an evening at a highly rated restaurant. For a twist on classic fine dining, book a chef’s table, where you can be personally catered to by the team that makes the magic happen. DC Pasta Co and the Rosewood Grill, both in Strongsville, are two of our favorite restaurants in their neighborhood. 

    2. Massage Therapy Package Loaded with services that range from facials to body wraps, spa menus offer pampering for every need. Our Cleveland Retreats offer rejuvenating Facials and several Massage Elevations (massage add-ons) such as Hot Stone Therapy and Aromatherapy Treatments. 

    3. Manicures and Pedicures Surprise her with a manicure, pedicure or both at an upscale salon. She’ll get the feel and service of a luxury spa at a price you can afford. 

    4. Makeover Even though she looks perfect just the way she is, an appointment with a hair or makeup artist is sure to make her feel fantastic. 

    5. Massage Therapy Massage not only feels great, but it’s bursting with proven health benefits that any busy mom can get behind, like pain and stress relief, better sleep, healthier skin and improved energy levels. This Holiday Season, we are offering 1 FREE Massage Gift Card when you purchase 3 gift cards for your friends and loved ones. Take advantage of this great offer and reward yourself with a massage! We have several locations in the Cleveland area including in Fairview Park, Strongsville, and Westlake

    6. Breakfast in Bed Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t give her an experience that feels like pure indulgence. For a morning she’ll never forget, wake her up with a tray full of her favorite breakfast foods and a bouquet of seasonal flowers. 

    7. Luxurious Linens Speaking of the luxury of spending a lazy morning in bed, make all her nights and mornings more memorable with a high-quality linen collection. At Massage Heights we use only the most luxurious linens on our massage tables to maximize your comfort and relaxing experience. We use the Comphy Linens brand of sheets and quilts in our services and have them available for purchase in a variety of colors.

    8. Classes If her idea of relaxing is working on a hobby, send her to a class that fits her interests, like cooking, painting, acting or dancing. 

    9. Bath Supplies Therapeutic essential oils, aromatherapy products, and rich body butters make the perfect presents for the mom who loves bubble baths. Our Heights at Home collection of body milks, body butters, bath salts and linen sprays, available at any Massage Heights Cleveland retreat (in Fairview Park, Westlake or Strongsville), will be a refreshing addition to a spa-themed basket! 

    10. Cruise For a rejuvenating break from life on dry land, sail away with her on a small dinner cruise or book a private boat for on-the-water cocktails at sunset. 

    Making mom feel special is easy with the right gifts for moms. All it takes is paying attention to what she enjoys and finding that one thing that she will really appreciate. Remember, moms deserve to be pampered and the holidays are a great opportunity to show her how much you care.

    Holiday Gifts for New Cleveland Dads

    December 13, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Becoming a father is an amazing experience, and it makes the holiday season even more special. The perfect holiday gift for a new Cleveland dad is something that reflects both his personality and his new role as a father. Here are some great gift ideas for the new dad in your life.

    Coordinating daddy and baby’s wardrobe can help him show the world what a proud new dad he is. The SouthPark Mall has several clothing stores to inspire you.

    A new dad may be surprised at how much physical work is involved in baby care. Muscles get sore quickly, and it's easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. For a dad facing these challenges, Massage Therapy is the perfect gift. It gives him a much-needed break, reduces his stress levels and eases his aches and pains. Book his massage, or even better, purchase a special package for him. During the Holidays, we’re offering a FREE Massage Gift Card with the purchase of 3. He can enjoy Massage Therapy well into 2016!

    Moms aren't the only ones who love to read parenting books and magazines. For the conscientious new dad, a magazine subscription or popular baby-care book could be a lifesaver. In fact, Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Westlake is just down the street from our Westlake Massage Heights.

    An oversize bean bag chair offers your new dad a great place to relax, kick back and read bedtime stories, and it doubles as a perfect addition to his man cave.

    When you have a new baby, capturing special moments is a priority. Every shutterbug dad would love a new camera or high-tech accessories and software to help him preserve the most important memories of his life.

    It’s not always easy to find gifts for new dads, but these ideas should help you to find a great gift right here in Cleveland.

    Prenatal Massage for Pregnancy Aches and Pains

    December 10, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    When you’re pregnant, your life, as well as your body, immediately changes. Many expectant mothers choose Prenatal Massage for pregnancy aches and pains as well as relief from the emotional changes that may accompany pregnancy.

    Prenatal Massage differs from a traditional massage in that pressure is applied differently. Your position is different as well; while many patients lie flat during a regular massage, expectant mothers may find the position uncomfortable or impossible. A Massage Therapist may prop your body on pillows.

    There are many reported benefits of Pregnancy Massage, including improved sleep and a decrease in pregnancy-related aches and pain. A massage may be right for you if you’re experiencing any of the following:


    Many physicians don’t recommend Prenatal Massage during the first trimester due to a higher risk of miscarriage during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Once your healthcare provider has established that you’re healthy and not high-risk, it’s time to schedule a relaxing Prenatal Massage.


    Your center of gravity and posture changes as you get further along in your pregnancy, which may put plenty of stress on your lower back muscles. If you experience lingering back pain during pregnancy, your physician or midwife may recommend a program of physical therapy, stretching and Prenatal Massage.

    While much of the back pain pregnant women experience is in the lower back, swelling breasts and the extra weight in your front may also cause shoulder, neck or upper back pain. A Prenatal Massage may relieve many painful symptoms of pregnancy, and it’s an all-natural, medication-free solution.


    Not only does your body change during pregnancy, but your shifting hormones may cause mood swings and a myriad jumble of emotions. An invigorating massage in a tranquil environment may be the perfect de-stressing tool for the expectant mother.


    Because it can relax you and relieve body pain simultaneously, Prenatal Massage may be the ticket to a good night’s sleep. Consider a weekly massage routine in the final months of pregnancy if you’re dealing with insomnia or restless sleep patterns.


    After nine months of carrying a growing human inside your body, you’re likely getting impatient to meet him or her. Since the idea of giving birth is often daunting, you may benefit from a Prenatal Massage at Massage Heights Atlanta for pregnancy aches and pains, and to help you prepare for labor.

    Always remember to let your doctor know which symptoms you experience so she/he can watch for any serious conditions. To start feeling better today, request a reservation at a Massage Heights Atlanta Retreat today.

    10 Tips for Relieving Cleveland Holiday Stress

    December 10, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    No matter how much you plan, the holidays creep up on you. With all the last-minute shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining, stress is virtually inevitable. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat it. Don’t let the hecticness of the holiday season take all of the fun out of what should be a happy time spent with your loved ones.

    Here are ten tips from your experts at Massage Heights Cleveland for keeping your sanity intact throughout the holidays.

    Ten Tips to Help You Beat Holiday Stress

    1. Set a budget and stick to it.
    If you can't afford lavish gifts, get creative. Handmade gifts often mean more to those who receive them than store-bought luxuries do.

    2. Try Massage Therapy. A professional massage does more than just relieve the pain of tense muscles. It can actually increase the production of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in your body. These chemicals relieve stress and leave you feeling content and relaxed. This Holiday Season, we are offering 1 FREE Massage Gift Card when you purchase 3 gift cards for your friends and loved ones. Take advantage of this great offer and use one for yourself! We have several locations in the Cleveland area including in Fairview ParkStrongsville, and Westlake.

    3. Exercise Regularly. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to move more when you're feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, studies have proven that staying active and fit reduces stress and improves sleep patterns. It can even increase your energy levels. At Massage Heights we offer great Sports Massage for sports enthusiasts and athletes alike.

    4. Maintain a Healthy Routine. It's easy to be thrown off schedule during the holidays, but maintaining consistent eating and sleeping schedules will help everyone stay grounded.

    5. Avoid Overindulging in Holiday Sweets. You don't have to avoid them entirely, but you do need to enjoy them in moderation. Overeating makes you feel stressed out, sluggish and tired, and it may lower your self-esteem and leave you with extra weight. Speaking of sweets, on behalf of Massage Heights Westgate, we want to give a shout-out to our neighbors from the Melting Pot (Westgate, 3111 Westgate Mall, Fairview Park, OH 44126)! Not overindulging does not mean avoid all together the great desserts from our favorite places.

    6. Practice Breathing Deeply. On days when you are feeling overly stressed, deep breathing exercises will help you calm down and find your center.

    7. Make quiet time for yourself. When you feel overwhelmed, spend an hour or two walking in nature or get away to a quiet place away from other people. Libraries are a great place to relax. By the way, if you have not checked it out already, visit the Strongsville Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library, just a few blocks away from our Massage Heights Strongsville location.

    8. Use Aromatherapy products to brighten your mood. Citrus scents are effective for increasing energy. Lavender and spearmint are known to promote relaxation. Try pure essential oils.

    9. Find something that makes you laugh. Laughter reduces stress-related chemicals and improves your immune function. When shared with others, it helps you feel connected to them in a positive way.

