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Tips For Fall Skin Care

Author: Massage Heights
fall skincare

While fall is an exciting change in the seasons, your skin may need extra support to stay healthy during the change in temperatures and conditions of the air. During cool months, the air outside dries, and the air inside also dries as heaters kick on. As skin loses moisture due to dry air, your skin barrier may be disrupted, leading to irritation and sensitivity.

This means it’s not just a trend to adjust skincare as the seasons change. It’s truly an important step for keeping your skin happy and healthy for the whole year. Use these tips to protect your skin from cool dry air.

Reduce Exfoliants and Retinoids

Due to the drier and colder nature of the air, use exfoliants and retinoids less frequently. Warm air and humidity in the summer tend to offset the irritating side effects exfoliants and retinoids have. Dry winter air does not buffer the effects of these products the same way summer air can.

Use A Thick Moisturizing Cream

Due to the changes in the air, it’s important to use thick moisturizing cream or lotion before bed. Your skin needs help compensating for the change in your environment so adding moisture will help your skin retain it and stay hydrated. This means you may need something heavier than an oil-free product that worked well during summer. Extra tip: choose a thick moisturizer with ceramides that support your skin’s barrier.

Don’t Put The SPF Away

Remember that UV radiation occurs year-round. While it is most intense in summer, the sun can still impact your skin during fall. Using a daily 30 SPF product can help protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Care For Your Whole Body With Lotion

When humid air ends, your skin may start to dry out and feel itchy. It’s important to moisturize your whole body, which helps all of your skin stay hydrated. Make sure to apply lotion to your body daily or even twice a day.

Use A Humidifier In Your Home

In addition to your regular skincare steps, turn a humidifier on in your home during fall and winter. Dry air can hurt your skin barrier and lead to cracked or flaky skin. A humidifier will release moisture into the air and help skin hydrate.

Don’t Forget To Scrub Your Feet

The skin on your feet can be extra susceptible to drying out and cracking from cold air. In addition to including your feet in your body lotion routine, use foot scrubs regularly to get rid of flaky or peeling skin and rehydrate the area.

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