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Massage Therapy and Skin Therapy: Good for You

Since the opening of our first Retreat Location, we pride ourselves on having become the provider of choice for Massage in Cleveland. From the moment you walk through the door, you will feel the difference as we elevate the lives of people around us by caring for the mind, body and spirit. Our knowledgeable Therapists are now accepting new Guests. With flexible hours seven days per week, we are the best choice for your ongoing wellness needs. Call and make an appointment today!

Studies have shown that massage can boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and improve mood. If you are searching for a Massage in Cleveland that is tailored to your needs, our Licensed Massage Therapists can customize any of our commonly requested services to meet your personal requirements.

Massage can use long, gliding strokes to help correct knotted muscles, improve blood flow, enhance flexibility and remove tension. Firm kneading, tapping or stretching may accompany the traditional massage.

Massage Therapy and Skin Care Customized Just for You

During a Couples Massage, two people receive therapy in the same room. Best friends, relatives or partners select their Massage Therapists and then lie back to enjoy the bonding experience. A Couples Massage is the perfect way to introduce friends and loved ones to the joys of a good massage.

Massage has benefited professional athletes for years, but weekend warriors can now take advantage of the same support. This form of massage eases the muscle and joint pain caused by repetitive athletic movements. When scheduled before an event, it can also help prevent injuries and reduce recovery time.

Also, expectant mothers can get relief from aching backs, leg cramps, and headaches. This type of prenatal massage soothes the body while preparing it for musculoskeletal changes. Even a single session at one of our Retreats can stimulate energy and improve sleep.

As enhancements to the main massage therapy services, we provide optional Elevations to elevate your experience.

During hot-stone therapy, water-heated stones reduce stiffness and improve circulation in key muscles. This therapy can provide benefit and relief for people suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, back spasms, joint ailments and muscle strains.

Our reviving foot scrub sloughs away dead cells while natural moisturizers soothe and protect the underlying skin. The process takes away your pain and leaves heels, arches and toes looking hydrated and beautiful.

A revitalizing face massage stimulates blood flow to tighten skin, reduce puffiness, ease underlying tension and decrease the appearance of fine lines. Our Therapists pamper you with a gentle touch and specialist skincare products.

Contact a Massage Heights Retreat in Cleveland

No matter which modality you select for your Massage in Cleveland, a licensed and experienced Therapist will support you throughout the experience. We purposefully hire only the very best hire Massage Therapists who demonstrate a commitment to health and show a passion for delivering an exceptional massage experience each and every time.

Our knowledgeable Therapists are now accepting new Guests. With flexible hours seven days per week, we are the best choice for your ongoing wellness needs. Call and make an appointment today!

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