    10. If You Need Help, Ask for It. The holidays may trigger serious depression and anxiety in some people. If you feel overwhelmed to the point that your quality of life is diminished, don't hold it inside. Reach out to your friends and family, seek counseling, or join a Cleveland area support group.

    Reducing Migraines with Massage Therapy and Other Natural Treatments

    December 08, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Many people are affected monthly, and sometimes weekly, by migraine headaches and finding migraine treatment isn’t easy. Migraines are painful, debilitating and can keep you from work, school and social events. Those who regularly suffer from migraines often search for ways to control the pain, looking to doctors and prescription medications that don't always work. Some have found that lifestyle changes and non-drug therapies reduce the severity and frequency of their migraines. If you're a chronic migraine sufferer, here are some natural therapies you may want to consider.


    If you’ve ever had a migraine or even a really severe headache, the chances are good that you have instinctively reached your hands to your forehead and massaged it. While this is often futile, there is a reason for this instinct. A properly administered head massage can temporarily relieve the pain due to migraines.

    Massage Therapy works by blocking pain signals to the brain and prompting the release of serotonin that some migraine sufferers have found reduces their migraines. Head massage is not the only way to accomplish this however, you can also try Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and reflexology, as well as other forms.


    Studies have shown that 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week decreases both the frequency and intensity of headaches. This may be due to an overall reduction of stress, increased circulation and improved breathing. If you're not getting 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times a week, and you suffer frequent migraines, you may want to change your routine.


    During acupuncture treatments, small needles are inserted into various areas of your body to adjust the flow of energy and restore balance. Some studies suggest that acupuncture is an effective treatment for minimizing migraine pain and may reduce the number of migraines you have.


    Both sleep and relaxation have been found to help reduce migraines. A proper sleep schedule and time spent relaxing throughout the day can reduce your stress and improve your overall health. To get a good night’s sleep, make sure that you have a routine in place that allows you an uninterrupted seven or eight hours. You may want to consider shades and earplugs to minimize interruptions. For relaxation, allow for several 10 minute periods throughout your day to sit and practice your deep breathing and focus on relaxing tense muscles.

    Finding a migraine treatment is not easy but Massage Therapy has been shown to help reduce the frequency of migraines. Combining lifestyle changes with the traditional therapies provided by your physician may be just the recipe you needed for a migraine-free life.

    Massage for Musicians in Atlanta

    December 04, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Can massage for musicians really help with how you play? Every musician knows the routine. You practice, you rehearse and hopefully perform. Before you can do any of those things, you need to tune your instrument. Whether you're a famous musician in the Atlanta scene or just learning, you have to keep your body tuned so that it can perform well for you. Musicians are prone to repetitive stress injuries, anxiety, and restlessness. That’s where Therapeutic Massage comes in. It can help you overcome all those problems and keep your body alert and responsive as well as help to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

    Although stage fright can ruin a performance, Massage Therapy can help to relax your body so that your mind can relax too. Massage also helps you sleep better and longer, which enables you to play your best.

    Tight or sore muscles can distract you from your performance as you focus on the pain. Let’s face it, if your back hurts every time you pick up your guitar, your performance will suffer. Massage Therapy can help by loosening the muscles, so they are more flexible. It also improves posture and increases the circulation throughout the body, which promotes healing.

    Professional musicians would never travel without a technician to setup and maintain their equipment. Athletes regularly employ Massage Therapists to travel with them to keep their "equipment" in order. Musicians finally realize that it's a good idea to bring a Massage Therapist along when they go out on the road. A pre-show massage helps to calm the jitters, revives the muscles and improves your state of mind. A post-show massage will refresh you and help you fall asleep faster.

    If your manager will not spring for a Massage Therapist to bring on your tour, it's easy to find a Massage Heights to get a Therapeutic Massage. A Swedish Massage is always a great choice and can greatly relieve the discomfort of repetitive motion injuries.

    Do yourself and your music a favor. Try getting a soothing massage before your next show, you'll see that you will not just feel great, but you're less likely to get injured as well. Massage will allow you to relax and focus on making beautiful music instead of the pain that comes with being a musician. Come in to Massage Heights Atlanta to schedule your massage today.

    Best Massage Therapy in Houston for Sciatica Relief

    December 03, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Those who have suffered from it know that few things are as painful as sciatica, and Massage Therapy can help relieve pain.Those who have suffered from it know that few things are as painful as sciatica, and Massage Therapy can help relieve pain. The largest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve runs all the way from the lower back along the back of the leg to the heel. When the nerve becomes compressed by the muscles running alongside it, symptoms from minor tingling to debilitating pain occur. Many patients use painkillers and muscle relaxers to control sciatica pain, but there are other options when it comes to learning how to relieve sciatic nerve pain.

    One of the best options for tackling sciatica pain is Massage Therapy. Massage Therapists in Houston, who have training in managing sciatica pain, use a variety of techniques to help ease muscle tension and help provide relief for the nerves. If you suffer from sciatica, regularly scheduled massages can help provide added relief. Before you pursue massage, be sure to get a diagnosis from your doctor. It is important to know if you are suffering from sciatica or another spinal issue so that your Massage Therapist can provide the best course of treatment possible. Remember that sciatica is a description of your symptoms, which may be caused by an underlying condition.


    Because sciatica pain is often caused by a tightening of muscles along the spine, buttock or legs, massage is one of the best ways to help address this pain. If you suffer from sciatica issues, your Massage Therapist will talk to you about where your pain is localized. Be ready to share information about your daily activities so that your Massage Therapist understands which muscles to target. During a massage, your therapist will focus primarily on your lower back, buttocks and the backs of your legs. The idea is to relax the muscles that are putting pressure on the sciatic nerve so that you can help get pain relief. Of course, massage also helps promote overall relaxation, which can help you to cope better with the symptoms of sciatica.


    In addition to regular massages, there are many other ways you can keep your spine healthy. To minimize sciatica pain and promote health, try: • Massaging your buttocks at home using a tennis ball. Your Massage Therapist can demonstrate the technique for you. • Eating a healthy, balanced diet. Include as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible. • Using an alternating course of cold and hot therapy if approved by your doctor. • Keeping up with regular yoga or stretching routine. Learning how to relieve sciatic nerve pain is all about paying attention to your activities and getting a regular massage to ease the pain. Your Massage Therapist will help you to feel better and offer suggestions on additional methods to find relief.

    Swedish Massage for Sleep Problems: The Natural Cure You Need

    December 01, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Will  Swedish Massage for sleep problems really work for me? It's a funny thing about sleep; we don’t think about it all that much unless, of course, we are not getting enough. We do know that, when you need it most, it's nowhere to be found.

    When sleep is elusive, many of us begin to feel desperate. Chemical solutions can seem quite appealing, especially when you’re feeling desperate, but these are bound to have side effects, some of which could be severe. Moreover, once you get started down that road, there might be no turning back.

    Luckily, there's a better way. For a healthier, more natural means of banishing sleepless nights, many have discovered the wonders of Swedish Massage.

    How Massage Can Help

    Scientists know that the quality of sleep can rise and fall in direct proportion to the body's production of melatonin, a hormone that influences the sleep portion of the daily circadian cycle. For the individual who fails to manufacture enough of this vital substance, nights of tossing and turning are certain to result.

    However, another hormone is equally essential. It's called serotonin, and it affects everything from behavior, mood, and appetite to body temperature. It's a vital neurotransmitter, and unless it is present in sufficient quantities, the body could find it difficult to produce the melatonin it needs to assist in inducing sleep.

    Since low levels of this vital substance can lead to wakefulness, it makes sense that raising those levels can help to break the cycle. That's where Swedish Massage can help.

    The Role of Swedish Massage

    Research undertaken
    at the University of Miami's School of Medicine in 2001 showed a positive connection between Swedish Massage and serotonin production. Subjects who took part in the five-week-long study enjoyed 30-minute sessions of massage twice a week. At the end of that time, each subject demonstrated measurably higher levels of serotonin along with an improved quality of sleep.

    Breaking the Insomnia Cycle

    The effectiveness of Swedish Massage for raising serotonin levels, relieving pain and lowering anxiety has enabled countless numbers of people to break the pattern of stress-filled days and wide-awake nights. Perhaps best of all, it relieves sleepless individuals of the need to fall back on potentially addictive chemical substances that can cause serious side effects and often fail to work.

    Although science has yet to understand fully the intricacies of sleep and sleep deprivation, anything that can improve its quality while benefiting the body in so many other ways must be worth a second look. Swedish Massage for sleep problems could be the answer you’re looking for.

    Visit us at Massage Heights Dallas and get relief!

    Massage Therapy For Seniors With Osteoarthritis

    December 01, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    There are certain health issues that are common among seniors. The aging population in the United States has brought attention to these conditions, and it is important for treatment options to be fully developed to ensure that seniors can live a satisfying life. Osteoarthritis is one of these conditions. Massage Therapy can provide comfort for seniors as they learn to live with osteoarthritis.


    Studies have shown
    that Massage Therapy is an effective component in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The frequency of massage sessions tends to be higher during the first month of treatment, and it is recommended that seniors schedule two appointments per week during this initial stage. Weekly massage appointments are recommended after the first month.

