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Massage Elevations

Take your massage to a higher level

Hot Stone Therapy
Intensify the restorative properties of your massage, relieve stress and tension, and rid the body of toxins with the thermo-therapeutic effects of hot stone therapy and your choice of aromatherapy blend.

Reviving Foot Scrub
The stimulating lemongrass and tea tree essential oils from our Revive body butter and body scrub, as well as an infusion of heat and moisture, help soften, hydrate and revive tired feet and legs.

Revitalizing Face Massage
The combination of soothing warm towels and cool stones revitalizes your senses and allows beneficial oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the skin. Using refreshing aromatherapy and our Breathe linen spray, this elevation also helps reduce eye inflammation, headache and sinus pain.

Active Therapy
Hot stones, specific stretching techniques and our Relieve sports balm help to increase mobility, release muscle tension and lengthen the effects of your massage. Requires a 90-minute massage.**

Elevate your experience with our complimentary invigorating aromatherapy treatments that take you on a sensory journey.

Give your skin a boost with our face elevations.

*For heightened and pinnacle + Members only. See store for more details.

**Pre-paid elevations may not be applied.

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