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Facial Massage

Looking for a Phoenix Massage?

Massage Heights Phoenix

With affordable massage treatments and convenient appointment times Massage Heights Phoenix offer an enjoyable, healthy, and relaxing massage experience to everyone. If the heat of the arid Sonoran Desert and the Salt River Valley is playing havoc with your body, stop in for a therapeutic massage!
A Tranquil Massage Oasis in the Salt River Valley
As you enter the Phoenix retreat this tranquil oasis, your frayed nerves are instantly soothed by the uplifting scent of aromatherapy, the gentle light of flickering candles, and the understated sounds of soft music. Once your massage begins your stiff, sore muscles will feel better and you’ll gain peace of mind and enter a state of complete relaxation. Enjoying this healthy massage regimen on a regular basis could dramatically improve your quality of life!
The Massage Heights Phoenix Philosophy
The Massage Heights philosophy is that everyone deserves to be able to take advantage of this life-altering treatment. However, many people who desperately need a massage haven’t been able to afford to make it part of their life. Because many places charge anywhere from $80 to $125 for the exact same service that Massage Heights Phoenix provides at only a fraction of the cost, these unlucky Phoenicians have been forced to endure stiff necks, tense muscles, and high levels of stress as a normal part of their life.
The Phoenix Membership Advantage
Although our rates are very affordable for anyone, our Phoenix members receive added value for their loyal patronage. For less than the cost of a single massage elsewhere, you can join our program and experience the benefits of a regular massage program. For only $49.99 a month, your membership includes:
• One free spa-quality, one-hour session each month
• Reduced rates on additional sessions during the membership period: ½ hour – $19.99, 1 hour - $49.99, and 1 ½ hour - $59.98
• Reduced rates on gift certificates
• Reciprocal benefits
Introductory and Non-Member Phoenix Offers
While the Phoenix membership option provides the best value, we realize that seom clients might not be ready to commit to this program. Whether you’d like to simply try our services or partake in a random massage program, we can meet your needs, too. Our pricing program for non-members includes:

• Introductory Special - $49.99
• Non-Member Gift Certificates - $49.99
• Non-Member 1-Hour Massage - $65.00
The Phoenix Difference
For both members and non-members, we are committed to providing the very best therapeutic massage experience to the residents of Phoenix, Arizona. Due to everyday stresses, chronic medical conditions, and painful injuries, many people not only want a relaxing session, but truly need this treatment method. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality treatments at the most affordable prices possible with the widest range of appointment options. With every session, you will receive:

• A State-Licensed, Professional Therapist
• A Clean, Safe, and Relaxing Atmosphere
• Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
• Add-on Services Including Aromatherapy, Hot Towel Foot Scrub, Peppermint Scalp Massage, and Hot Towel/Cold Stone Facial Massage
• Flexible Appointment Scheduling 

o Monday through Friday – 9 AM to 9 PM
o Saturday – 9 AM to 7 PM
o Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM
The Health Benefits of Massage
• Reduced Heart Rate
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Increased Blood Circulation
• Stronger Lymphatic System
• Relaxed Muscles
• Improved Range of Motion
• Increased Endorphin Production for Natural Pain Relief
• Reduced Stress and Anxiety With Increased Alertness and Relaxation
• Therapeutic Treatments May Enhance Some Medical Treatments
People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds are improving their quality of life by making massage a regular part of their healthy routines. To learn their secret to a happier life, call our Phoenix location today to schedule and appointment!

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