    The techniques that are used during a session depend on the area that is affected by Osteoarthritis. Massage Therapists start by asking questions about pain and stiffness to ensure that they are working trouble spots. Some of the common movements used during the treatment of Osteoarthritis include:

    Effleurage This movement involves a light touch all over the body. It is used to facilitate relaxation during the session. Deeper pressure used during this movement is beneficial for improving blood circulation and stretching muscles.

    Petrissage This refers to the kneading movements that are used during a massage. Slow motions that are used with a medium level of pressure promote blood circulation. This movement is usually used after effleurage. It is best for petrissage to be used when the muscles have already been relaxed through previous movements.

    Tapotement There are different types of tapotement that can be used during a massage.  

    • A cupped hand is used to pound on tense muscles to relieve this tension. 
    • Hacking is a movement during which the sides of the hands are pounded against the muscles after the muscles have been relaxed. 
    • Closed hands are pounded against the skin in the beating movement. 
    • Plucking the skin with the thumb and fingers is intended to relax the muscles.

    While these are common techniques used during Massage Therapy for Osteoarthritis, different movements in various sequences may be utilized based on an individual's unique needs.


    Seniors who are dealing with the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis should take care to find a licensed Massage Therapist, who can properly treat the condition. Massage Heights employs the best Massage Therapists in the Dallas area. Seniors who would like to try massage as a treatment option can discuss their unique needs with a Massage Therapist to ensure that the techniques used during a session are targeted to these issues. Contact one of the seven Massage Heights locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to schedule an appointment. 

    Sports Massage in Atlanta - Muscle Recovery for Athletes

    December 01, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Athletes rely on their muscles for their livelihood. That's why professional sports teams have Massage Therapists on their payroll. At Massage Heights Atlanta, we offer Sports Massage to help fast muscle recovery for athletes. Even professional cyclists are known for traveling with their own Massage Therapists who massage their bodies before and after every stage of a race (pre and post event).

    The reason they are on staff is because a Sports Massage contributes to a faster muscle recovery time for the athlete, which in turn helps to reduce the time before they resume activities and is critical for ultimate performance. Whether it's a highly paid football star or a weekend warrior, Massage Therapy is perfect for overused muscles, reducing pain, preventing injury and aiding in the recovery from injuries.


    Massage helps encourage fresh blood flow, which increases the distribution of oxygen and nutrients that rebuild damaged muscle tissue. Built-up toxins are also removed by the therapist's long motions. Stretching the muscles releases tension and pressure.

    Massage Therapy can help an athlete in several ways.

    • Flexibility is crucial for athletes. The stretching of muscles increases their flexibility. Muscles do not tighten simultaneously or at the same rate throughout an athlete's body. A runner, for example, may have tightness in the legs but not the arms. A massage balances this offset tension, preventing permanent instability.
    • Improved circulation helps during performance and recovery. Any micro trauma caused by training or performing is repaired by increased blood flow to the over-worked area. Tight muscles restrict the flow of blood. Massage Therapy loosens the muscles and boosts circulation throughout the body.
    • The pain of overworked or injured muscles is relieved by massage treatments. Less pain equals more effective training and better performance.
    • Sleep is essential during recovery. Full-body massage improves the quality and duration of an athlete's sleep. More and better sleep is also good for an athlete's nerves. Relaxing Massage Therapy is effective in fighting against insomnia, which allows an athlete to function in peak form.
    • Most athletes have an aggressive approach to their sport. They may be easy-going when they're not competing, but when their game face is on, they change. It's hard to relax after competing, and massage enables athletes to stay calm before a game and to ramp down when the contest has ended.

    More athletes are turning to Massage Therapy for numerous reasons. It helps effectively allow for increased, harder training, and it helps enable the athlete to perform at the highest level possible. It also promotes fast muscle recovery for athletes from the rigors of competition. A weekly full-body massage provides lasting benefits to serious athletes and casual players, too. Don't overlook the power of Sports Massage to improve your game. Your body will thank you with a better response and fewer injuries.

    Most Romantic Couples Massage in Atlanta

    December 01, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Going out for a massage? Get the most romantic Couples Massage in Atlanta! Experiencing special moments together is a great way for couples to bond. Adding romance and relaxation to the equation can make the event even more special. One way to spice up your time together is by experiencing a Couples Massage.

    In the correct setting and with the right practitioners, a Couples Massage can help provide a heightened level of intimacy and a stronger feeling of closeness. You and your loved one will also experience other documented health benefits of Massage Therapy, including relaxation and stress relief. Massage helps increase the sense of well-being by helping stimulate the release of hormones, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, which boost feelings of affection. The therapeutic manipulation of tissue and muscle also provides the opportunity for both of you to relax and have a pleasurable experience at the same time. 

    The experience is a great way to introduce a loved one to the restorative benefits of a massage. Having someone that they know and trust in the room can be reassuring and take the uncertainty out of what to expect for someone who has never had a massage before. Your loved one will be more comfortable as well and less nervous and apprehensive about the process. Each person can receive a massage tailored to his or her specific needs. The sense of togetherness from the shared bonding experience can bring you even closer together during a honeymoon, birthday celebration or quick weekend getaway. Sharing novel experiences rekindles relationships and strengthens the commitment of new couples. A massage can be a shared avenue of adventure. 

    To get the most out of the experience, determine ahead of time what each of you hope to accomplish during the session. Ensure that you will be comfortable with each other in this setting. Decide whether you want to talk or remain quiet and meditate while enjoying the massage. You can introduce additional romance with amenities, such as dim lighting and soothing music. 

    The romantic setting provides a wonderful backdrop to celebrate an anniversary or another special occasion. If you want to extend the experience, consider scheduling other services offered by the retreat. Visit Massage Heights for a romantic Couples Massage in Atlanta.

    Best Prenatal Massage in Houston

    December 01, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Pregnancy is a beautiful time, replete with excitement and fun, but sometimes with aches and pains as well. Consider visiting a Massage Therapist at Massage Heights for the Best Prenatal Massage in Houston  Many women report some difficulties, such as swelling of the feet, leg cramps, headaches, and lower back pain during pregnancy. Such complaints can make it difficult to sleep, sit, stand, or walk for long periods, so Prenatal Massage can be helpful. Massage Heights, with locations across Greater Houston, has Licensed Massage Therapist specially trained and certified in this discipline. Adapted Swedish Massage techniques are used tohelp relieve back pain. 


    Tightness could be from stress, a spine that is out of alignment, or injury. Your Massage Therapist uses long strokes along the surface of your sore, tight muscles to relieve the aches and pains. Deep breathing and doctor-approved stretching, such as pregnancy yoga, can also be used to release muscle tension. 


    During the pregnancy term, the volume of blood in your body doubles. This fact requires close attention to lifestyle choices, such as remembering to eat a well-balanced diet, getting high-quality sleep, and drinking plenty of water. Increased blood volume also means pregnant women should avoid Deep Tissue Massage. Using a careful Swedish approach, a therapist’s long strokes will improve the circulation in your muscles in a more moderate way.


    You will be invited to lie in a relaxed state on the massage table, ensuring proper flow of the blood and avoiding too much weight on your uterus, while you receive back pain relief. Throughout your massage, ask questions of the Massage Therapist and let him or her know what feels good and what does not. You are the driver of the experience and should request your Massage Therapist to focus on the tensest areas. Don’t let lower back pain during pregnancy bring you down as you try to work or meet other obligations during pregnancy. A Prenatal Massage for lower back pain during pregnancy can help offer much-needed relief. Use a fully certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist to relieve back tension and improve the condition of sore muscles without compromising your health or affecting your baby.

    Best Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain Relief

    December 01, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Back pain strikes quickly and lingers, that’s why it’s imperative that you seek the best Massage Therapy in Houston for lower back pain relief . Lower back pain never quite heals to the point when you’re confident you can twist, bend over and turn without aggravating your back. Some people reach for over-the-counter medication; others seek medical attention and receive injections and surgery, but nothing seems to help relieve the pain 100 percent. However, new studies indicate that Massage Therapy can help treat persistent lower back pain more effectively than medical therapies. 

    MASSAGE THERAPY FOR BACK PAIN: Back pain occurs for a number of reasons, which include muscle tension and strain from overexertion. When Massage Therapy targets the correct muscles, it can help alleviate the tension and offer healing benefits. By isolating the major lower back muscles with Massage Therapy, it helps reduce irritation caused by the quadratus lumborum and the gluteus medius muscles and offers lower back pain relief. These muscles suffer the most when you engage your lower back while keeping your upper body still. Some activities that aggravate these muscles include: 

    • Slumping in a chair

    • Running on uneven terrain

    • Leaning over to lift something up

    When the quadratus lumborum muscle tightens, it produces a sharp, aggravating pain. However, pain can also stem from an inflamed gluteus medius if you have an irritated quadratus lumborum muscle. Stretching and massaging these muscles helps reduce the tightness and helps relieve the pain.

