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725 Nautica Dr, Ste 104
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(904) 483-2222

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Massage Heights of The River City Marketplace invites you to experience our impeccable and unsurpassed massage therapy services. We are conveniently located at I-95 and Airport Rd in the largest shopping center on the Northside of Jacksonville.  We promise to tend to all of your shopping AND relaxation needs.  Our retreat is where busy people from all walks of life can experience quality, affordable massage therapy at a fraction of spa prices. You’ll leave your massage session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and ready to take on your day. Our beautiful retreats feature quiet, soothing music, tranquil surroundings and a professional environment with nationally-certified, licensed massage therapists that you can trust to provide you and your loved ones with uncompromised care. We offer many types of massage and bodywork therapy, including deep tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, sports therapy, prenatal, couples massage and more.  Massage Heights “elevated services” will take your massage experience to a new level – choose from deeply relaxing hot stone therapy, invigorating foot scrubs or refreshing hot towel cold stone face massage. We service more than 800 members at affordable rates.  Become a Massage Heights Member today.

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