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Looking for a Massage in Sarasota?

At Massage Heights Sarasota you’ll find everything you’re looking for in massage therapy in one convenient location. We employ the area’s top licensed massage therapists (LMTs), offer our services at prices you can afford and provide you the best massage in Sarasota. We make it easy for you to take advantages of our services by doing businessevery day of the week during times that work for busy schedules.
What sets us apart from other massage providers? Massage Heights Sarasota is solidly committed to providing you with the very best massage in Sarasota every time you visit us.
Why get a Sarasota massage? Our treatments date back thousands of years in history and is practiced by many cultures around the world. For many people today, it is simply a way to feel good. But it is also a way to improve your overall health and well-being. Massage reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, it lowers blood pressure, and it boosts the immune system to name just a few of the many, many benefits. Some of the benefits are more pronounced with a program of regular treatments, but many benefits may be realized after a single massage session. Most notably, clients often report a lower stress level after just one treatment. All of us could use that benefit!
Our Sarasota massage therapists are extensively trained and educated. They are all licensed by the state of Florida. Each of our therapists is compassionate and professional. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor the right treatment for each of our Sarasota clients. We’ll listen to you and identify your needs and goals before choosing the massage treatment that’s right for you. Whether you are a professional athlete, a business traveler or a busy mom, we can help you achieve better health through a Sarasota massage.
Our Sarasota facility is clean, modern and inviting.  We create a relaxing atmosphere for you during your massage using sound, lighting, furnishings, subtle aromas, and décor. We respect the privacy and modesty of our clients at all times. Our massage tables are state of the art, ergonomic, and extremely comfortable. Everything about our facility is designed to help you relax and make the absolute most of your experience.
Why memberships? When you join Massage Heights Sarasota, you’ll enjoy a number of valuable benefits, beginning with a very low price for monthly treatments, and free aromatherapy with each massage. Talk with our Sarasota staff for more details about thebenefits of membership.
We look forward to helping you to better health. Please call our Sarasota location today and schedule your massage. 

Become a Massage Heights Member today.

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