    BENEFITS OF MASSAGE THERAPY: Researchers have found that Swedish Massage helps offer the most relief for lower back pain thanks to its gentle, relaxing massage techniques. After a single massage session, muscles feel more relaxed, and you have a fuller range of motion. Other benefits that Swedish Massage helps improve:

    • Blood circulation

    • Increased endorphin levels 

    • Better sleep cycles 

    • Relief from digestive disorders

    • Decreased anxiety 

    SWEDISH MASSAGE FOR LOWER BACK PAIN: If you suffer from persistent lower back pain, discuss with your physician and seek a qualified Massage Therapist, who specializes in rejuvenating the primary back muscles. Massaging the lower back area with Swedish-style techniques for 60 minutes can help loosen tight muscles, relieve the pain and improve your ability to turn, bend over, run and twist without problems. Combined with exercise for strengthening the lower back, Swedish Massage can offer lower back pain relief when other medical solutions fail to provide relief.

    Prenatal Massage and Back Pain

    November 29, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Suffering from back pain during your pregnancy? The best Prenatal Massage for back pain is at Massage Heights Dallas. Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life. As you wait with anticipation for the birth of your child, however, you may find yourself experiencing a few annoying problems. Leg cramps, swollen feet and ankles, headaches and back pain are common. If you live in or near Dallas and are pregnant, consider Prenatal Massage for potential relief from pregnancy back pain. You may find that it helps relieve other ailments as well.To choose the best Pregnancy Massage for back pain, you need to know what to look for. Of utmost importance is that the professional Massage Therapist, who will provide your massage. You want to look for someone who is qualified to give the massage. Prenatal Massage requires specialized knowledge. The techniques used in giving safe, effective massage to women who are pregnant differ from those used for general Massage Therapy. Engage the services of a professional who has completed training in this field and holds a current certification.

    It’s important to discuss where your pain is so the Massage Therapist can be sure to target those areas. Your therapist will most likely have you lying on your side with cushions in place to ensure your comfort. You will want to talk with your doctor before your massage and be sure to inform your Massage Therapist of any concerns.

    Swedish Massage is the best Massage Technique for back pain and the technique that is used most for women who are pregnant. This type of massage employs long, soothing strokes. Light pressure, gentle friction, and circular movement often are used. Additional components of Swedish Massage sometimes are added, depending on the needs of the individual who is receiving the massage.

    Although Prenatal Massage usually is not recommended for women in their first trimester, with the right provider, you will benefit greatly from massage in the second or third trimester. Not only can a good massage relieve lower back pain, but it relaxes and relieves spasms as well. Massage of the upper back, neck and shoulders often helps get rid of headaches because blood flow to the muscles is normalized, which helps rid the body of metabolic waste. These are but a few of the many benefits of Pregnancy Massage.

    Please contact us at Massage Heights if you want the best Prenatal Massage for back pain in Dallas. Our certified therapist will be happy to answer all your questions, provide references and schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

    Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain Relief

    November 29, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Medical researchers at the University of Maryland have noted that lower back pain is incredibly prevalent among American adults. For those who suffer from it, getting lower back pain relief is vital. Between 60 and 80 percent of adults are estimated to suffer from lower back pain, with 2.4 million Americans considered chronically disabled because of back pain. Unfortunately, traditional medicine has largely failed to treat this back-pain epidemic. Both over-the-counter and prescription painkillers are generally considered the best answer to this type of pain, but many adults simply don't want to take drugs for the rest of their lives to manage back problems.

    While lower back pain remains a major epidemic, new medical research also suggests that alternative therapies such as massage may hold the key to controlling this type of pain. In fact, Massage Therapy has been shown to both reduce pain and increase overall function in adults who suffer from regular back problems. A 2011 study showed that massage was generally more effective in treating back pain than traditional medical therapies including prescriptions and surgery.

    One of the chief benefits of choosing Massage Therapy as a treatment for lower back pain is that massage has very few negative effects. In fact, regular massage has been shown to do more than just relieve physical pain. Some studies have found that Massage Therapy can even reduce anxiety and depression, which are frequent side effects of chronic back pain. Many adults prefer massage to manage their back pain precisely because it allows them to interact with a compassionate human being who is interested in helping them restore bodily health.

    Research also shows that massage can help improve range of movement for those who suffer from back problems, allowing for a greater quality of life. Of course, choosing a certified Massage Therapist is key to ensuring that you can reap the benefits of massage for lower back pain. Look for a certified Massage Therapist who specializes in helping adults manage back pain. Spend time talking to your therapist to ensure that you can get the best benefits from treatment.

    Of course, before you head to a Massage Therapist, you should secure an accurate diagnosis of back problems from a doctor. Knowing the underlying medical cause of back pain allows Massage Therapists to create targeted therapy programs. If an injury is the primary cause of back pain, sufferers should be sure to describe that injury to their Massage Therapists. Being candid with your therapist will ensure the best results from massage treatments for lower back pain relief. Come into Massage Heights Dallas to talk to an Expert Therapist today, and get relief!

    How Massage Therapy can Relieve Workplace Pain and Stress

    November 29, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Sitting in a cramped office chair and staring at a bright computer monitor as fluorescent lighting fills the room does not contribute to good health. In fact, staying confined to your desk makes you more vulnerable to neck, back and shoulder pain, not to mention job-related stress stress that goes along with working. Thankfully, massage therapy can help ease those aches and pains and also reduce the stress that you carry throughout the day.

    MASSAGE HELPS WITH DESK-RELATED PAIN: Typing on the keyboard and constantly moving the mouse can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive musculoskeletal injuries. The American Institute of Stress estimates that 1 million employees stay home from work each year and require workers’ compensation due to stress and work-related injuries. Weekly Massage Therapy counters inflammatory injuries and reduces the pain and discomfort you feel during the workday. 

    MASSAGE HELPS WITH DEPRESSION AND STRESS: The University of Rochester conducted a study and found that job-related stress was associated with major depression in male workers. Afterward, the Touch Research Institutes conducted a study at the University of Miami School of Medicine and discovered that Swedish Massage eased anxiety and depression, including leg and back pain, for workers dealing with job-related aches, pains and stress.

    MASSAGE HELPS WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Both trigger point and chair massage help lower blood pressure in workers. Studies found in the Journal of Advanced Nursing and reported by the American Massage Therapy Association that massage decreases heart rate and both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. After a 15-minute chair massage, workers had lower cortisol levels and blood pressure combined with a more relaxed mental state.

    In nearly all medical studies, patients showed significantly positive emotional changes after Massage Therapy. A daily or weekly chair massage improves circulation and combats aches and pains from sitting at a desk. Massage also boosts energy levels, elevates mood and helps improve concentration. Swedish Massage can also offer comforting respite for tired eyes that stay focused on a computer monitor all day. By using regularly scheduled massage, you can stop workplace pain and stress and keep those aches from getting worse.

    Sports Massage for Basketball Players

    November 27, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Basketball players always seem to be either in the air or on their back during a game. While basketball isn't technically classified as a contact sport, there are plenty of collisions during pick and roll plays, contested lay-ups and hard-charging fast breaks. The start-and-stop nature of basketball puts considerable stress on the players' leg joints and back.

    There is a good reason professional sports teams have sports medicine specialists like Massage Therapists on the payroll, massage helps get the kinks out of the back muscles and relieves the stress in the joints.

    Overused muscles need massage to eliminate lactose and other toxins that build up over time. Deep Tissue Massage literally pushes the offending chemicals out of the muscle, allowing it to heal properly. Sports Massage also allows athletes to perform at peak performance.

    The calming sensation of massage is beneficial for a long night of restful sleep which is needed to get the job done. Massage relaxes the mind as it eases the strains of the body.

    Basketball players, perhaps more than other athletes, need to be nimble and flexible. Our expert Therapists at Massage Heights Dallas can zero in on areas of repetitive stress to relieve any soreness that resulted from overuse. In fact, Sports Massage is good before and after playing basketball. A massage before the game increases flexibility and calms the nerves for optimum performance. Then, after the contest, it helps to repair any damage done during the competition. By removing the metabolic waste from your muscles, massage also reduces soreness from the muscles, so you'll recover more quickly.

    Whether you are a professional basketball player or a weekend warrior, you will reap the rewards of massage. After an hour of picks, lay-ups, jump balls, hard fouls, random collisions and general court mayhem, a massage is the perfect way for athletes to get their body back in top condition. Massages promote healthful sleep patterns, greater concentration and the maximum response from an athlete's body. They reduce recovery time and stress, which permits an athlete to compete without pain. Anybody who's in it to win it will benefit from regular Sports Massage. A calm mental state and a relaxed, pain-free body are critical to winning on the basketball court or any of life's courts.

    Your First Deep Tissue Massage In Dallas

    November 27, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Getting a massage can help with muscle aches, but first-timers may wonder which massage technique is best for their needs. Deep Tissue Massage is one option that is particularly effective for muscle soreness. However, the pressure used during this type of massage may cause temporary pain that clients may not be expecting when they book an appointment. Having a positive experience with a Deep Tissue Massage is a matter of knowing what to expect.


    Deep Tissue Massage is a specialized type of massage that focuses on the tissues found deep within the muscles of the body. Pressure is used during the massage to ensure that these areas are reached. Deep Tissue Massage is especially beneficial for people who suffer from muscle stiffness, soreness or tension.


    Deep Tissue Massage offers benefits including: 

    • Pain relief
    • Decreased muscle tension
    • Better posture
    • Relief from chronic pain related to conditions including fibromyalgia
    • Increase range of motion
    • Improved mobility
    • Faster healing time after an injury


    Clients who come in for a Deep Tissue Massage will start by undressing. Towels are provided to offer privacy during the massage. A Massage table is used to allow therapists to reach effectively problem spots during the appointment.

    Much pressure is used throughout a Deep Tissue Massage, and it is common for people to say that the experience is uncomfortable. It is necessary for this level of pressure to be used to ensure that knots and adhesions can be effectively worked out. Massage Therapists need to know where to focus their movements in order to provide the most benefits to clients. It is important for clients to discuss any issues that they may be experiencing in their body with their Massage Therapist before the massage begins. Special attention can be focused on problem areas to ensure that the massage is effective for providing relief.


    Reaping the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage in Dallas without risking damage is a matter of booking a massage with an experienced, skilled Massage Therapist. Massage Heights offers knowledgeable Therapists who are trained to use Deep Tissue Massage Techniques to improve the health of their clients. Massage Heights operates seven convenient locations throughout the Dallas metropolitan area.

    How to Avoid a Hamstring Injury With Sports Massage

    November 27, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Athletes all over the world want to know how to avoid a hamstring injury. Unfortunately, hamstring pulls, tears, and strains are painful and all too common, and there’s no way for athletes to prevent injuries to the hamstrings, which are the tendons and muscles of the legs that are located under the buttocks and above the knees. Athletes all over the world want to know how to avoid a hamstring injury. Unfortunately, hamstring pulls, tears, and strains are painful and all too common, and there’s no way for athletes to prevent injuries to the hamstrings, which are the tendons and muscles of the legs that are located under the buttocks and above the knees. However, the following tips should help you to learn how to avoid a hamstring injury to the greatest extent possible.


    You should never engage in any strenuous physical activity without first warming up all of your muscles, your hamstrings included. Get those hamstrings ready by stretching and jogging.


    Cooling down is as important as warming up. In fact, you should hold your stretches a little longer when you’re cooling your muscles. If you neglect to cool down, your hamstrings might not completely recover from your workout, and you’ll risk injuring them the next time you exercise.


    Get a Sports Massage. When a Licensed Massage Therapist works on your hamstrings, he or she can eliminate knots, improve the blood flow to the region, and ease muscle tightness, all of which will help you to learn how to avoid a hamstring injury. Sports Massage is proven to be helpful in both prevention and recovery from this type of injury.


    Make sure that your body is properly aligned when you run and that you move yourself in the correct ways. If you don’t know how to position yourself when you, say, make a left turn, consider contacting a trainer for advice. After all, a simple mistake such as suddenly swinging your hips the wrong way could cause you to pull your hamstrings. 5. TARGET THE HAMSTRINGS

    Certain exercises specifically strengthen the hamstrings, and they should be a part of your fitness regimen. Among those movements are lunges, squats, and hamstring kicks.

    6. TRY YOGA

    Yoga can greatly improve the flexibility of the hamstrings. Poses such as the bow pose and the pyramid pose are especially helpful in this regard.


    You should find that your right hamstrings are approximately equal in strength to your left hamstrings. Also, your quadriceps should not be more than twice as strong as your hamstrings. If those statements don’t hold true for you, exercise your hamstrings as necessary to attain those proportions.


    Overworked hamstrings often become injured hamstrings. Therefore, build your workout routines slowly. Start with gentle exercises that you know you can handle. From there, increase the length of your workout sessions and the amounts of weight that you lift by less than 10 percent each week.

    Romantic Gifts in Houston

    November 25, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Looking for a romantic gift for your significant other? Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill item like flowers or candy; choose something exciting and new instead! A Couples Massage sends a distinctive message that goes even further than a romantic moment. It tells your special someone that you want them to enjoy one of the most luxurious experiences in the world. 


    Today’s menu of massage services is extensive. It can be hard to choose between a Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, or any of the other indulgent treatments. Instead of trying to make this decision on your own, simply purchase a massage gift card! This is the one gift card that will make a real impression on your lover. One of the best parts of this experience is selecting a customized set of options for a tailor-made massage session. 


    Couples Massage sessions are a growing trend in the massage industry. For the ultimate in intimacy, you can relax together in the same massage room to the sounds of soft music.. Working in synchronization, your Massage Therapists will orchestrate your couple’s experience to ensure your both relaxed and rejuvenated.This tranquil experience could be the perfect beginning to the most romantic night of your life! A massage is not only a romantic gift but a healthy one, too! Both you and your partner will leave the session looking and feeling better than you ever imagined. Stop by Massage Heights Houston, to arrange for your Couples Massage a romantic gift that shows you care.

    Revive Your Weekend Warrior With Massage Therapy

    November 25, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    We all know that regular workouts are one of the best ways to stay healthy, keep fit and look good. Weekend warriors are especially challenged on the fitness front because they have to squeeze a week’s worth of exercise into one short weekend. It’s easy to overdo it, and the price is aches and pains. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Many weekend warriors have discovered that by adding a Sports Massage Therapy to the weekend mix, those aches and pains can be reduced considerably. Here are five reasons to include massage in your weekend warrior exercise plan: PHYSICAL BENEFITS Massage Therapy can help to increase blood circulation, lower heart rate, reduce inflammation, supply body tissues with oxygen and other nutrients and also help the body to eliminate toxins. There’s also the delicious feeling of relaxation that a good massage delivers. Increased circulation of the blood reduces muscle tension, lessens soreness, aids in muscle recovery, increases muscular energy and encourages a greater range of motion. These benefits, in turn, enhance athletic performance. Not only does a massage feel good, it’s good for you, too.


    Intense workouts subject the muscles to trauma and inflammation. Massage Therapy can help to prevent sports injuries by facilitating the flow of energy to the muscles. This, in turn, aids in muscular recovery after a workout. The muscle relaxation brought about by regular Massage Therapy helps to prevent injuries because tense muscles are more prone to tearing. 


    Massage Therapy improves range of motion and helps athletes to perform better physically and to have more focus mentally. The relaxation brought about by massage helps athletes to employ the mental focus required for optimal performance.


    Working out isn’t all about strength. It’s also about flexibility and focus. Sports Massage has a relaxing effect on the athlete and reduces tension, stress, and anxiety. At the same time, it promotes relaxation. This improves performance as well as mood.


    Sports Massage Therapy can help to heal injuries such as strains, pulled muscles, tears and tennis elbow. A 2010 National Institute of Health study concluded that massage relieves pain and decreases the need for pain medication. With regular massage, athletes had less anxiety, an improved attitude, and more restful sleep. Pain can cause anxiety and stress. When the pain is relieved by massage, anxiety and stress are also relieved. This promotes relaxation that helps to speed up the healing process. The American Massage Therapy Association has concluded that the benefits of massage are due to two things: (1) the body’s mechanical response to pressure and movement, and (2) a reflexive response of the nerves to massage stimulation. More information about Massage Therapy for athletes.

    Best Couples Massage in Dallas

    November 24, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Considering a Couples Massage? The best Couples Massage in Dallas can renew that spark and help you bond with your significant other! Couples that have never experienced a Couples Massage may be nervous about what to expect during an upcoming appointment. Questions are always welcome at the Retreat, but it is beneficial for couples to help ease their nerves by learning more about what it’s like to get the best massage experience before arriving at their appointment. Here is an overview of the benefits and what can be expected.


    A Couples Massage may be just what a couple needs to reignite the flame. The major benefits are outlined below. 

    • Oxytocin is released during a massage. This hormone is associated with bonding and closeness, so couples can truly feel closer together during and after an appointment. 
    • If one partner feels uncomfortable about undressing for a massage, going with their partner may make them feel more at ease. This allows both partners to reap the health benefits of massage without feeling nervous about the experience. 
    • Massage provides a wide range of health benefits for both partners. Massage helps in stress reduction, improved circulation, and a stronger immune system, among other benefits. 
    • Couples that are coming up on a big event like a wedding can book a massage together to save time while taking advantage of the benefits of an important pampering and relaxation session.


    The couple will be given a private room that contains two massage tables. Couples are typically asked to undress in order to allow the Massage Therapist to perform better massage techniques.

    The techniques that are used during a Couples Massage depend on the needs of each partner. Couples are allowed to talk during the massage if they would like to, but staying quiet to enjoy the relaxation is also acceptable.


    Having a great experience when enjoying a Couples Massage depends on booking an appointment with an experienced Massage Therapist. Massage Heights employs only the best when it comes to Certified Massage Therapists. Massage Heights operates seven convenient locations in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. Getting closer with the best Couples Massage is just a phone call away.

    Treating Golfer’s Elbow With Massage at Massage Heights Dallas

    November 24, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Golfer’s elbow is a problem for many golfers. Whether you’re a weekend golfer or play often, be aware of the symptoms in order to avoid injury. Golf is a game of skill, pitting you against nature and the lay of the land. It takes the right momentum and follow-through to hit the ball in the sweet spot so it lands right where you want it. However, you must twist and contort your body to create the right swing for maximum power, which puts yourself at risk for golfer's elbow and other muscle and tendon injuries.


    Medial epicondylitis, often referred to as golfer's elbow, is the result of repeated bending and flexion of the wrist. Each time you grip the club, turn your wrist and take a swing, you put added strain on your wrist, forearm and elbow. Over time, the tendon and the wrist flexor muscles become inflamed where they attach at the inner elbow. This inflammation causes pain, decreases your gripping power and restricts your range of motion.

    The symptoms of golfer's elbow include: 

    • Weakness in the wrist 
    • Difficulty gripping 
    • Pain when bending the wrist downward 
    • Elbow stiffness 
    • Numbness or tingling in the fingers 
    • Tenderness on the inside of the elbow


    Massage Therapy not only loosens tight muscles but also reduces pain from golfer's elbow. Though ice temporarily minimizes pain and inflammation, massage helps relieve pain and improve overall flexion and use of the wrist and elbow joints. Applying massage to the forearm muscles and tendons reduces tension and increases their function when gripping and swinging the golf club.

    Even if you do not suffer from golfer's elbow, massage can help minimize the risk of future injuries. Tight muscles and tendons are vulnerable to small tears, which can keep you out of the game for weeks. Massage relaxes tight areas and increases blood circulation for reduced tension and inflammation; it also relieves stress and helps you focus on the game.


    With a Sports Massage, you can alleviate your symptoms or prevent golfer's elbow altogether. A massage stretches the muscles using targeted friction, soft tissue release, and other techniques, helping to increase blood flow to the area and aid in healing. It not only improves your muscle function but also aids in better performance on the golf course.

    Affordable Massage Therapy in Houston - Improve Well-Being

    November 23, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Overall wellness is important and regularly scheduled affordable Massage Therapy in Houston can be one of the best ways to achieve this. Being healthy isn’t just a matter of treating illnesses; it is also about prevention. A healthy lifestyle that promotes overall wellness means that your mind, body, and spirit are all cared for and given proper attention. By focusing on overall wellness, you will look and feel your best while reducing your chances of getting sick.

    The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

    One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a massage at Massage Heights Houston. Massage acts on multiple levels to boost your wellness. Promoting relaxation and allowing you to enjoy peaceful and quiet surroundings while doing something good for yourself. Massage Therapy also has an immediate positive effect on your body; a professional massage allows you to relax more thoroughly and find relief from pain and stiffness.

    The Connection Between Mind and Body

    Your mental and spiritual health can have an immense effect on your body. Your body responds to your moods, releasing hormones when you’re stressed and causing your muscles to tighten. This tension can result in stiffness, chronic pain, and headaches. Additionally, stress can wear you out, causing fatigue and breaking down your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illness. Your mind and body are deeply connected, so it’s important to take care of your emotional well-being by managing stress and pursuing activities that relax you and make you happy. In return, you will be both happier and healthier, with more energy for those tougher tasks that are less enjoyable.

    Tips for Promoting Overall Wellness

    • Try to maintain a healthy balance between work, life, family obligations and hobbies 
    • Take some time each day for yourself; meditate, pray or just enjoy quiet time alone 
    • Exercise regularly; a 10-minute walk every day can do wonders to relieve stress and promote a healthy body 
    • Eat well, focusing on a variety of fresh, whole foods and reducing your intake of junk food

    Together with the suggestions above, professional Massage Therapy can help you on your way to total body wellness.

    Massage Therapy for Seniors in Houston

    November 23, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Younger generations have embraced Massage Therapy as a beneficial addition to their healthy lifestyles, but senior citizens can also improve their quality of life by using this alternative treatment method. As the population ages, Massage Therapists are updating their training to include techniques designed specifically for the older client. If you, or someone you love, could benefit from a Senior Massage, also known as Geriatric Massage, it is important to know how this type of treatment differs from a standard massage.

    The Senior Massage Difference

    Although the actual techniques vary little when Senior Massage is compared to standard treatment, the therapist always takes extra care to protect the body and ensure the comfort of the client. Before the massage starts, the therapist takes the time to help the client onto the massage table and carefully positions their body to prevent any fall or bruising. Once comfortable, the client is rarely asked to move until the session is over. During the session, the therapist only uses gentle manipulations that are safe for an elderly person.

    In most cases, a Senior Massage session requires 30-minutes to a full hour to complete, but it could take longer depending on the needs of the individual client. For example, the Massage Therapist must adapt their technique for clients who use a wheelchair. Those seniors may need additional assistance getting to and from the therapy room or getting in and out of the chair. When the client is wheelchair-bound, the Massage Therapist can even adapt their technique to treat the client while they remain in the chair. These adaptations generally require a little extra time on the part of the therapist and the client.

    The Benefits of Senior Massage

    During a Senior Massage, the therapist may spend extra time on certain areas, like the hands or feet, which often present special problems for seniors. This is especially beneficial when the senior can’t walk or use their hands fully. In these cases, the increased circulation can improve sensation and body awareness in the aging body.

    For many, the key to aging gracefully is staying as active as possible. Geriatric Massage can reduce the stiffness and inflammation that are often present in aging muscles and joints to make it easier for the older client to walk, sit, or engage in any other activity. Senior Massage also treats many other conditions that are associated with aging including:

    • Arthritis
    • Bone and muscle deterioration
    • Skin discoloration
    • Bursitis
    • Tendonitis
    • Respiratory problems

    In addition to helping with the elderly client’s physical health, a Senior Massage can help the client mentally as well. Older people can sometimes feel lonely and depressed. The opportunity to spend time with someone who cares and enjoy a sustained period of human interaction is often priceless for seniors. Many clients find that a regular massage treatment designed to meet their needs improves their mood and outlook for days or even weeks.

    By taking advantage of a Senior Massage administered by a Licensed Massage Therapist trained in this special technique from Massage Heights, you or your loved one can live a healthier lifestyle. We have more than 20 locations in the Houston area.

    Best Gift for Couples in Houston

    November 17, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    If you need a special holiday gift for a married couple or two people in a relationship, consider buying them a Couples Massage in Houston. This popular present offers many great benefits. It will give your friends or relatives the chance to enjoy the benefits of massage in the same room. This frequently makes the experience much more pleasurable. Anyone who has experienced a Couples Massage agrees that it is one of the best holiday gifts.

    Both men and women can feel nervous about Massage Therapy, especially if they have not tried it in the past. The presence of a spouse or other partner can prevent feelings of anxiety. A Couples Massage also lets people enjoy treatments without spending time apart. During the session, partners may choose to talk or remain silent. Some spouses find that it helps them communicate more naturally.

    Although both people enjoy the massage in a single room, they needn’t use the same techniques. Partners can request different types of treatments to suit their personal preferences or physical needs. For example, one person might suffer head or body aches that a specific massage would alleviate. Your partner may appreciate it if you select a Houston Retreat that provides numerous treatment options, such as Massage Heights in Houston.

    Like all massage types, this gift delivers a range of health benefits. It may reduce stress, relieve sore muscles or boost flexibility. Some treatments can help people with specific medical conditions. For instance, certain techniques have the potential to prevent muscle spasms or limit headaches. Couples Massage can make these therapies more effective and comfortable by promoting greater relaxation.

    This holiday gift fosters emotional bonding and creates a highly memorable experience. It also introduces some couples to a pleasant activity that they have not tried before. The gift is very popular because it’s enjoyable, there are no strings attached, and it’s not another object that clutters the home. Recipients only need to schedule a session at a convenient time and travel to a retreat in Houston.

    If you want to give a fantastic gift that people truly appreciate, you can’t go wrong with a massage. Your friends will cherish this opportunity to escape the post-holiday doldrums of January and relax together in a comfortable retreat. The recipients will love it and consider it one of the best holiday gifts they have ever received. It’s also the perfect way to cut your shopping time in half!

    Deep Tissue Massage for CMPS and Fibromyalgia

    November 15, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    Have you ever had one of those days when you hurt all over? Maybe you’ve had too many of those days to count, and you just need some chronic pain relief. You might have a nagging injury from skiing or some other sport but what you did doesn’t matter as much as the fact that every muscle in your aching, broken body hurts.

    Millions of people suffer that kind of pain every day of their lives. They don’t sleep and can’t relax because they know that today, like every other day, will be punctuated with pain. Their condition never improves, and in some cases, it worsens. That’s the sad reality for folks like you who suffer from fibromyalgia or chronic myofascial pain syndrome (CMPS) where the pain can be most common in the neck and lower back.

    The torture of these afflictions doesn’t end with the physical pain. It affects every part of your life, including your attitude. It seems logical that anyone who spends every day and night of every week in pain would have depression and tremendous anxiety. Unless you have a job in a cave on the dark side of the moon, this type of moodiness will certainly have an effect on your performance and your ability to get along with your co-workers.

    What causes CMPS and fibromyalgia are still a mystery. However, people have realized that  Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can help provide lasting benefits for you if you’re among those who endure chronic pain daily. The National Fibromyalgia Research Association says that more than 6 million Americans, 90 percent of whom are women, endure fibromyalgia. The symptoms usually appear between the ages of 20 and 55. CMPS and fibromyalgia are both typified by pain, but they each have their own symptoms. Some of them overlap, and others are typical of one or the other but not both.

    Symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

    • Stiff joints
    • Numbness throughout the body
    • Headaches
    • Migraines
    • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • Exhaustion

    Symptoms of CMPS:

    • Cuticle flushing
    • Variations in body heat
    • Muscle aches
    • Desensitized nerve endings
    • Aching trigger points

    Deep Tissue Massage helps provide lasting benefits for both conditionsThe relaxing massage sessions calm the body and the mind, helping you relax and rest at night. It can also improve your mood and give you a better attitude about life. Your Massage Therapist will concentrate the massage session around the joints where your pain is the worst. If you have fibromyalgia, you might get relief from lighter, longer strokes designed to increase blood flow and remove toxins from the joints. CMPS patients may need a firmer massage to ease the pain.

    Discuss your massage treatments with your therapist. Tell your physician about the improvements that Massage Therapy is providing. Regular Massage Therapy sessions once or twice a week will offer the maximum benefits.

    Living with CMPS or fibromyalgia can affect your quality of life, but regularly scheduled Massage Therapy can help bring some much needed chronic pain relief.

    Top 9 Healthful Reasons to Get a Weekly Massage

    November 12, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    A Therapeutic Massage not only feels wonderful, but is also a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. In fact, numerous medical studies and clinical trials have been conducted to prove the benefits of this alternative treatment method. If you’d like to improve both your mental and physical health, here are nine reasons to add massage to your weekly routine:

    1. Lower Blood Pressure

    According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, hypertension can be treated with massage. After a series of treatments, both blood pressure, and stress-related hormones dropped along with the patients’ stress levels.

    2. Enhanced Lymphatic System

    The National University of Health Sciences has found that massage stimulates your lymphatic system to work more efficiently. When this filtering system is acting sluggish, toxins build up in your body. This can contribute to aging skin, chronic inflammation, a compromised immune system, and dangerous edemas.

    3. Better Circulation

    Massage increases blood flow for better circulation. This can speed healing by increasing the flow of nutrients on a cellular level. It’s also the reason patients leave the massage clinic with a healthy glow that lasts for days.

    4. Chronic Pain Management

    A number of studies have shown that massage therapy can be an effective way to manage chronic pain. This type of manipulation stimulates the body to release endorphins, also known as natural opiates. These safe chemicals reduce pain levels and provide an overall sense of wellbeing with no troublesome side effects.

    5. Reduced Injuries

    Professional athletes rely on sports massage as a regular part of their conditioning, but you don’t have to be a superstar to take advantage of this massage benefit. A Sports Massage can prepare anyone for anything from a regular workout to a marathon. Use a pre-event massage as part of your warm-up routine and a post-event massage to unwind and speed your recovery.

    6. Reduced Stress

    Although the massage itself is relaxing, this type of therapy offers long-lasting stress relief as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage reduces the levels of the stress chemicals adrenaline and cortisol. This reduction lasts for several days after the session.

    7. Stable Moods

    If your moods vary by a large degree from day to day, regular massage treatments can help balance your emotions. Once your stress hormones are reduced and those feel-good endorphins are increased, you’ll feel more at peace with yourself and the world.

    8. Depression and Anxiety Relief

    There are a number of studies that indicate massage could relieve anxiety and depression. The comfort of the human touch contributes to this relief, but the change in body chemistry provides the biggest benefit. As massage decreases cortisol, it increases the patient’s serotonin and dopamine levels at the same time. These chemicals are thought to play a major role in both depression and anxiety.

    9. Better Sleep Cycles

    When you’re not sleeping well, it’s hard to feel good physically, mentally, or emotionally. Studies have shown that regular massage treatments, especially combined with aromatherapy, can improve the patient’s sleep cycles. In fact, some massage patients report that they slept better than ever after they made massage a regular part of their lives.

    The All-Natural Pick-Me-Up all Moms-To-Be Need

    November 04, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    While pregnancy can be one of the most joyous times in a woman’s life, sometimes not-so-joyous symptoms can make it rather uncomfortable. For some women, dealing with fatigue, nerve pain, swelling, and backaches can make nine months seem like forever. See the surprising way to perk up, naturally.

    Understanding the Benefits of Prenatal Massage. As studies on the benefits of prenatal massage therapy continue to grow, more and more expecting mothers are incorporating massage into their prenatal healthcare routine. Therapeutic massage during pregnancy can help provide a healthy, all natural way to reduce stress and promote prenatal wellness. According to the American Pregnancy Association, "the benefits of massage can improve overall prenatal health for many pregnant women. Along with the guidance and advice of a prenatal care provider, massage therapy can be incorporated into routine prenatal care as an emotional and physical health supplement shown to improve pregnancy outcome and maternal health."

    Understanding the benefits of prenatal therapeutic massage can help expecting mothers with a multitude of pregnancy related discomforts. From the emotional aspects that often leave expecting mothers tired and stressed, to the physical side effects that make it difficult to feel good, prenatal massage can be a source of comfort during pregnancy – and even lead to an easier labor.

    Regulate hormone levels naturally. Research shows that when expecting mothers utilize prenatal massage as part of their prenatal care, their hormone levels are significantly altered. This leads to mood elevation and cardiovascular health. The hormones directly associated to stress (norepinephrine and cortisol) are reduced through massage therapy offering moms-to-be a way to combat these ailments naturally. Additionally, dopamine and serotonin, the body’s feel-good hormones, are significantly increased – leaving mom-to-be relaxed and ready to take on the day.

    Swelling is relieved. Expecting mothers commonly suffer from edema, especially during their second and third trimesters. Swelling of the joints often results from increased pressure on major blood vessels from the weight of the uterus. Moreover, circulation is reduced due to swelling as well. Adding therapeutic massage can stimulate circulation in the soft tissue and reduce fluid retention in edema.

    Reduce sciatic nerve pain. Sciatic nerve pain is one of the most painful issues expectant mothers experience during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the expanding uterus pushes on the pelvic area and lower back. This added pressure on the upper and lower leg can make the last trimester very painful. Massage therapy can offer expecting mothers relief from sciatic pain by focusing on the inflamed nerves and relieving tension.

    Relief from headaches. Frequent headaches are common during pregnancy due to changing hormones, fatigue and blood sugar swings. Prenatal massage increases circulation and improves oxygen flow to muscles, which can soothe these headaches naturally—without the harmful effects of some medications. With muscles free of tension, you will soon feel revived and headache free.

    Pregnancy can be hard on the body. Using natural remedies like massage can not only help keep symptoms at bay during pregnancy, but can also “reduce pain during labor, reduce the length of labor and reduce the incidence of post-partum depression,” says Prenatal Massage expert, Priscilla Brickey, RMT. Always remember to let your doctor know which symptoms you experience so she/he can watch for any serious conditions.

    Massage Heights Kansas City is dedicated to improving the wellness of expecting mothers. Let our experienced and highly trained prenatal massage therapists help you feel your best through all the stages of your pregnancy. To start feeling better today, request a reservation at the Massage Heights Retreat location nearest to you. 

    The All-Natural Secret to Stress Relief

    October 05, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    If you suffer from headaches, muscle tension or poor sleeping habits, your stress level may be to blame. Therapeutic health options are at the forefront of the medical community-- including massage therapy as a natural remedy for stress relief. When it comes to anxiety and stress, research shows that consistent high levels of stress for an extended period of time can lead to serious issues. Stress can exacerbate existing health issues, as well leave the body more susceptible to additional physical and emotional conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and depression. Luckily, there is a way to cope with stress. Countless studies show that Massage Therapy is an all-natural means to significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

    Massage and the body
    A massage helps you shift your thoughts away from everyday worries and allows the body and mind to relax. Massage also helps you feel that you're in control over your health and plays an active role in managing chronic illnesses. Not only do you relax on the table, but massage therapy also affects the body on a chemical level. When you are stressed, cortisol levels are up. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can negatively affect your health and immune system function. In a study conducted by Duke University, all patients that received massage therapy experienced significant reductions in cortisol levels as well as excitatory hormones like norepinephrine and epinephrine. Not only are the body’s stress and anxiety hormones reduced during massage, but the body’s natural “happy hormones,” serotonin and dopamine, are also released. Patients leave a massage feeling relaxed with an improved overall sense of wellbeing. 

    Bring on the zzzz’s
    When you’re stressed, chances are your sleep patterns are also disrupted – which then exacerbates your stress levels. There’s nothing worse than waking up exhausted from a restless night knowing you have a long day ahead of you. Luckily, Massage Therapy increases delta waves – those associated with deep sleep – according to a study at the Touch Research Institute. After a massage, you will be able to quickly and easily drift off to sleep – and stay that way – allowing you to recharge and rejuvenate for the busy day ahead of you.

    Take on the day recharged
    In addition to feeling more rested, Massage Therapy makes you more alert. The same study conducted by The Touch Research Institute found that a 15-minute chair massage boosted alertness. Similar to a runner’s high, patients were flooded with feel-good endorphins. The study shows that massage stimulates brain-wave activity that is linked to improved attention. So, even when you are under pressure at work – you’ll be able to handle your stressful workload with a clear mind.

    The all-natural solution
    How you respond to the stress in your day-to-day life relates to your overall health. Taking the proper steps to alleviate chronic stress can greatly increase your ability to cope with the demands of everyday stressful situations. High amounts of stress can lead to a vast array of physical symptoms that include; headaches, high blood pressure, muscle tension, chest pain, insomnia and digestive issues – so it’s important to take care of yourself.

    At Massage Heights, we believe it is essential to give your body a break from the stress of everyday life. As with any other type of therapeutic treatment, benefits from massage are incremental. The more consistent you are with massage sessions, the more your overall health and mood will benefit. Visit a Massage Heights Retreat near you to begin relaxing.

    The CrossFit Secret To Success No One’s Telling You

    September 02, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    As a CrossFitter, your drive and dedication to fitness is evident. You are willing to develop unique training programs to train weaknesses and devote time to tons of skill work. You are a workhorse and have done more burpees, box jumps, and snatches than you can count. In addition, you are relentless with your body’s nutrition and overall health. While you may know that proper hydration and a lean diet can fuel you for your next workout, what you may not know is that massage therapy could be the difference between beating your PR and falling short.

    CrossFit trains the body to function optimally as a unit. Efficiency is paramount. This means that the nervous system must perform flawlessly so that your muscles respond properly. When your body is not balanced and/or muscles are not firing correctly, this predisposes you to not only poor performance, but injury as well. The intense nature of our sport puts you in danger of experiencing these injuries and muscle failures. Massage therapy is the key to keeping muscles working properly and the nervous system relaxed. A five minute session with the foam roller before hitting the road is not going to cut it. Regular massage helps to reduce soreness and risk of injury while increasing mobility so that you can perform at your peak.

    Your Muscles and Massage
    During high intensity exercise, the amount of lactic acid and general toxins from acidity increases in your muscles. With time and rest, your body can naturally rid muscles of these toxins. However, massages can help expedite the process—especially when you are hitting the box often.

    Massage can improve your workout by: 
    - Increasing circulation and blood flow, allowing more oxygen into your body 
    - Decreasing anxiety and stress 
    - Reducing pain and inflammation 
    - Improving power and strength 
    - Enhancing respiratory function 
    - Stimulating the immune system 
    - Releasing toxins

    When you push your muscles to their limits as you do in a Murph, Grace, or any other intense WOD, recovery is key to getting the next level of fitness. The longer it takes your muscles to recover, the slower your progress will be.

    A research study headed by Ohio State University professor Thomas Best showed that those who received massage after extreme exertion recovered 60% of their strength, as compared to those who did not receive massage only recovered 14%. With massage therapy as a part of your CrossFit regimen, you soon will be performing at levels you never thought you could achieve.

    When is the Best Time to get a Massage?
    It is a good idea to wait at least 45 minutes after you have completed your WOD to get a massage. Recovery periods like your days off are also great times for massage therapy. Experts recommend bi-monthly massages for optimal results.

    If you are competing in a CrossFit competition or race, the ideal time to massage is about 3 days before. This will help improve your range of motion and mobility for your competition. After the workout, massage therapy will help you to relax and to recover more quickly after your extreme exertion.

    In order to push the limits of your CrossFit training, you have got to take care of your body. Decrease your recovery time, reduce pain and inflammation and get your strength back quicker using massage therapy in conjunction with your training. Let our licensed Massage Therapists at Massage Heights be the secret weapon in your CrossFit success. 

    Massage Therapy and PMS

    August 26, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    If you are a woman, there is a good chance that you will suffer from some form of premenstrual syndrome or PMS during your lifetime. An estimated 80% of women report having experienced PMS symptoms such as bloating, cramping, irritability and mood swings. For those who suffer from PMS, these symptoms can make their lives miserable every four weeks. Massage therapy can help alleviate many of these symptoms and reduce the impact of PMS on your daily life.

    Bloating and Water Retention

    One of the main PMS complaints is feeling, and looking, bloated before or during that time of the month. Jeans don’t fit and everything looks and feels puffy. Massage therapy can help relieve the bloat and water retention by increasing the circulation and helping with lymphatic drainage. This allows the body to regain its natural water balance faster and reduce the puffy, bloating feeling.

    Irritability and Mood Swings

    PMS is well known for causing the sweetest and calmest woman to become grumpy, hot tempered and even depressed. The hormonal changes during PMS can have a negative impact on stress and tension levels, making it difficult to maintain an even keel during this time of the month. Massage is a natural stress and tension reliever, helping take the edge off those tense emotions.

    To help improve your mood, add our Therapeutic Aromatherapy to your massage this month. Aromatherapy can heighten your mood, relax your nerves and improve your feeling of well-being. We offer several varieties, including our Relax, Energize, Breathe and Revive. Aromatherapy is free to members and first time guests. Talk to your Therapist to decide which will be the most beneficial to relieve your symptoms.

    Cramping Muscles

    Massage is excellent for relieving sore, cramped muscles; it is one of the most common reasons people seek massage therapy. This is also true of interior muscles, not just skeletal muscles. Having a relaxing, soothing massage can help relieve menstrual cramps and release those natural endorphins that reduce pain in the body and improve mood.

    Skin Issues

    Another symptom of PMS is skin problems. Whether it is dry, oily or prone to acne, many women notice a change in their skin as a symptom of PMS. Massage is perfect for helping improve the health of the skin by increasing the circulation. In addition, you can pair your massage with one of our therapeutic facials or a face massage Elevation to get the most benefits for your skin during your massage.

    Planning Your Massage to Cope with PMS

    If you suffer from PMS every month, don’t wait until the symptoms overwhelm you to schedule your massage. Monitor your symptoms and schedule your massage at one of our Massage Heights Retreats for your next cycle to combat these symptoms before they begin to interfere with your life. Make it part of your monthly routine to help you reduce the impact of this frustrating condition on your life. 

    Massage Therapy Elevations this Summer

    August 23, 2015posted by Massage Heights

    For many people, the summer means strappy sandals, long hikes, sun exposure and a very busy schedule. So what do these elements have in common? Each can benefit from one our healthy Massage Elevations at Massage Heights. Whether you want your feet to look great or just need a little extra tension relief, we have the Elevation that will help you make the most of your summer.

    Strappy Sandals? Sore Feet? Solution – Reviving Foot Scrub Elevation

    Your feet get a workout during the summer, hitting the beach, going to various festivals and hiking the trails. In addition, they tend to be exposed to the world more than other times of the year due to an increase in strappy sandals and going barefoot. This is why our Reviving Foot Scrub Elevation is perfect for summer. To compliment your therapeutic massage, we will revitalize your feet with a combination of moisturizers, essential oils and our Revive body butter and scrub. Your feet will look and feel revived, ready for the next summer adventure.

    Long Hikes? Sore Muscles? Solution – Active Therapy Elevation

    If having too much fun in the sun has left your muscles tired and sore, you need to schedule a 90- minute therapeutic massage with the Massage Heights’ Active Therapy Elevation. This therapy is designed to relieve muscle tension and increase mobility for our active members. We use specific stretching techniques combined with hot stone therapy, cold stone therapy and our Relieve sports balm to help your muscles repair fast after those long summer hikes.

    Sun Exposure? Sinus pain? Solution – Revitalizing Facial Massage Elevation

    Too much sun and dry air can dry your facial skin and your sinuses. Revitalize your face and reduce sinus headaches and pain with our Revitalizing Facial Massage Elevation. We use a combination of cold stones and hot towels to allow our essential oils to penetrate and nourish the skin while our aromatherapy awakens your senses and helps reduce the symptoms of sinus pain, such as puffy eyes and headaches. You will leave looking and feeling better, ready to tackle the next outdoor activity.

    Busy Summer Schedule? Tension? Solution – Hot Stone Therapy Elevation

    The summer is full of fun activities, but that does not mean that it is not stressful. Keeping up with a busy summer schedule can leave you feeling stressed, tense and exhausted. The solution is adding a Hot Stone Therapy Elevation to your next massage. Hot Stone Therapy helps drain away the tension and stress, while removing toxins from your body. When coupled with one of our aromatherapy blends, it can be the best way to recover from the effects of a busy, hectic summer schedule.

    All of our Elevations can be combined with both your regular massage, other elevations and Aromatherapy. Make the most of your summer by staying healthy, vibrant and revitalized by adding one or more of these fantastic Elevations onto your next massage session at one of our Massage Heights Retreats.